How Long Does a 12v Power Wheels Battery Charge Last




How Long Does a 12v Power Wheels Battery Charge Last

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Many people want to know how long does a 12v power wheels battery charge last. Honestly, this is really an important question that power wheel users should know. Power wheels, 12, 18, or 24 volts are widely used. Although higher voltage batteries can be modified in the power wheel. But they are not suitable for children at all. (Read more about Storing Power Wheels)

In this blog post, we will discuss how long does a 12V power wheels battery charge lasts. We will also inform you about other information regarding the power wheel battery. So keep reading the rest of this post carefully to know all those facts.

How Long Does a 12v Power Wheels Battery Charge Last

Generally, 12 volt power wheels are the most popular. Because they come with eye-catching features and optimizations. They even have an advanced remote control system to control their speed. By doing this, parents can make their children’s drive safer. Moreover, this model has an excellent arrangement for two people to ride together. In fact, the charge of a 12V power wheel battery lasts for 1 to 2 hours.

When it comes to 12V power wheel battery charge it depends on a few factors. All of these factors allow the power wheel to influence performance. First the battery amperage. The higher the amp coupling of a power wheel battery, the greater its power storage capacity. You don’t have to understand rocket science to understand this. For this, you can follow this guide- how long to charge a power wheel 12v battery.

Secondly, the rider’s weight limit influences the battery’s charging time. You can better understand this by giving an example. Suppose the maximum carrying capacity of a power wheel is 66 lbs. But the rider weighs 68 lbs. In this case, a comparative battery charge is required to move. Normally, when the charge will continue to pull more, the battery will run out of charge quickly.

Similarly, the power wheel charge time may vary when riding on even and uneven roads. The charges for driving on uneven roads will be relatively high which will be slightly less on smooth roads. This is because it costs more electricity to adapt to uneven road surfaces. When more power is consumed, the battery charge will continue to be consumed.

How to Charge a Power Wheel Properly?

The correct rules should be followed while charging the power wheel battery. Although it is given in the instruction guide or manual of each model. But many do not follow it. Conversely, throw it away. The rule of charging the battery is beautifully presented to you. Have a look.

Step 1: Access the Battery

To charge the battery, all you have to do is find out its location. You might be wondering what makes it so difficult. In fact, some power wheels have different battery locations. Once you have tracked the battery’s location, discover its charging ports. However, most of the time those charging ports are located under the hood. So once you open the hood, you will be able to easily access the charging ports.

Step 2: Connect the Charger to the Charging ports

Now you need to connect a charger to the battery charging ports. In this case, it is best to use a smart charger. This is because the smart charger can read the voltage properly and pass it completely on the battery. Moreover, another feature of the smart charger is that it will protect the battery from being overcharged. This means that when the battery is fully charged, the extra charge will not enter the battery even if the charger is connected to the power unit.

Once the charger is connected to the charging ports, connect it to the nearest power source. Make sure the power source is not faulty. Because it can cause an accident. So whenever you go to use a power source, make sure it is safe. This is pleasing to both you and your battery.

Step 3: Wait Until the Charge is Complete

Once you have connected the battery to the charger, you have nothing to do. Now you just have to wait patiently until the charge is complete. This does not mean that you have to monitor all the time leaving all your work. Normally a 12 volt power wheel does not take more than 14 hours to charge. To know more details, check out How To Charge A Power Wheels.

In some cases, this time takes less because they have more amp. However, if it takes more than 14 hours, check if there is any problem with your power wheel battery. When the battery is fully charged, an indicator rises in the water. This indicator is green most of the time. Again, some smart chargers have displays. The display shows the message “Charge is fully completed”. Once the charger is complete, it is ready to be installed in the power wheel.

Maintenance Tips for Power Wheel Battery

The durability of each device depends on care. No matter how premium or expensive the device is, it must be maintained to get long-lasting performance. As such, the power wheel battery is no exception. How long your child can enjoy riding will depend on the care of the battery. Here are some examples of how to take care of that.

  • Always try to keep the vehicle clean. Especially the cables that are connected to the battery. Because if there is any defect in those cables it can affect the battery.
  • Never charge more than 30 hours. This is considered an overcharge. And overcharge is not ideal for any device. For this, apply the amount of charge that is acceptable to your model.
  • Monitor for a while charging. This will notify you of any glitches during the battery charging period.
  • Use a charger that matches the voltage, amp, and battery level. This will allow you to charge better in a faster time. Learn about How Do I Make My Power Wheels Go Faster.


We are doing this post to inform you about the 12V power wheel battery charging period. You should take some more precautions while charging the battery. Try to follow all these safety instructions.

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