How Can I Make My Power Wheels Battery Last Longer

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How can I make my power wheels battery last longer? Well, maintenance will provide you with long-lasting battery service. There are plenty of ways to get long-term performance from the power wheel’s battery.

Power wheels are a toy item that offers kids hours and hours of fun and enjoyment. As a result, the tendency of parents to buy these electric cars for their children has increased tremendously. Basically, all these electric toys run on batteries. But their batteries die within a certain period of time. So how can you make your power wheels battery last longer? Keep reading to know its details.

How Can I Make My Power Wheels Battery Last Longer

The power wheel is a great way for kids to enjoy their playtime. But sometimes kids miss their riding pleasure due to battery issues. In fact, batteries die in a short time because they are not properly maintained. However, there are some effective ways to maintain this battery. They are discussed in detail in the following section of this article.

The Early Charge

When a power wheel is purchased for children, they become impatient to operate it. The most common mistake made at this time is not to give a proper initial charge. Most power wheel manual instructions say fast charge for at least 15 to 16 hours. This is a very important step. So when you buy an electric car for your family’s little star, put a good early charge.

Now you may be wondering why this is so important. It presets every function connected to the battery to work correctly for a lifetime. Remember, the fast charge should not be more than 30 hours. It will then be the opposite of good. So if you want to get healthy and long-term battery service then follow this fast charge instruction directly.

Standard Charging Style

The Power Wheel’s battery will give you long-lasting riding sessions and fun when it’s charged properly. If you use any electric thing improperly, it will never perform for long. Likewise, its lifespan will depend on how well the battery is charged. So never overcharge or deep charge.

Generally, it is not recommended to charge any battery for more than 16 hours. But if charged for more than 30 hours, it will damage the battery circuit. As a result, the battery will be damaged in a short time. Use a smart charger to protect the battery from overcharging.

Once fully charged, the smart charger will not insert any extra charge into the battery. Also, many of them come with LED indicator features. They will tell you about the charging condition of the battery. With the LED feature you can be sure that the battery is fully charged or not.

Store the Battery Properly During the Winter

There is no situation to ride outside during winter. So most families store their children’s riding cars. But if you store the battery in the power wheel, there is a decent chance that it will not work later in the winter. For this, you should figure out the correct way to store the battery.

You can take two steps to properly store the power wheel battery in winter. First, make sure not to store the battery in an empty state. Because it will lose its power and charge capacity. As a result, it will never be able to take charge. So keep it in a safe place in your house with a full charge. Full charge battery ensures life reminiscence after winter.

Second, you can do another thing that will protect your power wheel’s battery from damage. During the winter period, charge once or twice for a few hours. This keeps it active for later use. This means that the battery does not become completely idle.

Others Precautions

In addition to the above ideas, other general precautions will provide toy battery service for at least 2 years. They are as follows:

  • Monitor the battery and charger frequently while charging. This will help in detecting the damage.
  • Never move the battery wire and connector after the charge is complete or at any other time. This weakens the connector which can interfere with charging.
  • Never let your kids come in contact with chargers and batteries.
  • After a long ride, the motor may hit. Handle it carefully. Otherwise, it may affect the battery.

Common Mistakes that Reduce Power Wheel Battery Durability

There are some common mistakes that reduce the durability of the power wheel battery. Although many of us avoid them. But to be honest, all those small mistakes reduce the performance of the battery. Let’s take a look at them.

Leaving the Battery to the Power Unit for Long Time

A major part of parents makes this mistake. Even when the battery is not being charged, they connect the charger to the power unit and leave. The power unit fluctuates constantly. That voltage can sometimes be high and sometimes low. When the battery is connected to the charger, an accident like a burst can occur due to voltage variations. Although it is pretty rare but happens.

Charging in Faulty Power-Points

Many times there is an error in the charger point of the garage room. Sometimes due to busyness or forgetfulness of mind, the battery is connected and charged at that faulty point. As a result, the battery cannot receive the charge properly. It can even damage the battery circuit and may interfere with the performance of other functions of the power wheel.

Loose Connections

Sometimes the battery is updated or modified for better performance. Then some cable connections in the internal part may become loose. From there the battery charge can decrease rapidly. But many do not understand. So they keep on charging for a long time which is a huge misconception. In this type of situation, quickly check the electric vehicle and fix it.


Some functional precautions and maintenance allow the power wheel’s battery to last longer. The guide above provides some maintenance tips that you should follow to get long-lasting battery life.