How to Modify Power Wheels

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Is your child unhappy with his slow power wheel? So you do not understand how to modify power wheels? The main purpose of this guide is to make your work easier.

In modern times, power wheels are very popular among children. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The happiest thing is that even if the children are busy with them every day, they do not get tired. By doing this, it helps to keep both the mind and body of the children active.

If the children’s favorite car is slow or faulty, their joy is disturbed. In this article, we will explain how you can modify your child’s power wheels. So keep reading carefully till the end of the article to find some of the unique and effective ways.

Identify How to Modify Power Wheels

Whenever it comes to how to modify power wheels, we recommend a few modes. You can do this by changing the battery or changing the motor or installing the gearbox. Below, we are going to discuss these in detail.

Change the Battery

The power wheels come with batteries. Because their main driving force is the battery. So if the battery of a power wheel is low voltage or weak, it is foolish to expect good speed performance from it. Moreover, the most effective and easy way to modify the power wheel is to change the battery. The bottom line is that the stronger the battery, the better the performance of the vehicle.

Before installing the battery, you need to collect some necessary tools. Such as wire strippers, Mini pliers, mini screwdriver set, voltmeter, new battery, connectors (if not available), and fuses. There are some steps to change the battery. Those steps are very simple. The steps are mentioned below.

Step 1

In the beginning, you need to remove the existing battery from your power wheel. This time, unhook the screw and wire harness with the required screwdriver. Be careful not to damage any wires or other connections.

Step 2

After removing the original battery from its compartment, set the new battery. Then you need to attach all the connections well. To attach a connection, you need to fix the negative connection first and then the positive one. Now the way to recognize the connection is by looking at the color of the wire. Red wire indicates negative and black wire indicates positive connection.

Step 3

All you have to do at this stage is confirm the negative terminal of the vehicle with the negative terminal of the new battery. Similarly, attach the positive to the positive terminal. Be careful not to make the wrong connection in any way. Otherwise, the power wheel burst, or the battery may become useless.

After including the connection, clean all the dirt inside the hood or battery compartment. Cover the long wires with small zip ties. Then no part of the wire will be visible. Then lock the hood of the power wheel if there is a locking system. If you want to get detailed information regarding the topic, you can learn about How To Install Power Wheels Battery.

Step 4

Lastly, you need to verify that all your operations have been completed successfully. However, push the accelerator and feel the power flow in the engine. Also, if you see the rear wheel spinning, make sure all connections are properly set.

Go with the Motor Change

Another convenient way to modify the power wheel is to upgrade the motor. The power wheel from the motor receives its power which helps all the other functions to function properly. Some tips to change the motor should be followed. They are as follows:

  • Begin with creating access to the motor.
  • Now remove the motor carefully so that no wire harness or screw gets injured.
  • Then set the new electric motor. Now you have to set the all connections properly.
  • It describes that connecting the positive terminal of the motor to the positive end of the power wheel. Repeat the previous process in terms of negative connections.
  • Finally, test the connections. To get more tips including this topic, you can learn about How To Make My Sons Power Wheel Faster.

Change the Gearbox

One of the common ways to modify the power wheel is to change the gearbox. Typically, the power wheel’s gearbox comes with plastic which is well enough to run the motor. To change the gearbox, you need to start by removing the tires. Another important thing is to have a motor attached to the gearbox. There may be two or three screws. Separate them with a screwdriver. Those who want to get additional tips can go with How Long To Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

Now set the gearbox according to the manual. Here we are not going to talk about the complete procedure for installing gearbox. The setting options of the gearbox vary according to the model of the attack vehicle. When all connections are properly set up, reassemble the tires. One more thing is no connection should be visible. Because from there collision with the motor can happen. So cover the connection with electric tape.

What to Expect after Modifying the Power Wheel?

After modifying the power wheel you will notice an immediate difference from the previous one. Such as high voltages or amps that your child will surely love it. When the power wheel receives high voltage, it will provide longer battery life. The longer the ride, the more fun the kids will have.

Moreover, they will be able to enjoy better performance. This is because the upgrade will double the speed of the power wheel which will allow them to ensure thrilling or adventure rides. In this way, children will be able to acquire motor skills at an early age.


By changing the battery, it is possible to easily modify the power wheel. Along with that, anyone will be able to modify their power wheel nicely by replacing the gearbox or motor. We hope you find this article helpful.