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Best Choice Jeep Upgrades

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Best Choice jeeps always support upgrades. Because their build quality and the standard are very high. However, the best choice power wheel manufacturers are building every product with future feature support options. In this article, we will tell you about the Best Choice Jeep upgrades in the right way.

In general, as children get older, their demand for powerful electric ride-on cars increases. Despite having a vehicle, the children demand to buy another new power wheel which is a waste of money. But just installing a new battery solves that problem. A battery can be easily upgraded or modified in the Best Choice jeep. So go with the article to know the detailed process of Best Choice jeep upgrades.

Best Choice Jeep Upgrades Process

Upgrading the battery will make the power wheel faster which is the main demand of growing children. On the other hand, upgrading the battery will increase the carrying performance manifold. Normally, when the child grows up, he does not want to ride the old feature base car. The main reason for this is that the performance of the car does not suit it with age. To address this issue, the Best Choice Jeep upgrades process is outlined in detail below.

Safety Issues While Upgrading the Best Choice Jeep

  • Make sure the new battery stays safe inside its compartment.
  • Cover loose wires attached to batteries with electrical tape so they do not cause danger to children.

Step 1

First, buy a new sealed acid battery. In this case, you have many options such as 12 volts, 24 volts, etc. Now purchase the battery according to how long you want the riding session for your child. Of course, your budget can be a major factor in this case.

Step 2

Now collect the female adapter from the old battery. This time try to save as much wire as possible. Then do not open the sealed acid battery from the compartment. Although this step is not compulsory, it will make the power wheel battery installation process easier.

Step 3

All you have to do in this step is to attach the black wire with the female battery to the negative terminal of the new battery. On the other hand, connect the white tar to the positive terminal of the battery. Now tie both wires with electrical tape so that the accessible part of it does not interfere with the riding fun of the children.

Step 4

Set the battery inside the Jeep in a safe position. Allow only one person access to the battery compartment. Otherwise, the battery may go out of the compartment later. Then plug the male and female connectors together. Now it’s time to charge the new battery. So unplug and plug the charger as before.

Step 5

Next, collect a voltage gauge and connect the battery directly to the cable with a button. As a result, children can easily press a button to read the voltage which helps them to know when to charge or turn off the battery. That’s it. You are done with the battery installation.

How to Custom Fabrication on a Power Wheel?

You can do custom fabrication to speed up your child’s slow and steady power wheel. Before that, find out what is this custom fabrication? In fact, custom fabrication is the process of assembling different parts such as cutting or bending to form a metal structure. Most parents use gearboxes for direct drive mode to modify their young children’s small cars. As a result, it can cross all road obstacles

More importantly, if the wheel of the power wheel does not have good traction, it will not be much faster. Therefore, there is an option to add additional traction. This traction will provide adequate grip on all types of ground which will make the riding of the kids fun. Because then they will be able to explore different types of off-road. Lastly, install a brake pedal as the finishing touch.

Another effective way you can modify your child’s car. That is to change the old look and decorate it with a new look. In this case, you can choose the graphics or interior of your child’s choice. It could be Spider-Man, Ironman, or any other special cartoon character base cool decoration. You can also equip them with new LED headlights, tail lights, stylish side mirrors.

How to Change a Power Wheel Speed?

As children get older, they are more likely to speed up their car. There are even surprised kids who measure the performance of a car with its speed. So it is important to update the car battery as well as change the speed. This is why power wheel manufacturers have the option to change gears in their products.

One such vehicle is the Dune Racer Power Wheel. To do this, first, remove the lockout screw on the side of the shift and move the shifter to a higher position. This will increase the speed. Basically, the reason manufacturers keep this option is that when the kids get older, they will be mature enough to control gear and make the ride more fun.


Can a 24 Volt Battery be Set on a 12 Volt Power Wheel?

Of course, it can. However, it is better to convert a 12-volt battery to a 24-volt battery instead. But how to do it? Well, just by using a conversion kit you can easily convert any 12-volt battery in your child’s car to a 24-volt battery. The best part about this conversion kit is that it works impressively. As a result, its run time will increase by at least 33%.

How Fast Will a 24 Volt Battery Allow Kids to Ride?

The 24-volt battery is very powerful in terms of a power wheel. A 24-volt power wheel allows you to travel 6 to 8 miles per hour. This speed is almost double the power wheel of a 12-volt battery.


Best Choice Jeeps bring the ability to support new upgrades. This makes it easy to switch 6 or 12 volts to its updated battery version. Hopefully, this guide will help you to upgrade your child’s Best Choice Jeep.

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