How Long to Charge a Power Wheels Battery




How Long to Charge a Power Wheels Battery

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There is a dilemma among many parents about the power wheel battery charging period. A proper charging period ensures a long ride. This guide will tell you how long to charge a power wheels battery.

Many homes in the United States today have at least one power wheel available. Because it is a favorite item of the kids and they spend quality time with it. In this article, we will give you details about the ideal charging duration for different power wheel models and conditions. So keep reading without skipping any part of the article.

How Long to Charge a Power Wheels Battery

When it comes to how long to charge a power wheels battery, it is important to know the condition of that battery. Because the charging period varies according to the condition of the battery. Batteries can have different conditions. This means that there is a huge difference between the charging time of a new battery and the usable battery. Let’s try to know more about this below.

Here, we are highlighting the charging session according to the power wheel battery condition. Then you will be able to decide the charging time by checking the condition of your battery.

Charging Time for a New Battery

In terms of the battery of any electric device, the first charging period is very important. Because it makes a battery work better in the future. As such, the power wheel battery is no exception. If your power wheel battery is new, charge it for at least 16 hours continuously. But remember, don’t worry about charging for more than 16 hours. This time is recommended by almost all power wheel manufacturers.

Charging Duration after the First Charge

Although 18 hours are allotted for the first charge, the second time charging time will not be the same. This means that after the first charge, the standard charging time of a power wheel battery is 14 hours. However, after each ride, it is advisable to charge the battery. It doesn’t matter how long the power wheel has been running. This period is only valid for 12 volt power wheels.

Charging Period in Under Normal Condition

If you want to maintain the peak condition of your child’s power wheel, make it a habit to select a charging period of 18 to 24 hours. Moreover, whenever you feel that the speed of the vehicle is slowing down, connect it to the charger. But many make a common and silly mistake. That is, after a short charge, they give their kids access to the ride. This is completely wrong and leads to battery damage.

Charging Period in Winter

You may be aware that the power wheel is in store condition in winter. Because it is not safe for children to go out at this time. Since the outdoor ride is off, its battery stays uncharged for a long time. When the battery is charged for a long time, the power wheel allows the battery to sit still. And if the battery sits down, then it is most likely to be inactive.

That is why we suggest you that never store batteries for a long time. Give flower charge at least once per month in the winter season. This will keep the battery in power mode which will allow you to ride the power wheel after winter.

How Long to Charge a 6 Volt Power Wheel Battery?

So far we have been informing you about the charging period according to the condition. Now you may have questions in your mind about the direct charging session for the 6 volt power wheel model. In terms of 6 volt power wheel battery, charge for 18 hours at each time. Because they have a low amp level. So it takes more time to charge them.

Some power wheel manufacturers recommend 24 density charges in new conditions. But it depends. If the battery is slightly older, such as 2 years, it may take longer to receive its charge. If not, 18 hours is enough. Learn about How Long To Charge 6 Volt Power Wheels Battery to get extra tips.

How Long to Charge a 12v or 24v Power Wheel Battery?

12 volt power wheel is very standard. Because they offer kids interesting and realistic features that ensure a comfortable ride for kids. Generally, 12 or 24 volt power wheels are ideal for 3 to 7 year old children. Their controlling power is so smooth that even parents can control it from a distance.

Charging time is almost the same for both 12 and 24 volt power wheels. Generally, make sure the charging time is within 12 to 14 hours. Because during this time they can be full charge. However, the charging time may vary slightly depending on the battery quality, manufacturer, and amperage. To get more details, check out How Long Does A 12v Power Wheels Battery Charge Last.

Safety Tips for Power Wheel Battery During Charging

Follow some tips while charging the power wheel battery. These will help you to charge safely. They are briefly described below.

Use a Proper Charger

Using the wrong charger is unsafe for the battery. Moreover using the wrong charger can lead to any bad accident which you definitely don’t want. Here, Proper Charger refers to a charger that is compatible with battery voltage, slope, chemistry, amp label. In this case, you can take the help of manual instruction or online.

Always Check for Damage

Check for any damage before charging. Maybe it’s wires, chargers, electric outlets, connectors, or something else. This check allows you to solve any kind of insecure issue which may not be pleasant for your battery. So this matter cannot be taken lightly at all. For more tips, learn about How To Change Power Wheels Battery.

Stop Overcharging

Some people charge their power wheel batteries overnight. This causes the battery to overheat which can lead to swelling. When the battery swells, it will fail to receive a moderate charge. That’s why we recommend you to monitor frequently while charging. But the most important information is, never charge the battery for more than 30 hours. Because it is the main source of overcharging.


The charging duration of a power wheel battery will depend on its quality and condition. Batteries can have different conditions. So select the charging time according to the condition of your battery and apply it.

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