How to Modify Power Wheels Battery




How to Modify Power Wheels Battery

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You must be aware that the battery is the main driving force of the power wheel. So battery replacement is an excellent and easy way to modify the power wheel. Now the question is how to modify power wheels battery?

Battery replacement is essential if you want to make the power wheel smooth and speedy. The use of any electric or mechanical toy item will reduce its performance at some point. Similarly, if the performance of your power wheel is not satisfactory to you, make

a quick battery modification. You need to follow some steps to modify the battery. Keep reading to the end of the article to know more about them.

What to Look before Replacing a Power Wheel Battery?

Before modifying the battery of a power wheel, some key things should be noted. Such as whether the battery voltage is compatible with your vehicle, battery size, and connectors.


It is important to make sure that your power wheel supports the battery you are choosing. This means that if your power wheel model is 12 volts, then its battery voltage must also be 12V. Similarly, 6V battery will be compatible with 6 volt power wheel. If you are willing to know some additional tips on this topic. You can learn about How Long Does It Take To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.

For some reason, if the battery voltage and the model of the car do not match, you will never get the right result. This is because the voltage involves the wiring connection and other functions of the power wheel. That’s why we recommend you collect batteries from official manufacturers.

Amps Level

There is a specific amp level for each peer wheel. If there is a discrepancy between the amp levels of the battery, there will be no major problem. But this option is not ideal. Just checking the voltage doesn’t end your responsibility. There are different amp base batteries such as 9.5 amp, 10 amp, 10.2 amp, 10.3 MP, 10.5 amp, or 11 amp. Now select how many amps your power wheel battery has officially come with.

Battery Size

Sometimes new battery power is not set in the wheel. The main reason for this is the inconsistency with the size of the battery. So when buying a new battery, you should measure the old battery. Then you will not have any issue choosing the right battery.


When you reinstall the original battery, the connector will be an optional one. But sometimes the original battery cannot be found a second time. For this, we will suggest you buy a new connector. Moreover, the connector can be easily found from any eCommerce site like Amazon. Moreover, you can collect from any official power wheel showroom. However, make sure that the connector is right for your battery.

How to Modify Power Wheels Battery

You will need to follow a few simple steps to modify or change the power wheel battery. Before embarking on those steps, you need to gather some necessary tools.

Required Tools

  • A specific screwdriver
  • Wire crimper
  • Duct tape
  • Connectors (If necessary)
  • Stripper
  • Compatible battery

Step 1

All you have to do in the beginning to connect the power wheel’s battery is to create battery access. Because not all battery access points are in the same place. The battery of a power wheel may be available under its hood or under the seat.

Step 2

Secondly, remove the existing battery from the battery container. This time some nuts may need to be detached with the help of a screwdriver. So unscrew the necessary screws.

Step 3

All you have to do now is connect the battery to the power wheel. So first attach the negative and then the positive connection. A negative connection indicates black wire and a positive connection indicates red wire. To connect the positive end of the vehicle to the positive terminal of the battery. Similarly, repeat the previous process of the negative. Learn about Can You Make A John Deere Gator Go Faster to get extra info.

Step 4

After completing the connection, you need to test once. So press the gas pedal and see if the rear tire is spinning. If it spins, then you know the connection has been completed correctly. Now if any wires are in random or visible condition, cut them evenly. Then cover the exposed wires with duct tape. That’s it, you have completed the battery modification.

What to Expect after Battery Modification

After modifying the battery in your power wheel, you will notice some great differences. They are mentioned below.

Better Speed

After modifying the news you will first notice the change in speed. This means that the modified power wheel will show more speed performance than before. Moreover, the power wheel will be more powerful than before. Such as soft start or brake system, throttle variable, mechanical failure prevention, and other benefits. This will enable your child to have a very comfortable ride experience.

Better Controlling System

Its power decreases with the use of a power wheel. This is because the durability of the battery tends to be relatively weak. But when you install the new battery, the gear system will be smooth. Because it will get enough power from the battery.

Also, it will protect the vehicle from any kind of extra power loss. The bottom line is that your baby driver will be able to enjoy complete riding fun. You can read about How Long To Charge 6 Volt Power Wheels Battery to get additional tips.

Is it Possible to Place 12 Volts in a 6 Volt Power Wheel?

Yes, it is definitely possible. If one wants to speed up his power wheel, then the conversion option is the best. By upgrading the battery, children will be able to expect more riding time than before. At the same time, the speed limit will also increase. For this, you need to use a conversion worm. The conversion kit will adjust the current between the battery and the motor.


We hope you find this article useful. If you want to properly modify your power wheel’s battery, you can visit this guide as well as additional links. However, make sure to be careful when converting batteries.

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