How to Convert Power Wheels to 18v Milwaukee

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Nowadays, the power wheel is one of the toy companions for kids that they like to spend hours with. They offer realistic features and optimizations that appeal to kids. But at some point, power wheels need to be converted to get wireless performance. In this case, it is best to convert via 16V Milwaukee. So how to convert power wheels to 18v Milwaukee?

Over time, survival is getting bigger and they want to get a new one instead of the old power wheel. This does not mean that you have to buy a new power wheel. If you want you can fasten the existing power wheel in a very easy way. That effective way is to convert the battery. If your child’s power wheel is 12 volts, it will be faster than the previous one if you make it 18 volts. Keep reading this article to know how to convert your power wheels to 18v Milwaukee.

How to Convert Power Wheels to 18v Milwaukee

Finding how to convert power wheels to 18v Milwaukee is not a difficult task. For that, you have to follow some of the simple steps. And you will be able to complete the battery conversion process. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the next process.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is build a fuse. This fuse is not present in all batteries. If not, add 30 to 0 amp external fuse. Now check if your Milwaukee drill has a fuse in the groom. If so, you will need to make a new fuse.

Step 2

At this stage, you need to install an ESC kit. Speed ​​increases with battery replacement. If your child’s motor skills are not well developed and he fails to perform high-speed drive control, it can be a bit risky. An electric speed controller will be helpful to solve this problem. Because it will allow controlling the speed of the motor of the vehicle. This will enable it to adjust to the new battery and motor voltage.

Step 3

During this work, some factory wiring needs to be changed so that your vehicle’s connection is correct. To maintain the polarity of the battery connection, connect the positive terminal of the power wheel to the positive end of the battery. Similarly, repeat the previous process for the negative terminal.

Step 4

If there is any slack in your power wheel wire connection, fix it. Because it could hurt your child’s preferred bank. Even toy cars can reduce performance which you definitely don’t like. If any connections remain after the operation, solder them to avoid future problems. Now secure the new converted battery with a case.

Step 5

Finally, remove the old battery and place the new battery that you have converted in the vehicle. Now your 12 volt power wheel has been converted to 18 volts or riding vehicle. Next, charge the battery if it is not charged. Do not allow your child to ride without a full charge. That’s how you can convert your power wheels to 18v Milwaukee.

After completing the battery conversion process, it’s time to test it. In this case, you can give your child a test drive to see if the vehicle is operating properly. If you do everything right then there will be no problem. This conversion will give your child better speed and better control than before which will give him a thrilling ride. If you want to get additional info, you can simply go with How To Convert Power Wheels to Lithium Battery.

Is it Worth Upgrading the Power Wheel Battery?

Yes, it is. Usually, after changing the battery, parents feel a little confused about the safety of their children. Maybe, the new battery configuration can cause some trouble. But you can easily find and solve all those problems. But take a look at how to do it.


After replacing the 16-volt Milwaukee battery, it may be a bit overheated. But there is nothing to fear. This is because the battery has a 30 or 40 ATF fuse which will help to shorten the motor overheat. To get more info, learn about How Long To Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

Build Strong Connections

When you involve yourself in the process of converting batteries, make sure to build a strong connection. Here, a strong connection means that there is no connection at any wrong pinpoints. So always try to use metal cables and connectors. To fix the power wheel battery you must ensure the polarity connection of the wire.

Check the Loose Connection

Whatever the battery change or conversion, there is a possibility of a loose connection. Therefore, after replacing the power wheel battery, make sure that there is no loose connection. Because spark-like events can occur from loose connections. This can lead to any sort of accident in the power wheel. So wrap the loose connections with electric tape.

Things to Avoid for Battery Safety

The full function of a power wheel depends on the battery. This is why you need to take some necessary safety steps to get long-term service from the battery. You can take them in the following ways:

Stop Overcharging

Each battery model has a specific charging period that the manufacturers specify in the manual. So never charge extra for your child’s raid-on car. Some parents connect the battery to the charger and give it back which is a terrible mistake. This causes the battery to swell. When the battery swells, its internal acid will be damaged. As a result, the battery will continue to lose the ability to receive after that.

Use a Smart Charger

In terms of charging the battery, you can use a smart charger. Because it will keep your battery free from overcharging. If you want to know more details, you can follow this guide – How To Charge Power Wheels Battery.


Thus, you can see that how easy is to convert power wheels to 18v Milwaukee. Just follow the instructions, then you will be able to successfully complete the news conversion process. We think this guide has been helpful to you.