How to Mod A Power Wheel




How to Mod A Power Wheel

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Does your child want to drive faster but don’t know how to do it? In this article, we will let you know how to mod a power wheel. Remember, the power wheel’s function is almost the same as the mini car. Because realistic motors, batteries, gears are all present in it.

The main difference between the power wheel and other vehicles is its engine power. Other cars run on oil, octane, or diesel. Where the power wheel is powered by a battery charger. Sometimes some modifications are needed to speed up the older version of the power wheel for kids. The main purpose of today’s article is to make you aware of that. Along with that, you will also find in this article a simple method to modify the power wheel.

Learn How to Mod A Power Wheel

Learning how to mod a power wheel is not a very difficult task. There are various methods for modifying the power wheel. However, we will not discuss any professional way here. Because not everyone has equal knowledge about the function of the power wheel. Moreover, the professional modification would be tricky for many. So here we will discuss only the easy way which will be efficient for everyone. Let’s get started.

Upgrade the Battery

We all know that the main driving force of the power wheel is its battery. So if you upgrade the battery, you will be able to fasten your child’s ride-on car very easily. Here we are going to tell you in more detail what is meant by battery upgrade. Suppose your power wheel battery is 12 volts. Adding an extra 6 volt battery to it will convert it into an 18 volt battery.

When the battery voltage increases, the power of the car will increase which will give the rider better speed than before. You can convert this battery to double voltage if you want. That means transferring a 12 volt car to 24 volts. By doing this, your little superstar will get twice the speed performance than before. This speed power will ensure your child a thrilling ride.

Battery Conversion Process

All you have to do is modify the battery using the conversion kit. Before starting the battery conversion process, you need to collect some tools. These are wire crimper, electrical tape, soldering iron or 10ga wire, wire stripper, screwdriver respectively. Tips about How Fast Can A Power Wheels Go.

Step 1

First, you need to locate the battery of your power wheel. It can be under the trunk or under the hood or seat. Once you find it, separate it from the car. For this, you need to unhook the wire harness properly.

Step 2

All you have to do now is cut the two wires connected to the stock battery. Because you need to connect the plug. Then you need to connect the negative (black) wire with the other negative wire. Apply the same process for positive (red) wire.

Step 3

At this stage, you need to connect the drill battery. However, be sure to attach a fuse between the positive wires. Because it will protect the motor of the vehicle from excess power. You can also use Velcro on the back of the battery adapter holder to mount. But for that, you need to attach an electric speed controller kit.

Step 4

When all connections to the battery are finished, test the bank once. Press the gas pedal to see if the rear wheel is spinning. After converting a new 16 volt or 24 volt news, you will notice a big difference from the previous one.

Step 5

The last thing you need to do is secure every connection. Cut each wire connection evenly with a crimper. Next, wrap it with electrical tape so that no part is visible. Moreover, you can check the voltage with the help of a multi-meter. If you feel all these conversion problems then you can set up a new battery directly. Learn about How To Charge A Power Wheels to get additional info.

Install an Electric Speed Controller

You can speed up your power wheel by attaching an electric speed controller or ESC. Basically, the ESC is a device that will prevent excess power from being generated in the vehicle. This means the amount of power being produced will notify the battery. This will allow your child to control the speed of the car at will. He can even increase and decrease the speed of the car as he wishes.

Setting up ESC is not a difficult task. You just need to collect the ESC kit and other wires, connectors, pedals related to it. Then set in the vehicle. This is why you can follow the manual. This is because the ESC setup process may not be the same for all power wheels. The bottom line is that an electric speed controller will help give your little rider a realistic driving experience.

Go with a Custom Fabrication

The next effective way is a custom fabrication which will help you to speed up your slow power wheel efficiently. But before you move on, you need to know what custom fabrication is. Custom fabrication is a method of forming metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling. Such as adding new brakes or pedals, traction upgrades in the wire, etc. are part of the custom fabrication.

Is it Effective to put a 24V Battery in a 12V Power Wheel?

It’s a big yes. You can speed up your slow and steady bank by attaching a 24 volt battery to the 12 volt power wheel. This means that you will get twice the speed performance of the car. This will give your child a thrilling raid. Usually, when kids become experts in driving, they want to have an off-road ride experience. But that may not be possible because of their less-powerful vehicle.

For this, we will suggest you just convert the battery. This will save you money. At the same time, your child will find his desired raid. If you want to get any additional information, you can simply follow How To Make Power Wheels Faster.


See how easy and effective the power wheel is to fasten. If you feel that the performance of your power wheel is not up to the mark, then we recommend you modify it. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.

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