How To Rewire Power Wheels




How To Rewire Power Wheels

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Learning Guide- How To Rewire Power Wheels

Today, there’s an exciting topic which we have on our hands. It’s all about- how to rewire power wheels. Maybe you disassembled your power wheels for some reason. And, you removed the wiring structure according to your needs. Now, you’ve got to do the wiring over again. So, this blog post will guide you to rewire with ease.

A Power Wheels ride-on vehicle typically has a 12V battery, a 6-pin toggle switch, and two motors. It has a parallel and series circuit. The circuits allows it to accelerate forward, reverse, and change between high and low gears. The operating mode of the vehicle determines the flow of power through the Power Wheel’s wiring.

Fortunately for parents and anyone who owns or intends to own a Power Wheels vehicle, the wiring and components within these toys are rather simple. In this post, we’ll show you how to do the wiring when you need it and many more relevant topics.

The Components of Power Wheels Wiring

Before we go into how the wiring of a Power Wheels vehicle works, let’s go over the basics of the components and circuits found in these vehicles. This will help you see the wiring and connections later on, as well as where the vehicle gets and transfers electricity.

Following are the parts:

  • A circuit that is connected in parallel.
  • A circuit that is connected in a series
  • A toggle switch with six pins.
  • A throttle control
  • A 12 volt battery (this might vary by Power Wheels model)
  • There are two motors.

The Wiring and Structure

The Power Wheels battery is near the front of the vehicle, underneath what would normally be the hood. The two motors are located near the back of the Power Wheels car. These are usually found beneath the vehicle’s seats, where they are connected to adjoining gearboxes and, eventually, the back wheels.

The forward and backward modes are controlled by a 6-pin toggle switch located between the battery and the motor. This is then connected to the throttle or pedal switch, which controls the vehicle’s pedals. To complete the circuit, the throttle or pedal switch is linked to the 12V battery.

The Power Wheels wiring runs two circuits, a parallel and a series circuit, between the 12V battery in the front and the two motors in the back. Each one delivers energy in a different way, allowing the Power Wheels vehicle to enter multiple modes.

High-Low Electric Wiring- Power Wheels

The best approach to explain the wiring variations between a parallel and a series circuit is to describe how the Power Wheels performs differently from high to low gear.

Parallel Circuit- For High Gear

The parallel circuit, which permits the vehicle to go in high gear, is the first circuit we’ll look at in a Power Wheels wiring diagram. Both of the Power Wheels motors in the back of the car will be powered by a parallel circuit that runs 12V from the battery. Each battery, as well as each motor, has a positive and negative terminal.

Using two distinct cables, the parallel circuit will link the positive terminal of the battery to both positive terminals of each battery. It will then repeat the process for the battery’s negative terminals as well as each motor’s negative terminals.

This forms an X-shape with two more wires bordering each side of the X. As a result, both motors receive 12V electricity from the battery in order to operate in high gear. How to Make My Sons Power Wheel Faster.

Low Gear Series Circuit

Wiring travels from the battery’s positive contact to the first motor in a series circuit. The wiring then continues into the second motor (essentially linking both motors) before passing through the second motor and connecting to the negative terminal of the battery.

As a result, instead of receiving 12V of electricity from a parallel circuit, each motor only receives 6V. As a result of receiving substantially less power, the motors cause the car to travel in low gear. How to Make Power Wheel Faster.

Safety Note Before You Rewire Power Wheels

When making alterations or modifications, be sure that the parts you use can manage at least the same amount of power as the prior component.

As a result of this, there will be fewer component failures, such as burnouts. Turn on any and all safety features you can find. Always remember that, safety is the primary key when you’re working with electrical components.

Steps to Rewire Power Wheels

  1. Connect the motor’s negative terminal to one of the safety switch’s two terminals. Unless your kid is in the Power Wheels seat, this switch normally prohibits the vehicle from moving.
  2. Connect the safety switch’s second terminal to the drive switch’s first terminal. For these types of toys, the drive switch serves as the gas pedal.
  3. Then connect the drive switch’s second connection to the battery’s negative terminal. The wire used for each connection should be large enough to accommodate the motor’s maximum current. For each of these connections, use black 12-gauge wire.
  4. Finally, connect the positive connection of the battery to the positive terminal of the motor with a red 12-gauge wire. By pressing the drive switch or the gas pedal, you can test the vehicle. The car should make a forward movement.

Final Thoughts

From this article, you can at first understand the internal wiring of your Power Wheels. Hence, you may then proceed to repair or rewire it with confidence, knowing that you understand how everything operated in its original configuration.

If you do this, you will be able to save money on maintenance. You can even modify your Power Wheels to be more energy efficient by using a different battery, motors, or any other electrical elements that you like. How to Make Power Wheel Go Faster.

Overall, the sequential discussion in this blog post will be very helpful for you. We’ve at first introduced all the necessary information regarding the wiring of a Power Wheel. Only, then, we’ve given the steps to rewire a power wheel. So, we hope that it’ll be good experience for you to rewire your power wheels.

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