How Can I Make A Power Wheel Go Faster

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The power wheel is the most popular companion for children’s play. For over 30 years, they have been providing children with the experience of realistic riding at an early age. But after using a power wheel for a long time, its performance gradually decreases like speed. So how can you make a power wheel go faster?

The easiest and standard way to fasten the power wheel is to replace or upgrade its battery. There are also other convenient ways such as changing the electric speed controller, upgrading the gearbox, and replacing the motor.

In this article, we will tell you about all the ways. In addition, we will share their processes in detail. You can choose any of these suitable ways that will make your power wheel faster. So keep going with the article.

How Can I Make A Power Wheel Go Faster

How can I make a power wheel go faster? It is a bit difficult to answer this question in one word. Because the same way would not be suitable for all power wheels. Some power wheels may be upgraded by installing new batteries. While others can be faster by replacing the motor. So go according to the condition and need of your power wheel.

First Method: Battery Installation

Installing a new battery can easily speed up the power wheel. The battery is the main driving force of a power wheel. The energy emitted from the battery reaches every function of the vehicle. As a result, it runs smoothly. This means that the higher the voltage of the battery, the more powerful the electric car will be. You won’t believe that installing a fresh battery almost doubles the speed of toy cars.

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Step 1

The first step is to choose a new battery. When choosing a battery, make sure that it matches the previous battery and specifications of the power wheel. During this time note the voltage, chemistry, and size. In this case, you can pick up an aftermarket battery. The advantage of picking up aftermarket batteries is that they are less expensive than brand batteries

Step 2

Now pry off the top side of the original battery with a flat screwdriver. After cracking the top part, pull the battery edges. At this time, be careful not to damage the battery. Especially stay away from black connectors. Because it needs to be reconnected to the new battery.

Step 3

After pulling the connectors from the battery for a while, they will pop up. Pull out the negative and positive wires attached to the battery as much as possible and simply clip them. This time use a crimper to ensure a clean and crisp cut.

When the connector is disconnected, recycle your battery. This is because the battery contains a large number of nasty chemicals and harmful substances that are harmful to the environment.

Step 4

All you have to do at this step is to add a fuse to the positive side of the battery connector. To do this, set a 30 amp fuse in a fuse holder. When connected, cover each connector with 1 cm of electric tape. The way to identify positive connectors is that they are white or red. Negative connectors, on the other hand, are black. Now check which one is with your battery.

Step 5

As before, connect the negative connector to the battery and power wheel. In this case, you must confirm the connection into a female spade. Cover all other exposed wires after finishing. As a result, no spare parts will be left out of the battery compartment.

Step 6

Now just attach the positive and negative terminals to the power wheel. Now test whether the battery replacement has been done properly. If the engine starts and the power wheel moves to the front, the new battery setup is complete.

Second Method: Add an Electric Speed Controller

An electric speed controller allows the power wheel’s speed to be adjusted. So small drivers can smoothly increase and decrease the speed as they wish. This allows you to confirm the connection to the remote. As a result, it can be turned off instantly remotely. It even makes a back beeper sound as a backup.

Interestingly, there are different types of speed controllers available. Now it is up to you to decide which type of speed controller to use. However, we suggest you go with one that is compatible with the model of your power wheel. This is why setting up all speed controllers is not the same. So follow the manual or instruction guide that comes with your speed controller. Check the best power wheels for grass and dirt.

Third Method: Change the Motor

Another important way to speed up the power wheel is to replace the motor. The motor toy allows electric vehicles to generate power. Kids get a little slow at times after using their cars for a long time. In that case, it is better to replace the battery as well as the motor. For this, you can pick the best power wheels for grass. The process of changing the motor is mentioned below.

  • Maximum motor is connected to the gearbox. So you need to remove the wheel of the power wheel to reach the motor.
  • Now remove the original motor from the power wheel.
  • Make sure to collect a new motor beforehand. Ensure compatibility with the power wheel at the time of purchase.
  • Place the new motor in the motor compartment of the power wheel. Then attach its connectors to their positive and negative terminals.
  • The connection process will be almost the same as the battery process we mentioned earlier.
  • Lastly, secure the connectors with electric tape. Now it’s time to test drive. This is why you give your child a ride and make sure everything is OK.


The demand for power wheels is increasing day by day. This is because they offer Smooth and Comfort Ride entertainment. However, prolonged use of a power wheel can reduce its performance. In this case, some upgrades will help to make it faster again. We hope this guide will help you with different ways to make your power wheel faster.