Can You Make a John Deere Gator Go Faster




Can You Make a John Deere Gator Go Faster

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Can you make a John Deere gator go faster? The simple answer is yes. You can speed up your child’s John Deere gator by increasing the power. Now there are some specific steps to increase power. By applying them correctly, you will be able to get your desired result.

The John Deere gator is a versatile power wheel that kids love to ride. Each of its equipment maximizes productivity which makes driving rudeness among children. As the kids get older, they may demand a quick mobilization of John Deere gator. At the bottom of this article, we will show you the steps needed to make John Deere gator fast.

Can You Make a John Deere Gator Go Faster

Power needs to be improved to make John Deere gator faster. When it comes to increasing the power of an electric vehicle, changing the battery or upgrading is not a better option. With a battery upgrade, the car can run at twice the speed of the lower P [fertile. Mobility allows kids to enjoy thrilling rides.

First Method

Let’s take a look at John Deere gator’s battery replication instruction guide in detail in the following segment.

Step 1

A new battery must be collected before proceeding with the battery installation process. The John Deere gator usually comes with a 6-volt battery. So you can install the battery in two ways. The first is using a double 6-volt battery. The second is using a 12-volt battery directly. We are taking a direct 12-volt battery here.

When collecting batteries for the John Deere gator, match the voltage, chemistry, size, and voltage with the battery. This is because the wrong voltage or specification can react with the power wheel. This can lead to any kind of accident.

Step 2

All you have to do at this stage is access the battery. If you can’t access the battery, there is no question of replacing it. Typically, the battery of the John Deere gator is under the hood. So take off the wheel. You can easily reach the battery by removing the wheel. It is very easy to open someone. Just remove the wheel nuts with a screwdriver and pull. You will see that the wheel has moved easily.

Step 3

Now remove the old original battery. At that time, make sure that any wire connected to the battery is not damaged. Because if the connectors are damaged you will have to reinstall the connectors which is a huge hassle. If necessary, remove the top of the battery with a screwdriver. Then the connectors will be easily disconnected.

Step 4

Now set the new 12V battery in the vehicle. After setting the battery, it is time to attach the connectors. There are two types of connectors as positive and negative. Ensure positive to positive and negative to negative connections of both battery and power wheel.

The way to recognize positive and negative connections is the color of the wire. Normally, red or blue wires indicate positive, and black indicates its negative connection. Even then, if you feel confused, you can take the help of a manual or online. For additional queries, go with how can I make a power wheel go faster.

Step 5

After attaching the connectors properly, cover them with electric tape. Wires may have accessible or exposed parts. Cut it with a wire cutter before covering it with tape. Now start the John Deere gator and test if it is moving forward. Once it starts to move forward, your battery install is successful. Now just take a test drive with your child.

Other Ways to Make John Deere Gator Faster

An alternative way to make John Deere gator faster is to change the motor and attach a new powerful motor. The steps to change the motor are mentioned below.

Second Method

  • The gearbox must be removed first. Because the motor is included with the gearbox. During this time, keep a close watch so that no connection between the gearbox and the motor is affected.
  • Now remove the old motor. Then install the new motor which is compatible with the John Deere gator. For this, you can note the size of the old motor.
  • After collecting the new motor, set it in its compartment. Now attach its connectors to the vehicle. The rules for attaching connectors are almost the same as for batteries. This means connecting the positive to the positive and the negative to the negative terminals.
  • Finally, secure all connections with tape. By doing this, no accessible wire will be in display condition. Learn about How Do I Make My Power Wheels Go Faster.

Third Method

You can also speed up John Deere gator by increasing fuel mileage. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Mileage will also increase as fuel consumption efficiency increases. For this, add non-methanol power additives to the foil. In addition, attach engine cleaner to remove fuel trash and sludge. Because if these are present, it can cause friction in the engine. As a result, the vehicle may become slow.

Step 2

Now use higher octane like 87 octane or more. On the other hand, if your gator is a diesel base, go with white instead of red. The higher the octane content clutter, the less accumulation there will be in the engine.

Step 3

All you have to do now is replace the spark plug. If your child’s gator holds a gas engine, replace them with a high-quality spark plug. These plugs will provide your vehicle with high-performance torque.

Step 4

Another important thing is to always keep the gator filter and fuel line clean. This is because clogged, fuel lines or filters will interfere with airflow. As a result, your gator may face difficulties in receiving enough air carburetor which is not at all comfortable for the engine. To know further details about John Deere gator, consider how to make a John Deere gator faster.


If you want to speed up your child’s John Deere gator, follow this guide. It discusses in detail some of the effective ways that will help you improve your gator performance.

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