How to Mod A Power Wheels




How to Mod A Power Wheels

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Are you searching for how to mod a power wheels, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the proper and effective way so that you can modify your power by yourself. A better and more efficient way to modify the power wheel is to upgrade the battery. Also, any power wheel can be easily fastened with an electric speed controller or custom fabrication.

However, you may need the help of an expert for custom fabrication. But to be honest, this is a viable way of power wheel which will help your vehicle to increase the speed efficiently. If you want to modify the power wheel without any issue then keep reading till the end of the article.

Find How to Mod A Power Wheels

Finding how to mod a power wheels is very essential. However, you may need the help of an expert for custom fabrication. But to be honest, this is a viable way of power wheel which will help your vehicle to increase the speed efficiently. If you want to modify the power wheel without any issue then keep reading till the end of the article.

Modify the Battery

The battery is the main source of power for the power wheel to run. So the higher the voltage of the battery, the more powerful the power wheel will be. Now the important question is what is meant by battery modification. Battery modification and change are not the same things. If your power wheel is 12 volts, you can increase it to 18 or 20 volts. But for this, there will be an adjustment in the connection of the existing battery.

When you increase the battery voltage of your vehicle, your little superstar will be able to enjoy better speed performance than before. This way you can improve your power vehicle. Now we are talking about the process of battery conversion step by step below. If you want to get more additional tips regarding the topic, you can simply learn about How To Make Power Wheel Go Faster.

Step 1

Start by locating the battery. This is because not all power wheel batteries have the same position. Usually, batteries are present under the trunk, under the hood, or under the seat position. When you find the location of your battery, remove it. When unhooking the battery, make sure that no wire is damaged.

Step 2

Now all you have to do is detach the two wires attached to the stock battery. For this, you can take the help of a wire cutter or crimper. Here, two wires refer to negative and positive wires. Red wire indicates negative and black wire indicates positive connection. It is necessary to disconnect the connection in order to connect the plug.

Step 3

Now, connect the drill battery. If you want to set 16 volts, set it. Or you can install a 24 volt battery. Now you need to first connect the negative terminal to the other negative wires of the vehicle. Similarly, repeat for a positive connection. However, be sure to place a fuse between the positive connections. This will protect your power wheel’s motor from producing excess power.

Also, there is an adapter holder on the back of the battery. You can use Velcro there. If you want to add Velcro, it is important to have the facility of an electric speed controller system in your power wheel. If not, set an ESC.

Step 4

Once all connections are set, test the power wheel once. Then you can be sure that your operation was successful. Therefore, you press the gas pedal. Then see if the rear wheel is spinning. If the wheel spins, you will understand that everything is OK.

Step 5

Lastly, use electric tape to secure all connections. If any part of the connection is uneven, disconnect them. This will make it easier to cover with tape. Moreover, if the connection is visible, then there can be a spark at any time. This may cause harm to your baby. So don’t take the matter lightly.

Attach an Electric Speed Controller

An electric speed controller plays a vital role in increasing the speed of any power wheel. This is because the device protects the power wheel from producing excess power. This protects the power wheel from getting too hot or cold during the ride. And this is exactly why children get a smooth driving experience. Those who want to know how to set up an ESC device can take the help of manual or online. Because the process may vary according to the electric ride-on car.

By attaching an electric speed controller, riders will be able to increase and decrease the speed as they wish. Also, the ESC kit is very easy to set up. You can collect other wires, connectors, pedals including an ESC kit from any power wheel shop or official author. Basically, if you want to bring a different twist to driving, an ESC should fit in your child’s power wheel.

Allow Custom Fabrication

With custom fabrication, you can make your power wheel performance more standard than before. Custom fabrication is a combination of several upgrades. Such as installing new brakes or pedals, applying traction to wires, painting, etc. But for this, you need the help of a skilled mechanic. Because this customization is somewhat tricky which is not possible without sufficient knowledge. Read about the best choice jeep upgrades to get extra tips.

Is it Possible to put a Bigger Battery in a Power Wheel?

Yes, it is possible. By putting in a bigger battery, anyone will be able to make their slow power wheel better speedy. For example, you can convert a 6 volt power wheel to 12 volts or a 12 volt power wheel to 24 volts. For this, you need to take a detailed idea about conversion which we have already discussed above. To get more tips, learn about How Long Will Power Wheels Battery Last.


By modifying the power wheel, you can help give your child a better riding experience than before. You can modify the power wheel through battery conversion, ESC installation, or custom fabrication. After modifying your power wheel, you will notice a huge difference between the past and the present.

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