How to Modify Power Wheels 24v




How to Modify Power Wheels 24v

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Many parents are looking for an easy way to modify their children’s power wheels. But they can’t find a clue where to start. If your child has a 12 volt power wheel then there are some unique techniques to make it 24 volts. Now the important question is how to modify power wheels 24v.

Currently, 12 volt ride-on cars are perfect for maximum kids. Because they offer realistic features and great comfort for kids. In this article, we will explore the detailed procedure for transferring a 12 volt power wheel to 24 volts. You can modify your own vehicle by battery conversion, motor or gearbox changing, or upgrading the fuses.

Note that this guide will not tell you the details of each method. But here you will get a complete idea about the method of battery conversion. So if you want to modify power wheels 24v, keep reading this article.

How to Modify Power Wheels 24v Properly

To convert a 12 volt power wheel to 24 volts, you need to follow the severing steps. Another thing is that you don’t need to be a professional handyman to do this modification. Below we will tell you some simple and effective ways that will help you to modify your vehicle.

Battery Conversion

To modify a power wheel to 24 volts you need to go with battery conversion. You can follow the footy method to convert the battery. One is to buy and install two 12 volt batteries. The other is to install a new direct 24 volt battery. However, when collecting batteries, you must have the right brand and size of the power wheel. Moreover, make sure that the battery charger is accurate. If you want to get important tips about battery chargers, then follow How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery 12 Volt.

Step 1

You will need to have some tools to convert the battery. Such as screwdrivers, pliers, connectors, 12g wires, duct tape which will help you to unscrew the accessories from the car. Since you will be converting a 12 volt car to 24 volts, you will need to remove all old wires first. In this case, you need to upgrade the old ones with 12g wires.

Step 2

Now remove the old battery. You may need to disconnect some connections to remove the battery. At this point, make sure that no connections are damaged. Now set the new battery. Then all you have to do is replace all the old wires with 12g wires which we mentioned earlier.

Step 3

At this stage, you need to ensure the essential connection of the power wheel with the battery. During the connection, you will notice two main types of wires as red and black. Here black wire indicates negative and red wire indicates positive connection. To attach the negative connection of the vehicle with the negative terminal of the battery. Similarly, attach the power wheel’s positive connection to the positive terminal.

Step 4

However, installing fuses after the connection is somehow foolish. So place a fuse during the connection. This will protect the car from producing excess power. As a result, your power wheel’s motor will not overheat. After attaching the connection, you need to test whether the connection is successful. To understand this, press the gas pedal and see if the rear wheel of the car is spinning. If it spins, then you know you are on the right track.

Note that after attaching the connection there are some long wires, cut them with a cutter and cover with duct tape. By doing this no extra wire will be in visible condition. Moreover, if this connection is visible, then there may be the origin of the spark which is harmful to both the car and your child. So I urge you not to take this matter lightly.

Install the Motor

The second step you need to do after converting a 24 volt battery is to install a motor. Because the previous motor power will never be compatible or adjustable with the current battery level. Moreover, you need to follow some more steps to install the motor. This is why we recommend you to follow How To Mod A Power Wheels.

Change the Gearbox

Since you have installed the motor, change the previous gearbox. This will give the rider the feeling of a dynamic modification. Basically, the gearbox allows the power wheel to be controlled. So buy a new gearbox that is compatible with your power wheel model and set it up instead of the old one.

After installing the gearbox you will notice a radical change in your power wheel. Because it will show better speed performance than before. Normally, a 24 volt power wheel is capable of delivering speeds up to 8 MPH. Where 12 volt electric ride-on car is capable of giving 4 MPH speed.


Is it Compatible to put a Car Battery on Power Wheels?

It is possible. But it is not recommended to put a car battery in the power wheel. This is because the amount of voltage in a car battery is much higher than that of a power wheel battery. Each power wheel has a certain amount of voltage capacity. If that voltage is ever exceeded, an explosion can occur. Although it is possible to charge the power wheel as an alternative option. But installing a direct car battery is never ideal for a power wheel.

Is the Power Wheel Conversion Kit Available for Purchase?

Yes, you can purchase a power wheel conversion kit as a DIY project. Moreover, most conversion kits are available for specific models. So you should purchase a conversion kit according to your power wheel model and as well as the battery. To get more additional info, you can simply learn about the How To Install Power Wheels Battery.


As you can see, you can modify your power wheel through the battery conversion, installing the motor, and changing the gearbox. More importantly, modifying the power wheel will give your child better speed as well as a thrilling ride.

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