How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging

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How do I know if my power wheels battery is charging? You can be sure of this through some simple tests. At the bottom of this article, we will share with you the great process of examining whether the battery is charging or not.

In recent times, the power wheel has become a very popular toy companion for children. Kids enjoy spending time with them. But using these sometimes creates a charging issue. Because all of a sudden the ride session started to decrease. Then there is a doubt in my mind whether the battery is being charged properly or not. Or how do I know if my power wheels battery is charging?

The main purpose of today’s article is to remove all your confusion. In this regard, go to the next part of the article to know the solution.

How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging

Some customers face a common problem when it comes to power wheel batteries. Especially when they leave the power wheel’s battery in an inactive state for a few months. A battery may not be cooperative when it has not been used for a long time. Then it is normal to worry a bit about whether the battery is being charged or not.

One thing you should keep in mind is that it takes about 10 to 15 hours to complete the power wheel’s battery full charge. If you charge the battery for only 3 hours and let your child ride, it will not work for more than 10 to 15 minutes. For this, you have to pay the proper charge. But if it can’t hold the charge for a long time even after properly charging, then it is a matter of concern. For this, you need to take immediate steps. To be sure, what should be done is discussed below.

Check the Battery with a Voltmeter

The most common and trustworthy way to test the existence of any other battery, including the power wheel’s battery, is the voltmeter. With the help of digital voltmeters, it is easy to measure whether there is any power active in the battery and how much it is. They are incredibly useful for finding out the major problems of the power wheel. It works the same way with batteries.

Follow the steps below to know the battery charge condition. For additional help, check the best choice jeep upgrades.

  • To test the power wheel battery with a voltmeter, the battery needs to be connected while charging.
  • Access two prongs of the battery such as positive and negative.
  • Now take out the multi-meter and select 20 dials in it. Then it can easily capture voltage from 0 to 20.
  • Add the positive edge to the plus prong and the negative edge to the minus prong.
  • When the ends are properly connected to the prongs, the fork of the voltmeter will move. If it is digital, the result will also give the percentage of power it holds.

If your battery does not respond after following the above process, then the battery is dead. And if it works, it will show the result. For example, if your battery is 12 volts and the voltmeter operates below that voltage of 11.8, then it is time for you to upgrade this battery.

On the other hand, if the voltmeter shows a DC value of 12.6 volts, it indicates a 100% charge. Similarly, indicates a charge of 75% for 12.4 volts, 50% for 12.0-12.2 volts, and 25% for 11.8 volts. However, results below 10.5 volts are considered dead.

What Causes a Power Wheel Battery to Die?

The common cause of power wheel battery death is carelessness and unconsciousness. Most parents do not monitor the time when charging the battery. As a result, the battery is charged overnight. Sometimes it lasts for a whole day. As a result, overcharging damages the internal acid of the battery. And this is why the battery fails to receive power.

Moreover, another common cause is long inactivity periods. If you store the battery throughout the winter season and do not charge it even once, the battery is more likely to be damaged. Then it may not be possible to ride in the spring season. This does not mean that you can no longer reuse this battery. We have said that the battery may stop functioning. Check this best choice jeep troubleshooting guide.

Some Safety Tips for Power Wheel Battery

The power wheel is one of the most interesting toys for kids. It basically runs on batteries. So some instructions should be followed to maintain the performance of this battery. Although these safety tips are in the manual book of all models. But most people do not follow that. As a result, the battery is dead in a short time. Below are some common but effective tips to keep the battery from draining.

  • Fast and foremost is to never use a battery without a full charge.
  • Do not store batteries for long periods. As a result, battery power receiver circuits may be damaged. Especially in winter. . So try to keep it active with occasional charge.
  • Never charge for more than 30 hours. This will cause overcharging which will reduce the efficiency of the battery.
  • Use a smart charger to charge the battery. Because it will keep the power wheel free from overcharging.
  • Do not store batteries on surfaces such as kitchen countertops. This can damage the acid inside the battery.
  • Battery storage should be above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid storing batteries in environments below 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The power source for charging the news should not be faulty or too old. Then it will not allow the battery to be charged properly.
  • To avoid any damage to the battery, keep the line of any other parts, accessible wires, connectors at a safe distance while charging. How long to Charge Power Wheels 12 Volt Battery– check it out for extra convenience.
  • Make sure that there is no damp feeling in the place of charging the battery. This can cause the battery to burst at any time.


Battery is the main driving force of a power wheel. So you have to keep an eye on it so that it never gets damaged. You can take the help of a digital voltmeter to make sure that the power wheel battery is charging.