How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery 12 Volt

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Searching for how to charge a power wheels battery 12 volt? Well, you can charge your 12 volt power wheel battery in two ways. One is with a charger and the other is without a charger. However, we would recommend you to use a smart charger.

Power wheel’s triumph began in the ’80s. Gradually, it gained popularity due to its improvement and realistic features. Nowadays, most kids like to get this wonderful riding vehicle. Especially, 12 volt power wheels are more preferable. Because they can be easily handled by 3 to 7 year old children. Moreover, they are consistent with the budget. Let’s learn about the process of charging their batteries.

How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery 12 Volt

When it comes to how to charge a power wheels battery 12 volt, a smart charger is a prerequisite. This is because a smart charger will help your power wheel battery to be fully charged moderately and accurately. With a few simple steps, you will be able to complete your child’s power wheel charging process.

Step 1

You can use two techniques to charge the battery. One is to inflate and charge the battery. The other is to connect between direct charging ports. But both work equally well. However, for a new battery, it is better to charge the battery first. Then install it in the vehicle.

Step 2

If you want to charge the battery through the charging ports, find its access point. This is because the point of the charging ports of the power wheel of all models is not in the same place. In this case, detect where the battery position of your vehicle is. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. Usually, ride-on cars have batteries under their hoods.

Step 3

If you can access the battery, you will find a charging port near it. Connect the vehicle’s designated charger to those charging ports. In this case, a smart charger is very useful. Because it will protect your battery from overcharging.

However, in the case of smart charger chops, you must match the voltage and slope of your power wheel. Otherwise, that charger may adversely affect the health of your battery. Because the wrong voltage unit can never be a good charger. No matter how expensive it is. If you want to know more information about this topic, you can follow this guide- How to Charge a Power Wheels.

Step 4

After connecting the charger to the power wheel battery, your job is to find the nearest electric outlet. Keep the electric outlet so that it is not faulty. Now simply connect the charger to that electric outlet. After connecting the charger to the power source, you have nothing more to do. Now charge according to the scheduled time. Once the battery is fully charged, it is ready for your child to enjoy the ride.

How to Understand that the Battery is Charging?

There is some confusion about power wheel charging. Many do not even realize that the power wheel is being charged. Although instructions are given in the manual. But according to many users, that instruction panel is a bit vague. So just connecting the charger to the power outlet is not enough, you need to make sure it is properly charged. But how to ensure that?

Well, the standard charging period for a 12 volt power wheel is 14 hours. According to the model, this time may vary a bit. With a voltmeter, you can easily detect the power wheel charging condition. This tool is very cheap and effective. The checking process of battery charging with the help of a voltmeter is as follows:

  • First of all, connect the battery with the charger. Then attach it with an electric source.
  • Now access the battery positive and negative prolongs.
  • Now all you have to do is set 20 dials in the mustimeter. As a result, it can easily measure from 0 to 20 volts. Since your battery is 12 volts, you can see how much charging is flowing in it.
  • Then, attach the plus and minus edges to the positive and negative prolongs, respectively.
  • Once the ends are connected to the prolongs, the fork of the voltmeter will move. If your voltmeter is analog, its fork will indicate the voltage number. And if it is digital, it will show the percentage of voltage.

This is how you can make sure of your battery charging condition. To get more details, you can follow How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging.

How to Charge a Power Wheel Battery Without a Charger?

There is no obligation to always have a charger to charge the power wheel. You may find yourself in a situation where you forgot to carry the charger or the charger is not available then. How can you manage this kind of circumstances? Learn about an alternative and easy way to do this. Maybe at some point, it will come in handy. Even your child will not be deprived of his riding then.

Car Battery

You can charge your child’s riding toy with the car battery. Typically car batteries start at 15 volts. So charging 12 volt power wheel battery will not be an issue. For this, you need to collect alligator clamps. It will act as a converter from the car battery to the power wheel’s battery.

First, connect the positive terminal of the car to the positive terminal of the power wheel battery. Repeat the same process for the negative terminal. Then use a single voltmeter to check if the voltage is flowing. If the fork of the voltmeter moves, then your battery is in the charging state. If you want to know more about this, learn about How Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery.


A smart charger is a great option to charge the 12 volt power wheel battery. However, never charge the battery for more than 30 hours. This can damage the health of your battery. Hopefully, you will find this guide very useful.