How Do I Make My Power Wheels Go Faster




How Do I Make My Power Wheels Go Faster

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How do I make my power wheels go faster? Well, you can do that by carrying some upgrades. In this guide, we will discuss some effective up-gradation methods that will help you to speed up your power wheel. Let’s talk about them in detail.

To be honest, you can use a new powerful battery to let your power wheel go faster. Moreover, you can install a second battery along with the existing battery. On the other hand, there are some more effective ways to make the power wheel faster. Such as installing an electronic speed controller, upgrading the gearbox, or changing the motor. Keep reading the rest of the article to know the details of these methods.

How Do I Make My Power Wheels Go Faster Properly

If you are looking for how do I make my power wheels go faster, you’ve come to the right place. The following article discusses some of the unique techniques that will allow you to speed up your power wheel. They are as follows:

Attach the Secondary Battery

You can do this hack in two ways. The first is series connection and the second is parallel. With a series connection, you can almost double the speed of your power wheel. For example, if the battery is 8 volts, then it will be upgraded to 12 volts. This way you can increase up to 18 or 20 volts which will speed up your electric car.

Over time the power wheel’s battery capacity decreases. As a result, the vehicle becomes slow and riding becomes boring for the children. In that case, connecting a secondary battery in the form of a series will increase both its speed and riding session.

Conversely, a parallel connection will never increase the amount of voltage. But it will help to return the current-voltage of the battery to the optimal function. This means that the existing battery will provide both a long-time riding session and speed as in full first condition.

Required Tools

  • A battery
  • Wire crimper
  • Crimp connectors
  • Y Connectors

Make a custom wire with the above tools. To do this, cut 10 to 14 AWG gauge wires to reasonable lengths and strip them on both sides. Then place a female crimp connector on either side of the wires. Now secure them with a crimper. This is how it became a custom wire.

Parallel Connection

  • Detach the original battery from the battery terminal.
  • Add a negative wire to one end of the new battery and a Y connector to the other end.
  • Include the old battery’s female crimp connector with the new battery’s mail Y connector.
  • Attach the battery terminal to the female end of the Y connector.
  • Similarly, repeat the above process in case of the positive side.
  • Secure the secondary battery with zip ties.

Series Connection

  • Disconnect the older battery from the battery compartment.
  • Connect the 12-volt positive terminal to the 6-volt negative terminal.
  • Now connect the negative terminal of the 12-volt battery to the positive terminal of the power wheel.
  • Then add the 6-volt battery and the power wheel’s positive terminals together.
  • Set a 30 amp fuse holder after the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Secure the battery with electric tape or zip ties.

Install a Fresh Battery

A new battery is the most effective but easy way to speed up any power wheel. To install a new battery in the power wheel, you must first check the existing battery feature. Then you have to buy a new battery accordingly. When purchasing a new battery, make sure that connects closely to the current battery voltage.

Typically, a 12-volt battery is compatible with a maximum power wheel. In addition, they come with connectors and a replaceable 30 amp fuse. Some more tools are needed to replace the new battery such as cable and crimper.

Replacement Process

  • As before, remove the original battery from the battery section.
  • Connect the two custom wires to the negative and positive ends of the battery.
  • Connect the remaining positive and negative terminals of both custom wires to the power wheel.
  • Finally, set the battery to its previous position.

Attach an Electric Speed Controller

An electric speed controller regulates the speed of the power wheel. It also provides reverse, soft start, variable throttle, post traction, and dynamic braking to the electric motor. The process of installing an electric speed controller is not the same for all power wheels. It varies according to the model and brand of the power wheel. So install according to your ESC model. For this, of course, you can follow the instructions of the manual.

Upgrade the Gearbox

Most power wheel gearboxes are made of plastic. They provide a maximum speed of 3 to 4 mph. That’s why it’s best to set up a new gearbox. Find out if there is a problem with the gearbox. If so, change it.  The process for changing gearboxes is as follows:

  • Remove the hubcap from the wheel and wheel push nut with a plier.
  • Take out the wheel and eliminate the coupler.
  • Now unscrew the rear seat screws with a screw gun.
  • Next, pull the axle to discharge the gearbox. Therefore, the gearbox will be unglued from the motor.
  • Attach the new gearbox to the motor and ensure that is associated with the pinion gear.
  • Lastly, fix the gearbox to its position.

Change the Motor

The motor is an important feature to control the power wheel well. But as a result of long time use, the motor becomes a bit weak. Provides lower speed and lower riding sessions as a result. It makes the kids miss out on his true riding pleasure. Especially those mature enough to drive a power wheel. That’s why we recommend you remove the old motor and install a new powerful motor.

The process of installing the motor is very simple. However, sometimes it can vary according to the model. In this case, you should go with the manual instructions.


We hope that the above guide will be useful for you to make the power wheel faster. If you follow the guide properly, we think you should enjoy both the long riding session and the speed.

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