Best Power Wheels for 3 Year Old

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The birthday of the youngest member of your family is coming up in a few days. He is only three years old and has a great fascination for the power wheel. Now you are thinking of giving him a four-wheeler as a birthday present. Now the important question is which are the Best Power Wheels for 3 Year Old? In this guide we are answering your question.

Power wheels are something that all kids love to drive. Through it, he explores new places and feels the freedom of his life. In this article, we will give you a review of some best power wheels for 3-year-olds and their pros and cons. So keep reading the rest of the article to get the best and attractive power wheel for your child.

Best Power Wheels for 3 Year Old

Driving is a fun and exciting thing for every kid. And if it starts at just 3 years old then nothing could be better. Here are some great Power Wheels ideas. From here, choose one for your 3-year-old child.

Power Wheels Jurassic World, Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler would be the best power wheels for  3 year old kid. It is inspired by the famous Hollywood movie ‘Jurassic World’. Hence it is called Jurassic Park jeep. It offers stunning graphics, utmost reliability, parental remote control, and improved stability.

An uncommon aspect of this power wheel is that each jeep has a different theme. As a result, the Jurassic theme is a suitable theme option for both boys and girls. A top-class feature of this power wheel is the Pretend Radio. It comes with dinosaur sounds that kids will love.

The style of this jeep is so perfect that kids will think they are really chasing dinosaurs and they are in a Jurassic movie. This power wheel can be driven smoothly on both hard and plain surfaces. The maximum forward speed of this car is 5 MPH and 2.5 MPH in reverse.

Moreover, there are parental control people through whom speed can be reduced. If your child is a little more experienced in driving, you can increase that speed again. It is a 2 seater so that two riders can enjoy the ride together.


  • Marvelous design and stunning graphics.
  • Fits two kids easily.
  • Pretend radio.
  • It has both forward and reverse mode
  • Comparatively faster.


  • Its battery takes a long time to charge.

TOBBI 12V Kid Ride-on Police Cop Car

The kid will really like the TOBBI police cop car in terms of stunning look and attractiveness. This car is especially recommended for 3-year-old children. Kids love to watch the charismatic activity of the police character on the TV screen. Now if a kid can experience in real life with a car, there can be nothing better than that.

Its drifting mode is different from other power wheels. Friendly controls and accessories are well integrated which is completely compatible with the look of this car. This power wheel also comes in a variety of color combinations such as Black, Red, White, and Rose-Red. This custom-made color car will be perfect for your son or daughter or both.

Another important addition is the wireless music console system. While reading, children will be able to enjoy their favorite music by connecting to an external device. In addition, there are other features such as bright headlights, horn sound buttons, and a megaphone siren device right next to the steering wheel. And it is these features that have taken the Police Cop car to another level.

According to the manufacturer, this car is one of the top seller power wheels. Its smooth remote control system allows it to be manipulated without issue. In addition, this power wheel is arrive with a suspension system.


  • Systematic control.
  • Unisex color options.
  • Wireless music mode.
  • Available in megaphone siren as well as the horn button.
  • Include parental remote.
  • Provide a suspension system for a smooth driving experience.


  • The seating space is relatively small.

Aosom Kids Ride-on Car

Another child-friendly car that is suitable for a 3-year-old child. That is the attractive and sleek finish car from Aosom Company. Whenever you see the color of this car, you will surely be interested to choose for your little one. Because its lovely and minimalist design will fascinate your child. If you expect a better ride-on car within your decent budget then we recommend this car for you.

The consistency of this power wheel is so good that it can run smoothly in all areas like residential streets, parks, and concrete boardwalk bridges. Now the question is what other features are in this car? First, it has two movable doors that allow entry and exit. Second, there are two ways to operate it. One is the paddle control and the other is the remote control.

There are spacious seats for your kid’s comfort. Also, have seat belts for safety precaution. Additionally, there are also music systems, LED lights that really make this car adore.


  • Two moveable doors with the two-mode operating system.
  • Comes with seatbelts and a roomy seat position for safety precaution.
  • Comes with multi-function such as music, LED headlight, and LCD battery indicator.


  • It has used party fragile material.
  • There are shortcomings in getting a long period of power.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Any Power Wheel

Here are the things to consider before buying a power wheel for a 3-year-old:


Quality must be given the highest priority when buying a power wheel. Because you must not choose a power wheel for your child that is damaged within a few days of purchase. In this case, check the specification and build quality. Plus you can give your baby a test drive. This will allow you to understand if the power wheel is fit for him or not.

Age Compatibility

Definitely select a car for 3-year-olds. Because if the car is bigger or smaller, it will be difficult for him to control. As a result, the fun of driving will be lost.


A power wheel can be one of the best ways to provide a real and adventurous experience like a road trip at the age of 3. Even so, research online which power wheel would be perfect for your 3-year-old child. And the main purpose of this guide is to make that matter easier.