How Long Does a Power Wheels Battery Need To Charge




How Long Does a Power Wheels Battery Need To Charge

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How long does a power wheels battery need to charge? Well, this article will answer your question in detail. The Power Wheel Ride is a source of joy for all children. These power wheels have long been used as a common companion in children’s playtime.

The power wheel depends on the battery. So it is very important to charge the battery properly. One of the most important requirements to get the best performance from this power wheel is to charge the battery at the right time. So you should know how long does a power wheels battery need to charge. Keep reading the article to know the details about this.

How Long Does a Power Wheels Battery Need To Charge

The average time limit for charging a power wheel battery is 14 to 16 hours. However, this duration varies depending on the model and the quality of the battery. Moreover, depending on the different conditions of the battery, sometimes the charging time of the battery varies. This is discussed below in a more specific way.

For New Battery

In general, battery charging is very important in new situations. Properly charging the new battery will depend on how well it performs next time. There is no substitute for a moderate charge for a new battery to function properly. This charge will help to adjust the battery voltage nicely.

By manufacture, the recommended charging period for a new battery is 18 hours. Remember, however, that this charging period never lasts more than 30 hours. Then it will be overcharging which will show bad performance in a short time. It will never be pleasant for your child.

After First Charge

6v, 12v, and 24v are the most widely used power wheels model for kids. Normally, the charging time will not be the same in terms of every model. For this, you can follow the manual booklet that arrives with your own power wheel.

After finishing the first charge, the average power wheel battery charging period is 14 hours. Although, you should charge the vehicle’s battery after using each ride. Note that this time can vary based on each power wheel model. To know more info, you can follow how long does it take to charge a 6v power wheels battery.

Under Normal Condition

If you want to maintain the peak condition of the power wheel battery, you should make it a habit to recharge the battery between 14 to 18 hours. Note that it doesn’t describe to you that every time you have to charge your electric car’s battery for a longer period. Charge your battery according to its health.

Also, you can consider the battery charging while the toy car has slowed down significantly. Whenever you feel that the toy car is not able to give the proper speed, plug its battery into the electric outlet through the charger. In this condition, keep it plugged for 14 hours. In terms of some power wheel models, this time can be shorter due to its premium and high-quality battery.

During Winter Season

In the winter season, power wheels are not regularly used. This time maximum roads are not suitable for riding. Therefore, kids aren’t able to do their driving fun the outside. That’s why the power wheel battery is stored for a long time. But if you store it for a long time, the battery can lose its power receive capacity that is not good for you.

In that case, we will recommend you charge your battery at least once a month for 2 to 3 hours. As a result, it will help the battery to remain in an energetic condition. Otherwise, you cannot use it in the power wheel after the winter.

What is the Recommended Charging Period for different Models?

As we said earlier, there are different models of power wheels are available in the market.  Among them, 6v, 12v, and 24 are widely used. For this, lots of reasons are also behind them. They offer adorable, unique, and impressive features that are truly adjustable for the kids. Such as LED headlights and taillights, forward and reverse driving options, double doors with lock system, a realistic horn, plastic tires, and so on.

According to the manufacturer, 18 hours is enough for 6 volt power wheel. On the other hand, the decent charging period for 12 volt ride-on car is 14 hours. Similarly, the charging session for 24 volt toy car is pretty the same as 12 volt model. However, some power wheel batteries come with so much voltage capacity that can charge between 7 to 10 hours as well. Because they are too expensive and premium product.

If you want to know additional details, you can consider how long to charge power wheels 12 volt battery.

Safety Tips While Charging Power Wheels Battery

Those who are interested to get long-term battery performance should follow some safety tips during the charging period. These safety tips will allow you to charge your battery correctly. So you should obey those safety rules. They are as follows:

  • Use a charger that is surely compatible with voltage, amp, and battery levels. The wrong type of charger can lead the battery to a fire accident or an explosion. That may end up with some serious injuries. As a parent, that is not desirable to you.
  • Always try to check for damage prior while charging. That means examining all connectors before charging. Because loose or excessive wire causes any sort of damage circumstance which you will not love it.
  • Don’t short circuit the battery. If you leave the battery in an uncharged state for a few months, it may cause a short circuit. No matter how expensive your battery is- leaving it uncharged for a longer period is definitely unacceptable. For more details, check out this- How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging.


How long the power wheel is to charge depends on its model. This article will help you to know the charging period for all models and specific cases. So if you don’t understand the article for the first time, read it carefully from the beginning again.

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