How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last




How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last

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Are you looking for how long will power wheels battery last? On average, a power wheel battery lasts from 40 minutes to 120 minutes. This time varies due to various factors such as terrain, rider weight, motor, and battery amperage.

A battery is something that provides the necessary power for a ride-on car. This power makes riding fun for kids. So whenever you buy a battery for a power wheel, look at the overall reviews. The following part of this article discusses the durability of the power wheel battery charging period. Then let’s go to the main discussion.

How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last

The power wheel battery does not always have a charging period. That charging time varies for various reasons. Similarly, if you want, you can make that charging period permanent for a long time. Now the question is how do you do all this? Basically, the main purpose of this guide is to answer your tricky questions.

Generally, three types of power wheels are most commonly used such as 8V, 12V, and 24V. These are used for different purposes and ages. 8V power wheels are best for small children. These work great for kids’ initial driving. Because they have very low speed and are light in weight. The charge of 8V model power wheels lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

On the other hand, the 12V and 24V power wheels come with different realistic features and optimizations. These are the most popular compared to other ride-on cars. The reason behind this is their speed and safety features. In addition, they can move smoothly in different terrains. So these models are ideal for kids ages 3 to 6. On average, their battery lasts for 1 to 2 hours. Besides, you can learn about How Long Should Power Wheels Battery Last.

What Motivates the Power Wheel Battery to Perform Differently?

As you can see, the power wheel’s charge varies according to the model. However, this ride session may perform differently due to some factors. Below, those factors are highlighted.

Child’s Weight

A child’s weight is one of the reasons why power wheel batteries vary. For example, the power wheel’s maximum weight capacity is 66 lbs. But if your child weighs 60lbs, it will take more electricity to move. When extra power is consumed, the charge decreases rapidly. So buy a power wheel that weighs more than your child.

Raiding Terrains

Another example behind the change of power wheel battery charge period is the riding terrain. The terrain your child is driving in is a huge factor. Because in case of pavement, grass, hills of sand, different proportions of charge will be consumed. The heel’s surface has to charge more than the smooth surface. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that.

Riding Speed

The faster your child drives, the more power the wheel will take. So for a toddler, if the ride-on car has a speed lock option, utilize it. This will give your child the pleasure of a longtime ride. So whenever you think of buying a power wheel, try the purchase by looking at the speed lock option. Moreover, when your child grows up, you will increase the speed option. This will make her feel more exciting.


Amperage plays an important role in how long the battery charge of children’s electric cars lasts. The higher the battery amp, the more charge it can store. A lower amp may be enough for an indoor ride, but a higher amp is needed for an outdoor ride. Older kids in particular like to ride out most of the time. Consider the power wheel of high amperage in this case. Best power wheels for 7 year old can be helpful to you.


Maintenance plays a major role when it comes to how long a power wheel battery lasts. Here, Battery Maintenance means Recommended Charging Time. Normally, the charging period of a power wheel battery should not exceed 30 hours. Again some people especially charge the battery all night which is inappropriate. This causes the battery to overcharge. It doesn’t matter how expensive your battery is. Overcharging is bad for all batteries. So charge moderately and store it safely.

What to Do for the Safety of the Power Wheel Battery?

If you want your child’s power wheel to perform for longer periods, take care of its battery. Because how or how long the power wheel will perform will depend on its battery life. And if you want to maintain the battery life, there is no alternative to protect it. Here’s what to do to keep the power wheel battery safe.

Stop Overcharging

Overcharging is one of the main reasons why power wheel batteries do not last long. That’s why we suggest you never charge the extra battery at the recommended time. Generally, the recommended time for the battery is 12 to 18 hours. It can vary according to model and condition. This means that 6V and 12V charging sessions will never be the same. It is best if you follow your battery manual.

Don’t Store the Battery for a Long Time

In America, the whole city is covered with snow in winter. Then outdoor riding is not possible. This is why the Kids Power Wheel’s battery stays in storage for a long time. But not many people know if a battery is stored unused for a long time. The battery’s internal sulfuric acid may be weakened or damaged. As a result, there is a greater chance that it will not work later.

As a Guardian, you probably don’t want that. Give it a charge at least once a month. Then after winter, your child will be able to enjoy the fun of riding in full rhythm. To know additional info, learn about How Fast Can A Power Wheels Go.


A power wheel is charged according to the battery charge model. The charging period can range from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Now decide which power wheel battery will be perfect for your child. Hopefully, this guide can help you with enough info about the power wheel battery charging session.

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