How to Paint a Power Wheel




How to Paint a Power Wheel

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Power is very durable which gives riding performance to children for a long time. When a power wheel serves for a long time, the color starts to drip from it. Then the children may become disliked. Moreover, children start liking other colors. Under the circumstances, parents can satisfy their children with a variety of color paints. So how to paint a power wheel?

The appearance of a power wheel is of paramount importance to children. Parents can repaint an electric ride-on car for their Several Kids. This will save you the hassle of buying a new car and save money. This article will tell you about the important steps to paint a power wheel. So if you want to know more about Power Wheel Painting Process, keep reading this article.

Which Paints Would be Child-Friendly for the Power Wheel?

The most important question before painting a power wheel is to choose the right painting method that will be child-friendly. However, there are different types of child-friendly paints on the market. But not all paints are perfect for the power wheel. So here we are talking about a specific paint called Krylon fusion spray paint. This is an excellent choice for painting Power Wheel.

Krylon Fusion spray paint is heavier than other paints. It can effectively coat the vehicle and has a long shelf life. Additionally, it plays a special role in reducing the variety of cans. The most crucial thing is that the paint can vary according to the condition of the power wheel. If you prefer a light coat with a deep color, it will take more paint. Otherwise, if you prefer a dark coat with light color, less paint will be required.

Find Out How to Paint a Power Wheel

Finding how to paint a power wheel can be tricky for anyone. But with proper instructions, you can do it by yourself. In the below part, you will find proper instructions that will help you paint your power wheel successfully. To get extra info about the power wheel, follow the best paint for power wheels.

Step 1: Prepare Your Vehicle

The first thing you need to do is remove the old paint from the body of the vehicle and use sandpaper for this. Moreover, you can use a sanding machine if available. A rough surface is the best way to get the paint to stick well to the power wheel. Then if there is any kind of dirt, dust, or any other bird poop, wash them thoroughly. To clean dust particles, use some dish soap, clean water, and a rug.

Moreover, if you want to reach all the nooks of the vehicle, you can take out a hosepipe. However, at this time, make sure that no electrical area is wet. Remove the top part of the car. This will allow you to take more access to the car’s undercarriage. At this point, mark each resemble piece and place all screws in a safe location. Otherwise, the screw shots may be lost. More importantly, some parts need to be painted separately, such as grille or bars.

Step 2: Choose an Ideal Location to Paint

Now you need to select a location where you can safely paint the power wheel. Power wheels, on the other hand, have some parts that need to be painted separately. Another vital thing is to cover the area with newspaper or cartoon paper during the paint so that the paint does not spill into the surrounding area. But it is best if you choose an open space to paint. Then you can easily avoid inhaling the paint’s fumes.

Step 3: Go with Primer and Paint

Now all you have to do is apply a primer to all the parts. This is because the primer helps the color to stick to the plastic for a long time and increases the color odds. Then lightly coat the power wheel fast and leave the parts to dry until a new layer is applied. Spray paint from side to side to coat evenly. Be sure to hold the can 10 inches away from the car at this time.

After the first coat dries, start applying the second layer. Thus, paint 2 to 4 layers until you get the desired color on your power wheel. If you want to get the perfect color, this painting process will take a few hours to complete. After drying each layer, apply the next layer of paint. This will allow the paint parts to stick well. Tips about How To Make My Power Wheels Go Faster.

Step 4: Resemble Your Vehicle

When your electric toy car has dried well, now is the time to reassemble. If you get confused while resembling, you can follow the online video or user manual. Additionally, if you want to bring a pitcher look, you can paint bright colors on the tires of the vehicle. If you really want to know more additional tips regarding the power wheel, you can learn about the How To Charge A Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery.

Which Paint will be Compatible for Plastic base Power Wheel?

For plastic or ATV base plastic power wheel, Krylon paint will be compatible which we already said earlier. Because this paint is long-lasting on the vehicle. Besides, you can spend some time with your child while painting it. You can spend it as a fun day with your child. Moreover, the little star will be inspired to help you in the process of resembling a power wheel.

There is no such thing as not being able to take out any paint other than just paint. You can use any paint according to your budget and availability. In this case, you can prioritize your child’s choice.


Always remember that painting the power wheel without proper preparation can show unwanted results. When painting, there are some important areas of the car which should be covered with paper to keep them free from paint such as dashboard, logos, and so on. Hopefully, you will be able to give your power wheel a great makeover with paint.

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