How to Make Tires Quieter




How to Make Tires Quieter

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Driving is a relaxing affair for any human being. Kids are no exception. Power wheels are a great way for kids to drive. But if noise is generated from the wheels of the vehicle while riding, that is enough to penetrate the peace. So how to make tires quieter?

There are several possible causes for noise from power wheel tires. If the tire noise is not fixed immediately, its volume may be louder. So first you need to understand the cause of the noise and take action accordingly. In this article, we will discuss in detail some of the key causes of noise from power wheel tires and ways to remedy them. So keep reading till the end of the article to know the technique of keeping your power wheel tires noise-free.

What Causes Noise from Power Wheel Tires?

Before reducing the power wheel-tire noise, it is important to know the cause. Because it is never possible to get proper treatment without understanding the nature of the problem. So let’s find out about those key factors. By doing this, you will easily find the problem with your vehicle.

Wider Tires

Some power wheels come with wide tires. Typically, these are in long surface area contact with the ground. After a long ride, the body of the vehicle moves a little closer to the ground. This generates extra pressure on the wheels. When there is more pressure than usual on the wheels, it will naturally create noise. You don’t have to understand rocket science to understand this.

Loose Spring or Screw System

There are some springs attached to the wheels which ensure the stability of the wheels. If for some reason that spring system becomes loose, it can cause annoying noise from the wheels. Even breaking that spring system can cause problems. On the other hand, if any of the screws on the wheel are loose, it plays a significant role in making noise.

Due to Plastic Tire Corrosion

Currently, the maximum power wheel comes with plastic tires. This enables children to ensure a smooth ride on both uneven and uneven surfaces. But rough driving can cause those plastic tires to wear out. When corroded plastic tires come in contact with the road, the noise will originate from there. You may avoid this but it is an unofficial fact.

Unbalanced Tires

If the tire of your power wheel goes out of balance, it can create a vibration of a significant amount. From there, it could lead the wheel toward huge noise. Moreover, an imbalance tire can reduce the lifespan of a vehicle’s tire as well. To get a balancing ride of an electric car, it is important to have the right wheel balance. Tips about How Do You Charge A Power Wheels Battery.

Learn How to Make Tires Quieter

Learning how to make tires quieter is not a difficult task. Power wheels have different techniques for silencing the wheels. But we will tell you the easiest way to solve that problem. By adding rubber traction you can make the wheels of your vehicle sound free. Let’s learn more about this.

Use Rubber Traction Bands on Tires

There is no better option than using rubber traction bands on the wheels of the power wheel. This way you do not have to change the wheel. This will save you money. To add rubber traction, simply stretch and cover it over the wheel. More importantly, before adding traction, you must prepare the tires. The first thing you need to do is sand the tires down. Then create an adhesive surface.

Now use sandpaper to bring roughness between the wheels. Then all you have to do is clean the wheels well. Pay close attention to the wheels so that there are no dirt or soil particles. If the wheel is dirty then it will be an obstacle in the way of rubber traction. . Now you may be wondering where to get rubber traction bands. You can easily purchase them from Amazon, Walmart, or other popular eCommerce sites.

When purchasing a rubber traction band, be sure to collect it according to your vehicle’s wheel model. Otherwise, it will not be properly aligned with the wheels. So when it comes to choosing a rubber traction band, be sure to match your power wheel model. If you want to get additional info about the power wheel, you can simply follow How To Make Power Wheels Tires Grip Better.

Alternative Way

If you do not want to rubberize the wheels of your vehicle, you can use old bicycle tires. To do this you first need to cut the unused bicycle tire with a cutter. Then tilt the part of the tire where there is no traction. Now all you have to do is collect 3 to 4 wood screws. Next, fasten the screws to the wheels with a drill machine. This time you must use the center portion of the old bike tire.

Now wrap tightly around the wheel so that it is properly attached to the wheel. If the tires of your power wheel get bigger then add more screws at the end of the wheel. To get extra tips regarding this topic, you can read about How To Make Power Wheel Go Faster.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Plastic Tires?

The plastic is the tire power wheel that gives a great smooth riding experience and there is no doubt about it. However, plastic tires offer small riders an off-road adventure. Still, the use of plastic tires can cause several problems. They are as follows:

  • Plastic tires are slippery. So on a muddy road, the vehicle can overturn which could cause an accident for the kids.
  • Using them on concrete roads for a long time reduces their durability.
  • They are pretty much noisy while using them on the pavement.
  • During rains and snow, their performance is very poor.
  • Due to rough driving, the wheels are more likely to wear out.


As you can see that making tires quieter is not a very task at all. You can do that easily by using the rubber traction bands on tires. We hope, this article helps you with the important tips to keep your power wheel wheels noise-free.

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