How Long Does It Take For a Power Wheels Battery to Charge




How Long Does It Take For a Power Wheels Battery to Charge

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Power wheels are something that kids are love to have. These are very comfortable toys that give them great pleasure. Nowadays, many parents give their children a ride-on car as a birthday or Christmas surprise. Lack of proper charge often causes problems. Here comes an important question that how long does It take for a power wheels battery to charge?

In the below part of the article, we will let you know the exact battery charging period in terms of the power wheel model. So keep going through the article to find out your power wheel battery charging session.

How Long Does It Take For a Power Wheels Battery to Charge

Everyone should know very well what amount of charge is acceptable for his power wheel. Since the power wheel depends on the battery, charging it is undoubtedly an important task. But the question is how long does it take for a power wheels battery to charge? Go to the next part to know the answer to this question.

Brand New Battery

The first charge is a very important aspect for any brand new battery. Because fast charge helps to set the battery lifespan well. In this case, it is advisable to give at least 18 hours to charge the battery. So it is best to use the new battery in the power wheel after 18 hours of charging.

Another terribly important thing to keep in mind. The new battery charging session should not exceed 30 hours. This indicates overcharging, which is not ideal for batteries. This can cause the opposite reaction

After the First Charge

Let’s find out that what should be the duration of the next charge after the first charge. Because each time the charge will not be as long as the duration of the new battery. In this case, 14 hours is the most perfect period. It is provided by the manufacturer. This period applies to power wheels of both 12V and 24V models. Not to mention, don’t forget to recharge your child’s power wheel after each ride. Here, it doesn’t matter how long it has been used.

In Normal Condition

The normal condition here means a regular charging period. To keep the power wheel battery in good condition, 14 to 18 hours of charging time is required every time. Also, if you feel that your child is slowing down the power wheel movement during the ride, recharge his battery as soon as possible.

Never mind that the ride can be restarted with just a little charge. This is possible, but it can drain the battery quickly. If you want to protect the power wheel battery from drain then learn details on how long to charge power wheels 12 volt battery.

How Long Do Power Wheels Give Riding Sessions?

The life of a power wheel battery is affected by many things. Of these, charge, slope, speed most influence battery charge. Typically, 8-volt power wheels give kids a ride fun for at least 45 to 60 minutes. Of course, there will be a full charge for this.

On the other hand, 12V or 24V power wheels can provide a 2 to 4 hours ride session on a full charge. This period may vary due to some factors. These factors include weight limit, battery age, riding speed, riding terrain, and so on.

Naturally, riding periods on smooth and uneven surfaces will never be the same. This is because the battery consumes more power during rides on uneven roads which is less for smooth roads. Again, the older the battery, the shorter its riding time. The same thing will happen with speed. For more details, consider How Fast Can A Power Wheels Go.

Importance of Power Wheel Battery Charger

Let’s discuss in detail why a smart charger is essential for a power wheel battery. It is possible to carry it easily wherever you go. Suppose your child has gone out somewhere for outdoor riding. At one stage of riding, the charge suddenly ran out. Then if you have a portable charger, it will be easy to recharge anywhere nearby. This will not ruin your child’s riding pleasure.

The most interesting fact is that you do not need a separate bag to carry the battery. Currently, power wheels come with a storage compartment. Various light items can be kept there. The charger can also be easily placed in the toolbox in that place. Because the power wheel battery charger is a very tiny device that will fit very comfortably in a small space.

Some Safety Guidelines When Charging Power Wheels Battery

Follow some guidelines for safety while charging the battery. Although many take this matter lightly. This is why almost all of the time the power wheel faces an accident. Follow the Safety Guidelines below to avoid all this immediate damage.

Look Out for Injured Battery

Whenever you go to charge the battery, check if there is any access or damaged wire in the battery. Also, check if there are any defects in the connectors. You must know that the battery contains sulfuric acid. If it leaks in any way, it can cause an explosion. So always be aware of it.

Refrain from Overcharging

Overcharging the power wheel can damage the battery at any time. If you use a new battery, charge it for at least 18 to 30 hours before placing it in a vehicle. Frankly speaking, too much charge or low charge is not good for the battery. Always pay a moderate charge. This charging period may change according to the model. It is best to follow the instructions in the manual.

Use Compatible Charger

Always make sure that the charger is compatible with the power wheel battery. This time, note the voltage and amp. This is because the wrong voltage or amp can cause failure for the battery. Additionally, you can learn about the best 2 seater electric cars.


Properly charging the power wheel is a crucial thing. So you must keep in mind some important points while charging the battery. We hope you find this guide useful and efficient.

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