How to Make Power Wheels Faster

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If you are looking for how to make power wheels faster, this article is for you. Because through this article you will get an idea about some unique and easy processes to speed up the power wheels.

The power wheel is one of the favorite toy items for kids nowadays. Their design and build quality are so amazing that kids think of them as real ride-on cars. At times, they need to be updated. This is because, after a long period of use, their performance may slow down a bit. It may also be due to mechanical faults. In any case, keep reading this article to find out how to speed up your child’s power wheel performance.

Learn How to Make Power Wheels Faster

Earning how to make power wheels faster is very important. Electric toys can cause problems at any time. Power wheels are no exception. Therefore, your child may be deprived of his riding pleasure. As a conscious parent, it is important that you have a basic knowledge of the subject.

More importantly, we may not be able to discuss the details process with you. But we will help you with a clear idea of ​​the way. For more info, learn about How To Make Power Wheels 24 Volt. Let’s go into the details without further ado.

Go with Battery Change or Modification

Battery change or modification plays the most efficient role when it comes to speeding up a power wheel. Because the battery is the main driving force behind the power wheel. So if the battery is powerful, then the performance of the vehicle will also be powerful. Another important point is that battery modification and change are not the same things.

Battery modification means adjusting another battery of the same volt with an existing battery. This is why the drill battery system is followed. On the other hand, changing the battery means removing the existing battery and installing a new one. Moreover, you can follow another way. Direct install a new double-volt battery. For example, if your car battery is 12 volts, set a 24 volt battery.

Now you may be wondering which one will fit your baby’s vehicle. There is nothing to be confused about. Check the battery condition of your vehicle and take action accordingly. If you still want to know some details, then you can follow How to Make Power Wheel Go Faster.

Go with Setting an Electric Speed Controller

An electric speed controller greatly enhances the power wheel’s performance. Basically, an electric speed controller or ESC is a device. This allows the battery to be notified about the power of the vehicle. By installing it, riders can generate as much vehicle speed as they want. So by increasing and decreasing the speed, the kids are able to take full control of their riding car. There can be nothing better than this.

Moreover, some cars currently come with ESC. But they are relatively expensive. But not all parents have the mentality to buy such an expensive car for their children. Because kids tend to ruin everything easily. An ESC you can collect from any eCommerce Amazon. Even ESCs have wires, connectors, and pedals. You can also collect them from Amazon.

Replace the Motor

The motor is a key condition for a power wheel to operate smoothly and efficiently. If the motor is affected by an internal problem, then the performance of the power wheel may be reduced. Although this is an unofficial fact but it happens. Therefore, it can be said that the better the power wheel’s motor, the better its performance. Maintain the following steps on how to change a motor.

Step 1

All you have to do in the beginning is access the motor. Else, the motor cannot be accessed, it will not be possible to change it. Typically, the rear of the power wheel has the position of the motor. This makes it easy to access any of the rear wheels. Most of the time the gearbox is attached to the motor. Therefore, when removing the motor, make sure that no cable or connection to the gearbox is damaged.

Step 2

Now disconnect all connections to the original battery and remove it. Then set the new motor. Now you need to connect all the connections.

Step 3

Basically, there are two types of connections between motors. One is positive and the other is negative. The way to recognize a positive connection is to use a red or white cable. Conversely, black wire indicates a negative connection. Now attach the motor and vehicle connections. That means including the negative connection of the motor with the positive connection of the power wheel. Similarly, repeat the previous process for a negative connection.

Step 4

After setting up the connection, if there are any extra parts in the wire, cut them evenly. For this, you can use a wire cutter. Then wrap the connections with electrical tape. As a result, there will be no sparks from the connection and the kids will be safe. If you would like any additional information on this topic, you can follow this guide- Best Choice Jeep Troubleshooting.


Is It Possible to Put a 24v Battery in a 12v Ride-On Vehicle?

Yes, it is definitely possible. But before doing it, you have to make sure to use a conversion kit. Otherwise, the power will not be compatible with the vehicle. Moreover, for some vehicles, the motor has to be upgraded. Because there is a link of power with the motor. So getting wrong, that vehicle will not match. Even, the engine may overheat.

Is a 24 volt Better than a 12 volt Battery?

It’s a big yes. The speed capability of a 24 volt power wheel is twice that of 12 volts. So the performance will be better which is not to say. Additionally, it will save you money.


You are at the end of this article and by now you must have realized how easy it is to get the power wheel fast. So whenever you feel that your power wheel performance is not up to the mark, simply go for one of the ways mentioned above.