How to Install Power Wheels Battery

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When it comes to kids’ favorite toy items, the power wheel is one of them. Recently, its popularity has grown exponentially. Over time, the power wheel’s performance began to decline. Then as a remedy, it is necessary to install a new battery. Now the important question is how to install power wheels battery.

Honestly, Power Wheel gives kids the feeling of a real automobile at an early age. Their realistic features, remote control facilities, music system fascinate children. That’s why parents don’t hesitate to buy this great vehicle for their children. In today’s article, we will show you the easy way to install the battery in the power wheel. Also, keep reading this article till the end to know more important information regarding the topic.

How to Install Power Wheels Battery

Knowing how to install a power wheels battery is very vital. Because you may not know that your cockroach toy car will cause battery problems. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance. With battery replacement, you can speed up the power wheel. As a result, your child will have better and more fun ride sessions than before. Let’s take a look at the complete process of installing the battery.

You simply need to follow a few steps to install the battery in the power wheel. Those steps are highlighted below. Have a look.

Step 1: Remove the Original Battery

The first thing you need to do before installing a new battery is to detach the original battery. When disconnecting the original battery, make sure that no wires attached to it are damaged. Another thing to keep in mind is that when collecting batteries, you must match the voltage of your toy vehicle. This is because incorrect voltage batteries can damage the entire wire system.

The battery compartment is usually under the hood. For this, it is best to take off the wheel. Then it will be convenient to access the battery location. If you want to install a slightly higher voltage battery than before, make a custom-made wire. This type of wire is also available at any local store.

Step 2: Detach the Wire Connection

It has connectors such as positive and negative when removing the battery. Basically, by finding two types of cable, you can be sure which one is positive and which one is negative. Typically, blue or white cable indicates positive and black cable indicates negative argument. So before removing the battery, you must disconnect these connections.

Step 3: Place the New Battery

All you have to do now is carefully place the new battery in the power wheel battery compartment. After installing the battery, attach the positive end of the power wheel to the positive end of the battery. Similarly, for a negative terminal, repeat the same process.

Then cut the wires off with a wire cutter so that they are not exposed to the outside of the vehicle. Finally, wrap those wires with electrical tape so that they do not create any kind of spark. That’s it; that way, you’ll be able to install a new battery in your child’s power wheel. Learn about How Long To Charge A Power Wheels 12 Volt Battery.

What Performance will Display After Installing a New Battery

You must be aware that a power wheel is completely battery-dependent. When an electrical item is used for a long time, its performance gradually becomes short. The power wheel and its exceptions are nothing. Your child’s power wheel performance will continue to decline, then he will get its riding fun as before. The fruit will deprive him of the pleasure of riding.

It is possible to double the speed of the power wheel by replacing a new battery. This allows the vehicle to provide better riding sessions. This allows your child to spend more time actively. Moreover, when your child grows up, he may demand a new power wheel. In this case, you can build a great vehicle only by adding an extra secondary battery. In this way, you do not have to spend extra money to buy a new power wheel.

This means that the new battery replacement ride-on car offers fast and smooth performance that both you and your child will love. Nowadays, by applying some simple techniques, the 8-volt power wheel can be customized to the 12-volt model. Similarly, 12 volts can be converted to a 24 volt riding vehicle. So you can follow How To Convert a 6v Power Wheels To 12v.

Safety Tips to Maintain a power Wheel Battery

Safety allows you to keep your power wheel safe for a long time. When the battery is safe, the performance of your power wheel will also be great. With a few simple and easy techniques, you can protect your child’s battery. He doesn’t think you have to handle everything seriously. Let’s go to the main discussion without further ado.

Avoid Overcharging

One of the reasons behind hampering the battery is overcharging. Typically, each powered wheel has a designated charging period. If that charging period is exceeded, bad things like overcharge occur. Many people charge the overnight battery which is a little wrong concept. This reduces the capacity of the battery to receive power. You may not realize this at first. But after a while, you will feel that the battery is providing the same riding session as before.

Charge the Battery in a Dry Place

When charging the battery, make sure that the place is dry. Because it is harmful to charge the battery in a wet place. Moreover, if the battery is charged in a wet place, the internal acid of the battery may be lost. This will cause the battery to lose its ability to receive power.

Never Store the Battery Without a Charge

Before storing the battery, charge it once. Then it will remain reactive. If a battery is left uncharged for a long time, it will lose its effectiveness. If you want to get more information about this topic, you can follow How To Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery.


By installing the battery, it is possible to fasten the power wheel. We hope you find this article very helpful. However, if you wish, you can follow the instructions of the manual that came with your power wheel.