How to Make My Power Wheels Go Faster

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How to make my power wheels go faster? Well, you can fasten your power wheel in a variety of ways. Some unique upgrades will help speed up your power wheel. In today’s article, we will help you to know how you can install that upgrade in your power wheel. Then let’s move on to the main discussion without further ado.

Truth be told, power wheels have become so popular in recent times that every kid craves to get this vehicle. Because it allows kids to enjoy a wide ride. Even parents do not hesitate to give this wonderful gift to their children for various occasions, events, or birthday presents.

At some point, its performance decreased a bit while using the power wheel. When performance decreases, riding pleasure may be somewhat disrupted. But there is no need to buy a new power wheel. With just a few simple updates you will be able to give your child the joy of riding again. Keep reading the rest of the article to know about that upgrade.

How to Make My Power Wheels Go Faster

When it comes to how to make my power wheels go faster, then we will tell you some effective ways. Honestly, installing a new battery can easily make your power wheel faster. There are some more ways to fasten your power wheel to know the details needed.

Install a New Secondary Battery

By installing a new secondary battery, you can speed up your power wheel. There are two ways you can do this. The first is through series connection and the second is through parallel connection. With the series connection, you will be able to almost double the speed of the vehicle. For example, if your power battery is 6 volts, its speed will increase to 12 volts.

Similarly, a 12 volt power wheel battery will become 24 volts. This way, you can speed up your child’s toy car to 18 or 20 volts or more. The speed capacity of the power wheel battery decreases over time. Therefore, the vehicle gradually slows down. This makes riding for your child boring. In this regard, adding a secondary new battery will give your child the gift of better riding.

Conversely, a parallel connection will never increase the voltage of the vehicle. But it will help the battery to maintain optimal function. This means that the existing battery will give your child a long time riding as it did in the beginning. If you want to get more tips about this topic, you learn about How Do You Make A Power Wheels Go Faster.

Parallel Connection

Below, we describe the detailed process of how to install both series and parallel connections. First, you need to collect some tools such as a battery, wire crimper, crimp connectors, and Y connectors. Create a custom care with the above tools.

Make a Custom Wire

To do this, first, you need to cut 10 to 14 AWG gauge wires to a reasonable length. Now strip on both sides. Then place a female crimp connector on one side of the cable. Lastly, cut the wires evenly with a crimper or wire cutter to secure them. This is how you will be able to create your own custom wire.


  • For a parallel connection, the first thing you need to do is remove the original battery from the power wheel battery compartment.
  • Attach a negative wire to one end of the new battery and a Y connector to the other end.
  • Now connect the old battery’s female crimp connector to the new battery’s Y connector.
  • Then include the Y connector with the female end of the battery. Repeat the same process on the positive side. Now wrap the secondary battery with zip tape to secure it.

Series Connection

  • For a series connection, remove the old battery from its battery compartment.
  • Then connect the 12 volt positive terminal to the 6 volt negative terminal.
  • Now connect the 12 volt negative terminal to the positive terminal of the power wheel.
  • All you have to do at this stage is attach both the 6 volt battery and the positive terminal of the power wheel together.
  • In this case, use a 30 amp fuse holder when each terminal terminates the positive terminal connection of the battery.
  • To secure the final battery, wrap it with electric tape.

Include an Electric Speed Controller

There is another effective way to make your power wheel faster. And that is the electric speed controller. An electric speed controller will give you other benefits including reverse, soft start, variable throttle, post traction, and dynamic braking. However, the process of installing an electric speed controller is not the same for all power wheels. It may vary according to the power model and brand.

So we suggest you install an electric speed controller according to your power wheel model. For this, of course, you can follow the manual or online instructions. If you want to get additional details regarding this topic, you can simply follow How Fast Can A Power Wheels Go.

Replace the Motor

The pea is something that helps control the power wheel. But the same motor when used for a long time. Then gradually the performance of the motor becomes a bit weak. As a result, it displays lower speeds and riding sessions. When a power wheel provides a lower ride session, it is not at all comfortable for children. For this reason, we suggest you replace a new motor.

When you install a new powerful motor in your child’s ride-on car, it will be able to provide better speed than before. The procedure for installing the motor is very simple. You can do that online or with any manual. In other words, the process of installing the motor may vary according to the power wheel model. However, this is not to be too complicated. Tips about How To Charge A Power Wheels.


You can fasten your power wheel in different ways. Such as new battery installation, the secondary battery adds, electric speed controller, or motor replacement. We hope you find this article useful.