Best Choice 24v Upgrade




Best Choice 24v Upgrade

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Do you want to know how to upgrade the Best Choice Power Wheel to 24V? Well, you have arrived at the right place. In the below part of the article, we will let you know the entire process of upgrading the battery of the Best Choice power wheels.

The Best Choice is one of the best brands when it comes to power wheels. The brand has a large number of power wheels models in different budgets. Moreover, they have a number of vehicles for different ages of the kids. There are a lot of power wheels from the manufacturer that arrives with the 12v batteries. As a result, it goes at a very slow speed which is not always enjoyable if the kid is seeking speed.

The issue with the 12v battery is it cannot assure your kid long-duration playing time. What you can do is upgrade the battery to 24v to get a longer playing duration. In the below part of the article, you will find a detailed guide on how to upgrade the battery. To be more specific, we will break down all the procedures for you to make things easier. Check out the below part of the article to find out everything about the procedure.

Best Choice 24v Upgrade: How to Do This

How to Upgrade Best Choice from 12v to 24v? Well, it is not going to be easy. So, we will not recommend this if you don’t have some previous experience working with such electronic things. If you already have some ideas about the process, you can consider going through the below steps to find out how to change the car’s battery. It is not that hard. But if you fail to follow the instruction, you may end up malfunctioning this beautiful toy.

At first, let’s talk about the things that you will require for the work. You will need a pair of batteries. They need to 12v/12amp hour. You will find them in a lot of online shops including Amazon. The next thing you need to buy is the 16 gauge awg wire to mount the batteries as needed. You will also need wire clippers for cutting the wire and the terminal crimps. The other things you will require include the terminal connectors, 12v power wheels battery charger, etc.

Once you have gathered all the required information, now you should be ready to begin the work. Note that if you are going to use the aftermarket batteries, make sure to remove the battery connector from the manufacturer batteries. Let’s see the steps you need to follow for the upgrade:

Step 1

Before you begin, make sure that the batteries you are going to utilize are fully charged. This will ensure that you can check the performance of the battery right away after connecting them. As we are going to utilize two 12v batteries for this, you will require to connect them in series. For this, you will require some wire. Cut an amount of the wire from the awg wire as needed.

The next thing you need to do is to strip both ends of the wire and then connect a female connector to them. After that, you will require crimping the connectors on. The series connection is the best choice for this as it assures that the voltage of the two batteries will be properly maintained. This also ensures they will get the same current or amperage.

Step 2

In this step, we will check the batteries after connecting. We will utilize the wires made in the previous steps. At first, connect the negative of the first battery and the positive of the second one. Then what you need to do is to connect the positive of the first battery with the voltmeter’s positive side. After that, connect the negative side of the 2nd battery with the negative mark of the voltmeter.

Now you should have a reading of 26 volts as the output of the fully charged batteries should be something like this. If you find the reading correct, you will require going to the next step and installing the batteries in the power wheels.

Step 3

In this step, we will install the batteries in the car. For this, you will require to remove the voltmeter from the wires and take the batteries to the vehicle. Make sure that the terminals of the battery are facing up. It is not that hard to prepare the connection of the power wheels to the battery. All you need to do is to connect the positive side of the battery with the positive side. Following the same way, you need to connect the negative side to the negative connection.

Now you will require using the circuit series connection wire for attaching the batteries together. In this case, make sure to connect the positive of the batteries to the negatives. That’s it, you have been successfully upgraded the connection of the circuit.


Can you upgrade a Power Wheels battery?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade the battery of the power wheels. You can upgrade a 12v battery to 18v easily. However, make sure that you are not over upgrading this thing as it can compromise the motor. Make sure that you are equipping a fuse to prevent the engine from overheating after changing the battery.

How do I upgrade my 12V to 24V Power Wheels?

You can easily upgrade 12v to 24v power wheels by utilizing two batteries of 12v. You will find these batteries in the shop and they can make the car run on 24v power. This can offer better and improved performance while also letting the car run for more time. Just make sure that you are utilizing the correct steps to connect the batteries in the car.


As you see, it is pretty easy to upgrade your power wheels battery following some easy steps. Note that if you are not sure about what you are doing, you shouldn’t try this. We hope you will be able to make use of the easy procedures to change the battery.

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