Can a Power Wheel Get Wet

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Can a Power Wheel Get Wet? The answer is yes, it can. But it depends on some factors. In the following part of this article, we will discuss in detail those causing factors. By knowing, you can keep your power wheel safe.

Power wheel is a favorite companion of kids with whom they spend a huge amount of time. Somehow if it gets wet, it’s supposed to be functioning. But if not, dry the battery. This is because if the power wheel gets wet it can affect the battery which will prevent the engine from starting. Keep reading the rest of the article to find out the reasons why the power wheel gets wet.

Can a Power Wheel Get Wet

There can be many reasons for the power wheel to get wet. For example, riding outdoors when it is raining or leaving it outside. Water is the enemy of any electric device, whether it is rainwater or anything else. Riding during the rain can cause the water to enter the battery compartment. You must be aware that batteries are not waterproof. So the battery can get wet easily.

When the battery is wet, it will not work easily. If the battery does not work, the engine of the vehicle will not start which will deprive your child of riding. On the other hand, another important factor behind getting the power wheel wet is to leave it in the open space for a long time. By doing this it can come in contact with the humidity of the air and cause bacteria. Algae can originate from those bacteria.  That algae can cause its various parts, including the power wheel to become wet.

What to Do if the Power Wheel Doesn’t Start Due to Wet?

Due to the wetness of the power wheel, its various electrical functions may be affected. If so, this will bring bad luck to you. One of them is not starting the engine. Honestly, it can be without being wet. Normal light rain does not affect the power wheel’s battery. But if the battery is too old, you may find the problem.

When you feel that the power wheel is not working, do the following tasks.

  • Dry both the battery and its compartment. If necessary, remove the battery from the vehicle. Then it will be possible to dry the battery easily and quickly.
  • Fully charge the battery according to the recommended time.
  • Then check if the power wheel is working properly. If it doesn’t work after that. Then quickly get the help of an expert or send it to the service center. To know more info, you can learn about the best choice jeep upgrades.

How to Clean the Power Wheel?

It is often washed to maintain the power wheel. Water is used for washing. This water may accidentally enter the internal department of the vehicle. This is why you need to be very careful when cleaning the power wheel. Some people use a hosepipe to wash the power wheel which is not a good idea.

There are some nice steps for washing the power wheel that doesn’t make it wet. Below are some great points to clean the power wheel properly. You can choose a power wheel with a powerful battery to protect it from getting wet. This is why you can follow the best 24 volt power wheel guide.

1st Step

To clean the power wheel, first, collect a hand towel and a bucket of warm water. Now add a little mild detergent and bleach to the bucket full of water. This will help eliminate bacteria.

2nd Step

Now dip the hand towel in the detergent-mixed water and remove as much water as possible from the wet towel. Then use that towel to wipe the power wheel.

3rd Step

Once the whole vehicle is wiped clean, take clean water in the bucket again. Clean the whole vehicle as before. At this time, make sure that no water enters the electric tools such as batteries, motors, gearboxes, wires.

4th Step

Then carefully wipe the power wheel with another dry towel. Finally, you can spray some disinfectant spray. Although it is optional.

Thus, you’ve finished cleaning your power wheel. If the power wheel is cleaned in this manner, it’s internal electric compartment will not get wet. But if you go to clean with the help of speedy water pipes, there is a possibility of some water getting inside.

Tips to Keep the Power Wheel from Getting Wet

There are several simple ways to protect the power wheel from getting wet. Here are some of the effective and specific ways. Have a look.

Stop Riding While Raining

The battery of the power wheel may come into contact with rainwater which may cause problems in functioning. For this, keep your child free from outdoor rides during the rainy season. In this case, you can prefer the internal ride.

Avoid Storing Power Wheel in Open Space

Kids can’t ride when they’re on vacation or sick. Especially in the winter season, children cannot give outdoor rides. In this case, some people leave out. The power wheel is very likely to get wet due to being left out for a long time. As a result, the power wheel becomes unsuitable for re-riding. So as a conscious parent, never apply this.

Moreover, when a power wheel is lying unused in an open space for a long time, it comes in contact with bright sunlight or wind. As a result, it will get wet due to various bacteria. In this case, if there is a plastic seat or wheel, there will be no problem. Otherwise, it will stop your child’s power wheel from functioning slowly. For more additional details, you should check how do you make a power wheels go faster.


As you can see that power wheel can get wet. However, the user himself is responsible for getting wet. If the power wheel is wet, its performance may deteriorate. Even its battery can stop working which you don’t like. So always take care of the power wheel.