How Fast are Power Wheels




How Fast are Power Wheels

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Some people are a bit confused when choosing a power wheel for their kids. If you want to know how fast are power wheels then this article is for you. This article will help you with detailed info on the speed, age, and compatibility of different models of electric vehicles.

If you find that your child is feeling a bit boring, Power Wheel can be a great way to cheer him up. Power wheels have different categories. For this, make a pick that matches the age of your child. Then he will be able to enjoy his ride. So keep reading the rest of the article to know the speed of any power wheel and which speed is perfect for kids of any age.

How Fast are Power Wheels

We have already said that different models of power wheels have different speeds. These again have two types of driving modes such as forward and reverse. Typically, forward speeds vary from 1 to 6 mph. On the other hand, reverse speed ranges from 1 to 3 mph. However, some power wheels have a parental speed lock. This is because the children do not lose speed control while driving. Interestingly, removing this speed will increase the speed of the car.

The speed of a power wheel depends on the type of surface. Naturally, the speed of the vehicle will be higher on the solid surface which is lower on the gas ground. Again, the speed will depend on the weight of the rider in the car. If the rider’s weight crosses the car’s capacity, the speed will decrease. Currently, the 3 wheel power wheel is the most popular and used. They are 8V, 12V, and 24V respectively. Their minimum speed starts at 2 MPH and ends at 8 MPH.

Below are some examples that indicate age, model, forward and reverse speed. Have a look.

Age Compatibility Model Forward speed Reverse speed
1 to 4 years 6v Jeep Wrangler 2.5 mph 2.5 mph
2 to 5 years Nickelodeon truck 2.5 mph 3 mph
3 TO 7 YEARS Jurassic park jeep 5mph 2.5 mph
5 to 10 years Best choice products 6 mph 3 mph


For this, you can consider the best power wheels for 3 year old.

Which Power Wheels Model is the Fastest?

Currently, the Kawasaki KFX power wheel is the fastest in the market. They come with 6mph forward and 3MP reverse speed. It is a quad-style power wheel with a 12 volt sealed lead-acid battery. Additionally, there is a double-speed pedal switch system that helps to adjust the speed. Moreover, Best Choice’s trucks come with great features.

You can choose the best power wheels for 8 year olds to get some great trucks of the best choice. They offer high-quality headlights, remote, brakes, speed, enough to give kids a thrilling ride. The relief is that they come with 8, 12, and 24-volt battery models. Another thing is that these models can be easily modified. So if your child grows up, you don’t have to spend money to buy a new power wheel. You will be able to renew the power wheel with just the necessary upgrades.

How Does Voltage Determine the Speed of the Power Wheel?

The motor voltage determines the power required to run the motor on the power wheel. We have already mentioned that the power wheel comes in different variants like 8, 12, and 24 volts. These are usually perfect for kids ages 3 to 10. However, 12-volt toy cars are the most widely used in the world. Because they are age-appropriate for children. Stunning design and impressive features attract children easily.

In addition, most 12-volt vehicles contain a parental remote to ensure safe riding for children. As a result, they are quite popular with parents. A remote-based vehicle allows the vehicle to be controlled from a distance. The average speed of these 12-volt cars is 4 to 6 km per hour. Generally, children from 3 to this year can enjoy these ride-on cars with great excitement.

24-volt power wheels are best for kids who are mature enough to drive or want an adventure riding experience. 24-volt power wheels can run smoothly on all terrain such as grassy, muddy, bumpy, concrete roads. Infect, these vehicles can easily adapt to all roads due to good traction on the wheels.


How Fast Can a 12 Volt Power Wheel Go?

12-volt power wheels use a 12-volt motor. The result is a high power supply. A 12-volt power wheel can produce a maximum speed of 4 to 5 mph. This speed depends on the brand and model. It will also depend on the weight of the rider and the type of road. Because access weight or uneven road can reduce the speed of the electric car.

12v or 24v Power Wheel – Which is Better?

It is difficult to pinpoint the answer to this question. Because two voltage cars have two perspectives. A 12-volt car is suitable for young children. But for kids who can drive well and like to get wild or off-road rides they need a powerful battery system car. In this case, 24-volt cars are the best. Because they maintain extra standards so that all roads can run equally and smoothly. Now you have to choose which one will be suitable for your child.

Is it Possible to Replace the 24 Volt Battery with a 12 Volt Power Wheel?

Yes, it is strongly possible. Upgrading the battery doubles the speed of the power wheel which gives the kids the most thrill. If you want to speed up any ride on the car in a simple way, remove the old battery and replace the new battery. As a result, there is no need to buy a new power wheel. In this case, you can choose the best ride on cars from 24v.


How fast the power wheels will depend on the model. The higher the battery power, the higher the speed. Decide which one to pick for your child according to his age. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you.

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