How to Charge a Power Wheels

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Power is required for any machine to work, whether it is electrical or mechanical. Power wheels are no exception. They come with rechargeable batteries. So how to charge a power wheels?

It’s hard to find a kid who doesn’t like Power Wheels. Because kids enjoy riding more than anything else. The main driving force of Power Wheels is its rechargeable battery. In this article, we will tell you about the exact rules for charging Power Wheels and other details associated with it. So keep going through the article to know the correct process for charging the power wheel battery.

How Many Types of Power Wheel Charger?

Before we go to the main point, we will talk about some of the basics regarding power wheels and their batteries as well. So let’s dive in.

Basically, 3 types of batteries are most commonly used for children’s power wheels. They are 12v-1 amp, 6v-1 amp, and 6v-350 mwah chargers respectively. This does not mean that the power wheel’s battery is limited to these 3 batteries only. You can adjust three to four times more powerful batteries by modifying if you want. But they’re not perfect for a kid’s ride.

In addition to the above three types of chargers, there is one more charger. That is the universal charger. It is a 3A charger that is compatible with both 8V and 12V volt batteries. Although it is better known for its irregular usage. These chargers work best when the regular charger is damaged or lost. However, stay away from using universal chargers regularly. This is because it can damage the battery life cycle.

How to Charge Power Wheels

When it comes to charging the battery, a simple image comes to mind. Such as connecting a charger to mobile and attaching it to a power source. But Power Wheels is a bit different. It is very simple to charge the power wheel battery with some specific steps. Those steps are mentioned below.

Step 1

To charge the battery, first find its location. Once you have found the battery, find out where its charging ports are. Typically, you will find the maximum power wheel battery charging ports under the hood. So open the hood of the vehicle. Then you can easily reach the battery charging location.

Step 2

All you have to do now is attach the charger to the charging jack of the power wheel. It is located on the right side of most power wheels. Now find the nearest electric outlet and connect the charger to that outlet. Note that your power wheel charger level should match the power, ampere, voltage of that electric outlet. Otherwise, it can lead to any kind of accident.

Step 3

When you connect the charger to the electric outlet, you have nothing left to do. Now you just have to wait until the charge is complete. Generally, if the battery is completely empty, it will not take more than 14 to 15 hours to charge. Although this charging period is not the same for all batteries. Some power wheel batteries charge quickly and some slowly. The real issue is how fast your battery will complete the charge session depending on how advanced it is.

The charger has an indicator that will tell you about charging health. So keep an eye on the charger. Another important thing to keep in mind while charging. That is to keep the ignition system off. Then the battery will charge quickly. When your charger gives the green indicator, unplug the charger. The green indicator indicates that the full charge is complete.

How Do You Know If the Battery is Charging?

This is a good question. Not only do you need to connect the battery to the charger, but you also need to make sure that the battery is properly charged. There is an easy way for him. When charging the battery for a certain period, such as around 14 hours, you should make sure with a hydrometer. This is a cheap tool with a float that ensures that there is electric energy inside the battery.

However, it is best if you can make sure that the hydrometer is passing electric energy at the beginning of charging the battery. Then you don’t have to check again and again after the charge is completed. Moreover, if it is not charged after a long charge, it creates a negative impact for both time and battery.

Even though this testing, you can find out about the condition of your battery. If the battery does not charge even after adequate charging, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Follow How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging to know additional details.

What is the Importance of Charging the Power Wheel Battery Properly?

The battery of a power wheel activates all its functions. So if the battery is not properly charged, it will affect other functions of the vehicle. There is no doubt about it. More specifically, the power wheel batteries are DC tape and rechargeable. Their significant impacts are as follows:

  • The charger can influence the chemical process that the power wheel battery acquires.
  • The performance will depend on the type of power wheel battery to be charged. If reversed, the battery will fluctuate.
  • Proper charging ensures a longer lifespan of the power wheel.
  • Proper charging protects against overcharging. For additional queries, you can consider How To Change Power Wheels Battery.

How to Take Care of Power Wheel Battery?

If you want to get service from a longtime power wheel battery, you need to take some care. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time and effort. Just a few simple steps can prolong your power wheel’s battery life. They are like:

  • Clean the ride-on cars cables regularly.
  • Always try to check the electrolyte level.
  • Charge the battery properly and monitor it.
  • Refrain from storing longtime. If you want to know more details, you can see How Can I Make My Power Wheels Battery Last Longer.


The quality of power wheels depends on the quality of the battery. To maintain this quality of battery you need to charge properly. This article will be effective as a great helper in explaining the correct method of charging the power wheel battery.