How to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery




How to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery

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If you are using a fisher price power wheel battery and looking for how to charge fisher price power wheels battery, you have come to the right place. Today we will try to guide you through this article, the charging session which is ideal for Fisher Price batteries.

When it comes to thinking of a great way to entertain kids, the name of the power wheel will undoubtedly be at the top. The full function of this power wheel runs on a battery. Among these batteries, Fisher Price is very popular and standard. However, a proper charging period is the main condition to ensure a beautiful ride. But sadly, many do not maintain this important issue well. So keep reading to know the proper charging time of Fisher Price battery.

How to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery

We have already said that the performance of a power wheel depends entirely on the quality of its battery. So longtime charging period can ensure your child a quality ride. In this case, your child’s power wheel battery charging process must be correct. Let’s find out in detail.

1st Step

One keynote is that the Fisher Price Power Wheel does not come with a charger. So first you have to collect a charger individually. In this case, it is best to use the charger that came with your power wheel. But if it is damaged or missing for any reason, then you can use a smart charger. But before buying a smart charger, you have to match the voltage and chemistry with the Fisher Price battery. Otherwise, the wrong voltage is harmful to both the vehicle and the charger.

2nd Step

After collecting the charger, it is time to connect it to the battery. So plug the charger connector into the battery socket. However, you can think of charging the battery in two ways. One is to charge after installing in the vehicle. Another is to install the toy car after a full charge. To charge after installation, you need to connect the charger between the charging ports of the power wheel.

3rd Step

After connecting the charger to the battery, all you have to do is find a safe and nearby power outlet. When you select that power outlet, plug the charger into it. Note that attach the charger to the wall outlet. Because the power of the wall outlet is controlled by a switch. But never attach to a ceiling outlet. It can fluctuate the power which is risky for the charger.

4th Step

Once the battery charge is complete, turn off the power switch. Then remove the charger. Similarly, detach the charger connector from the battery socket. Now your Fisher Price battery is fully ready to be installed in the vehicle. Follow the complete manual guidelines for installing batteries in the vehicle. If you find that instruction difficult, you can follow our guide – best choice jeep upgrades.

How Do You Know If Your Power Wheel Battery is Charging?

An incident happens to many people almost all the time. Connect the charger to the battery and attach it to the electricity. But after the allotted time, check that the battery is not charged. How do you feel then? Moreover, many people do not understand whether the battery is being charged with the charger. To get more tips, you can follow How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging.

Indicators are an easy way to overcome this problem. All chargers have a light indicator. If it is red or flickering, then you understand that the battery is being charged. If for some reason that indicator does not work, then it is either a problem with the charger or the battery. In this case, you should find out the actual problem and its solution as soon as possible. Otherwise, this problem can influence the performance of the vehicle.

Safety Instructions for Power Wheel Battery

Safety allows you to keep your power wheel battery safe for a long time. When the battery is safe, the power wheel’s performance will be great. There are some technical and simple ways to protect the battery. But you don’t have to worry too much about maintaining them. Let’s know them in detail.

Avoid Overcharging

One of the reasons for declining battery performance is overcharging. Typically, each power wheel model has a designated charging time. When that period is overdue, overcharging occurs. Like many people charge overnight and forget to remove the charger in the morning. As a result, the battery is overcharged. The disadvantages of overcharging may not be felt at first. But when Power Wheel’s ride sessions keep getting shorter, you’ll realize what you’ve done wrong.

Moreover, overcharging causes the battery to swell. So it loses the ability to receive power. That’s why we advise you never to charge the battery for more than 30 hours. Whether it is a battery of any vehicle or model.

Don’t Charge the Battery in a Wet Place

When charging the battery, choose a place that is not wet at all. Because charging the battery in a wet place is very harmful to the battery. Moreover, in contact with the battery wet area, its internal acid will be damaged. You must be aware that the battery contains sulfuric acid. Water will affect the effectiveness of these acids. So the battery can lose its holding capacity. Although the power wheel’s battery is very durable, it is wise to be aware. So always charge the battery in a dry place.

Don’t Store the Battery Without Charge

At some point, the power wheel battery may need to be stored, as children cannot ride in the winter. Because at that time, the weather was not conducive to outdoor rides. This is why the battery has to be stored. However, before storing, fully charge the battery once. This makes the battery reactive which is fit for later function. For this, you can learn deeply about How To Change Power Wheels Battery.


As you can see, Fisher Price power wheel battery charging is very simple. So charge the battery according to your power wheel model. Hopefully, through this guide, you have got the right instructions for charging your Fisher Price battery base power wheel.

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