How to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep

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For those who want to know how to charge Fisher Price power wheels jeep, today’s topic is for them. Honestly, charging a Power Wheels Jeep is not a difficult task. The jeep charging method is almost the same as other toy car charging processes.

Recently, the Fisher Price power wheel jeep has become very popular in the market. Because this brand is very durable and offers multiple realistic feature base vehicles. As a result, they have been able to attract customers in a short time. Especially their Jeep Wrangler is one of the ride-on cars that give the kids ultimate control while riding.

Undoubtedly, Toy Automobiles is one of the children’s playmates. Since these are completely battery-powered, it is very important to charge properly. In this guide, we will help you to know about Fisher Price power wheel jeep charging mechanism. So keep reading the rest of the guide sincerely.

Learn How to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep

If your child owns a Fisher Price brand power jeep, you need to be aware of its proper charging system. To charge these jeeps, you need to use a 12 volt charger and a plug. Because the battery of maximum Jeep cars comes with 12 volts. Let’s learn the next steps in step form.

Use Trickle Charger

You will need to use a suitable charger to charge the Fisher Price Jeep. By using the trickle charger you will be able to charge the power wheel jeep. For this, you can use a trickle charger. Because you can connect a trickle charger by creating a connector. When creating the connector, make sure that there is no damage to the battery.

So in the beginning, you should check the battery voltage of the power wheel. If the voltage level of the charger does not match with the power wheel’s battery, it will not be possible to charge properly. The connector has two positive and negative ports. You simply attach the charger to that connector. Then add it to a secure electric source.

After connecting the charger to the power level, charge for at least 12 to 14 hours. That time may be more or less according to the amp of the battery. For this, follow the time as per the manual instructions. To get more tips about this issue, jump into the How To Charge A Power Wheels.

12 Volt Power Supply

There is another simple and easy way to charge a 12 volt Fisher Price Power Wheel Jeep. That is to use a direct 12 volt power supply which will help your vehicle to charge faster. Because then the direct current will pass into the battery. The easy steps to use a direct power supply are as follows:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is remove the battery from the jeep. This is because the battery can be easily accessed.

Step 2

Now check the voltage of the battery. Because the battery has to be charged according to the voltage.

Step 3

Next, find an old battery charger that has a volt output. You also need to make sure that the volt output is compatible with the battery.

Step 4

Then all you have to do is remove the existing charging tip. Now separate the two wires and create a connection with each of them.

Step 5

Now between the two, positive and negative connections need to be determined. Normally, the positive connection base wire has a white stripe.

Step 6

Connect the new charger to the power wheels battery that you made a while ago. At this point, confirm the positive to negative and negative to negative connection. This means the positive terminal of the battery as well as the positive terminal of the charger. The same will be repeated in case of negativity.

Step 7

Finally, attach the charger to a wall power outlet. Now just wait till the appointed time. Typically, 8 to 10 hours is the ideal time for a power wheel charge.

How Do You Know If the Battery is Charging or Not?

Well, many may have some confusion about this matter. Truth be told, the most important thing is to get the right facts without having to worry about it. Moreover, the charger that comes with the battery cannot access the battery charge. This is why using a smart charger may be the best solution. To get more information, learn tips about How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging.

The easiest way to confirm the power wheel charge is through the indicator system. A smart charger will provide you with that indication system. If the battery light indicator is flickering or red, then your battery is being properly charged. If there is an exception, then there must be a problem somewhere. One of them is your power wheel news is not being charged. Quickly find that problem and fix it.

How Long After Should the Charger be Changed?

There is no set time to replace the charger. When you feel that the charger is failing to properly charge the battery, replace it quickly. Even after charging for a long time, if the desired ride session is not given, it is a reason to understand the problem of the charger. A defective or faulty charger can cause battery damage. To find better and broad details, you can learn about How To Change Power Wheels Battery.

You can take the help of Amazon or the manufacturer’s website to collect the replacement charger. When purchasing a power wheel charger, avoid third-party or non-formal means. It will be safe for your battery. Alternatively, alternative charging methods can follow. But that is only for a short time, not regularly. Because the alternative charging method is not the ultimate solution.


Power wheel Jeep from Fisher Price manufacturers is a very smart, unique, and ultimate riding solution for kids. A proper charging method can make your child’s riding more enjoyable. We hope you find this guide useful and helpful.