How to Charge Power Wheels Battery




How to Charge Power Wheels Battery

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Well, today’s topic is how to charge power wheels battery. You may know that any machine needs the energy to work, be it electrical or mechanical. Nowadays, the demand for electrical components is increasing in daily life. Even rechargeable products are becoming more and more popular. Power wheels are a toy for young children and use rechargeable batteries.

More importantly, charging the power wheel battery is an essential concern for every parent. Because many of them do not know how to charge the power wheels battery. In this article, we will discuss how to charge a power wheels battery.

How to Charge Power Wheels Battery with a Charger

There are several ways you can charge your child’s Power Wheels. But we will tell you how to charge the power wheel with a charger in a very simple way. This way you can charge the power wheels battery regularly.

But when it comes to charging Power Wheels batteries, there are certain steps and additional tips that must be maintained. So let’s get started without delay. Read the below steps carefully and charge your child’s power wheels by following these steps. To know extra info, learn about the How Fast Are Power Wheels.

Step 1

Before the power wheels start charging the battery, you need to unplug the battery ports attached to the vehicle. Now you need to find the power wheels battery and its charging ports. Basically, the power wheels battery is located under its hood. Open the hood of the power wheels and find out where the battery charging ports are.

Step 2

If you have completed the first step. Now connect the charger to the power of the power wheel and the charging jack. Make sure you connect well, never loosen the connection. The charging jack is usually located to the right of some known power wheel. After attaching the charging jack, double-check that it is well connected.

Now find an electrical outlet near you. Now connect the charger to the electrical outlet. But you need to make sure that the power, voltage, and amperage of the electrical outlet match the label of your charger. It is important to make sure. Otherwise, it can lead to various accidents. Remember to keep your electrical outlet in a dry place, never charge your power wheels in a wet place. This can also lead to various accidents.

Step 3

If you have completed the second stepwell, now you have nothing to do but wait until the charging process is complete. How long your power wheels battery will take to fully charge depends on how many volt batteries your power wheels are equipped with. If your Power Wheels battery is 12 volts and is completely empty.

Then a 12V power wheels battery takes 15-18 hours to complete the charging process. A 24-volt battery takes the same amount of time. But a 6V battery takes less time, it does not take more than 10 hours to charge.

On the other hand, if you charge your Power Wheels battery first, it will take a relatively long time to charge. Your power wheels will have an indicator of the battery charging process. Keep an eye on it, it will indicate when your power wheel’s battery is fully charged. If your battery charging process is complete, unplug everything.

Note, the power wheels turn off the ignition when you charge the battery. You should always be aware of this, as it is the most basic and essential thing to consider before charging a power wheel battery.

Why the Right Charger is Important for the Power Wheels

As you already know, power wheels are equipped with rechargeable batteries and these batteries are of DC type. The lifespan of these Power Wheeler batteries depends on a number of factors. One of them is to charge with their charger regularly till a specified time.

If you can’t charge a Power Wheels battery properly, it won’t give you long service life. Properly charging the power wheels is essential to prolong the life of the battery and maintain its perfect condition. But you have to remember that a proper charger is very important for your power wheels. To get more details, you can simply follow this guide How Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

There are some significant effects here:

  • When you are charging the power wheels with a charger, the charger can affect the chemical process of gaining energy in the battery.
  • The performance and fluctuations of your power wheels depend on their battery charge. In that case, charge the battery with a proper charger to increase the performance of your power wheels.
  • If you do not charge the battery with the right charger, the battery life is dramatically reduced. So a proper charger is very important to ensure the life of the battery or the whole power wheel.

Select the Right Charger for Your Power Wheels

Typically, there are three different types of chargers available for power wheels. Such as:

  1. 12v -1-amp charger.
  2. 6v -1amp charger.
  3. 6v-350mwah charger.

The above three are the main chargers for power wheels that power wheel providers provide with the unit. Apart from these three chargers, there is another type of charger called a universal charger. This universal charger is usually a 3A charger for both 12v and 6v. Try to use the right charger for your power wheels battery.

In case of emergency, if you do not find the regular charger of power wheels. In that case, this universal charger works well for you. But if you use this universal charger regularly then it damages the battery charge cycle. Even your power wheels reduce battery life overall. To know extra info, learn about the How Long To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.


We hope that you have learned through this article how to charge a power wheels battery. You can easily charge the power wheels if you apply the above steps correctly. As we mentioned earlier, you need to use the right charger for the power wheels battery.  The right charger is very important for the long life of your battery.

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