How to Make Power Wheels Dune Racer Go Faster




How to Make Power Wheels Dune Racer Go Faster

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If you are searching for how to make power wheels Dune Racer go faster, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will let you know some of the best ways that help you to make your Dune Racer go faster.

When it comes to the best quality power wheel, the Dune Racer power wheel is one of them. Because of their design quality and build structure amazing. These come with very premium features to give kids a realistic riding experience. As a result, children are attracted to them. If you are looking for some efficient way to speed up, keep reading till the end of this article. We’re sure you’ll be able to learn about some unique ways that you may not have known before.

How to Make Power Wheels Dune Racer Go Faster

Knowing how to make power wheels Dune Racer go faster is not a very difficult task. In this article, we may not be able to give you an idea about all the details of the process. But let me tell you what they do and how they can help you build your child’s Dune Racer power wheel faster.

Go with a Battery Modification

Battery modification and battery replacement are not the same things. Battery modification means installing another secondary battery by adjusting with the existing battery. For this, the drill method is applied. Moreover, many have replaced the drill battery with another battery of new powerful voltage. However, no matter which way you modify your Dune Racer Power Wheel battery, both will work.

According to power wheel users and experts, the speed of any power wheel can be increased by at least 33% or more through battery modification. More importantly, if you don’t like battery modification, you can bring it back to the previous system. Follow the manual or instruction guide. Because incorrect battery conversion is harmful to both the battery and the vehicle.

Install an Electronic Speed Controller

The electronic speed controller is a device system that will notify the battery of the vehicle’s amount of power. This allows riders to increase or decrease the speed of the power wheel as they wish without any issue. Nowadays, however, some premium power wheels have this ESC technology added directly. But they are also so expensive that not everyone can afford them. To know more tips, you can simply learn about How Long Does It Take To Charge A Power Wheel.

For this reason, we recommend that you add an electronic speed controller. This will give your child better speed and controlling power. You can find it on any eCommerce site like Amazon. An ESC kit also comes with other reading parts such as wires, connectors, and pedals. You can purchase them from Amazon. To get a detailed idea about this, take the help online or go with the manual instruction.

Change the Motor

The role of the motor is invaluable for all the moving functions of a power wheel to operate properly. The better the motor of the power wheel, the better its performance. So check if there is any problem with the motor of your Dune Racer power wheel. If you feel that there is something wrong with the motor, change the motor quickly.

Now the question is how to change the motor in the power wheel. For this, you follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

In the beginning, you have to access the power wheel’s motor. To remove the wheel of the vehicle. After removing the wheel, you can see the motor and gearbox together in the joint position. Therefore, all the connections of the motor should be disconnected carefully so that no connection is lost.

Step 2

Now all you have to do is install a motor. Then attach all the connections properly. You must have a clear idea about the circuit or terminal when attaching the connector. Otherwise, your connection may be wrong which is a threat to the whole vehicle.

Step 3

You will see two types of wires between the motor and the power wheel. One is the white or red wire which indicates a positive connection. On the other hand, another black wire exists which indicates a negative terminal. Now you need to properly set the connection between the motor and the vehicle. It seems to connect the positive edge with the positive terminal. Similarly, repeat the previous process to attach a negative connection.

Step 4

Now you just need to cut the extra part of the connection cable with a wire cutter. Then cover with electric tape so that no exposed parts are visible. This is because the spark can often come from the exposed part. This can be a bit risky for your child. If you want to get a detailed idea about motor changing, you can follow this guide- best choice jeep upgrades.


How Fast Can Go a 12 Volt Dune Racer Power Wheel?

For your information, we are informing you that a 12 volt power wheel can travel up to 4 km. The Dune Racer Power Wheel is no exception. In fact, the speed of the power wheel is relatively low due to the safety of the children. However, it is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years. Because if there is too much speed, children can lose their control. Which may lead to a huge accident.

Is it Possible to Put a 24 Volt Battery Instead of 12 Volt?

Definitely, it is possible. In fact, a 24 volt battery will provide double-speed performance to a power wheel. You can easily accomplish this task through drill conversion or installation. For this, we recommend that you follow the correct manual or instruction tutorial. As an additional tip, you can follow How To Make My Power Wheels Go Faster.


We hope you find this article useful for your Dune Racer. Battery modification, electronic speed controller add, or motor change will allow you to comfortably speed up the performance of the power wheel.


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