How to Paint a Power Wheels Jeep

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Are you looking for how to paint a power wheels jeep? Well, you have arrived at the right place. In the below part, we will introduce you to the correct method of painting which will guide you to paint a power wheel jeep.

At present, Power wheel jeeps are becoming so popular amongst kids for the impressive entertainment it offers to the kid. They do not only provide the kid with playtime but allow them to develop several skills such as fine motor skills, coordination skills, or a lot of other things. In this guide, we will discuss how to paint a power wheels jeep in detail. So keep going through the guide to find out excellent tips regarding the topic.

Know-How to Paint a Power Wheels Jeep

Knowing how to paint a power wheels jeep can be a bit tricky. Because there are lots of paint options available in the market. From there, selecting a painting option is quite a challenge. But there is no reason to fear. Here, we are going to highlight some steps with you that will make your difficult task easier. So let’s enter the main discussion without further ado.

Step 1

The first step is to get your Power Wheel Jeep painted. So the old paint has to be removed completely. To remove the paint, use sandpaper. If you do not have sandpaper, buy one from a local hardware store. You can also use a sanding machine to remove the paint. In fact, with sandpaper, you need to create a rough surface. As a result, the paint will be able to stick well.

Step 2

After removing the paint, clean each part thoroughly with dish soap, water and rug so that there are no dust particles. If you use dust particles, it will have a negative effect on the paint. You can take out a hosepipe if you want to reach all the nooks of the car. Be careful not to wet the electrical area in any way while cleaning.

Step 3

Get extra access to the undercarriage of the jeep and detach the top part of the other vehicle. Then mark each screw so that no mistake is made while resembling. On the other hand, you can use a box to secure all the screws. Learn about How To Install Power Wheels Battery to get extra tips.

Step 4

Now, you need to locate an ideal location to paint the Jeep. That’s why it’s best to choose an open space. Because there is no fear of spraying paint while spraying in open space. Moreover, it would be better to select a slightly shaded place. It is not okay to paint in extra sunlight.

Step 5

After tracking the location, apply a primer to each of the parts that need to be painted. Primer increases the likelihood of color sticking for a long time. If you paint without primer, there is a social feeling that the color will rise in a short time. When the primer is applied, quickly apply the first coat of paint. Before applying paint, be sure to cover the paint-free areas with paper or newspaper.

Step 6

After the first coat dries, you will have a few more layers of paint. So every time you finish the pen, you will dry it. In this way, paint until you get the color you want. If you want to paint well, spray on the friendly side once. There are some parts that need to be painted separately. Otherwise, it is not evenly painted.

Step 7

You have now reached the final stage. Now you just have to wait until the paint dries perfectly. Once the paint is dry, resemble the jeep. You can follow a manual or online tutorial as a helper in resembling.

What Kind of Paint is Child Friendly for Jeep?

One thing to keep in mind, not all paints are suitable for power wheels. There are certain types of sprays for painting the Power Wheel Jeep. Such as Krylon Fusion spray paint or SEYMOUR spray paint etc. Moreover, you can paint your power wheel in two different styles. One is the light color coat on the deep color level. The other is the combination of light colors with a dark coat. Duration will vary depending on the style of your painting.

More importantly, the power wheel comes with a plastic body dimension. So you should choose a paint that is suitable for plastic. Otherwise, the paint will spoil in a short time. In addition to the above colors, you can use any other paint. However, in this case, you can follow customer or expert reviews. If you want to get additional tips regarding the topic, you can check about How Long To Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

How Long Does it Take for Power Vehicles to Dry

Generally, it does not take more than 2 to 2 hours for the power vehicle to be fully painted. However, this period may vary depending on the size and critique of the vehicle. Moreover, depending on the style in which you are painting, the period may be more or less.

However, after painting, let it dry in a place where there is light sunlight. Then it will take relatively less time. But never dry the paint in excess sunlight. Then the original color of the paint may burn which you will definitely not like.

Why Should You Clean Power Wheels before Painting

If the power wheel does not fit well before painting, it will affect the time of painting. As a result, your entire painting process is likely to be disrupted. Moreover, a dry and dirt-free surface is a prerequisite for smooth paint finishing.

So when it comes to cleaning the power wheel, avoid using detergent. Because it damages the integrity of the plastic. This is why soap is the most beautiful option. Tips about How To Make My Power Wheels Go Faster.


Thus, with Spray Paint, you can transform your Power Wheel Jeep to the color of your choice. Although it will take some time to complete the painting process, it will be fun for your child. We hope that you will find this guide effective and useful.