Are Power Wheels Street Legal




Are Power Wheels Street Legal

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Are Power Wheels Street Legal

Are power wheel streets legal? Well, most of the countries do not allow power wheel cars on the roads. The primary reason behind this ban is its design.

As we all know, it runs at high speed, and it does not have any indicators or other safety features. Therefore, power wheels are not allowed to cruise on public roads.

Another reason why power wheels are not street legal is the lack of headroom. This means the driver that is driving the power wheel car is not at all safe. However, if you are driving on private property or a place with no intersections, it can be the best place to drive a power wheel.

In some exceptions, the power wheel car is allowed on the roads as well. As we mentioned earlier, most states don’t allow power wheels to roll on the roads, but that doesn’t mean all the states have similar bans on the vehicle. Some states do allow you to drive on public roads.

What Type Off Power Wheels Cars Are Allowed On The Roads

Yes, you heard it right. There are some specific models o the power wheels that are road legal. However, the primary thing that is noticed before it is allowed o the roads is its safety standards. The safety standards should be similar to the other cars on the roads.

Another thing that the government expects from the person driving the power wheels on the public roads is to have a licence.

Those specific models of the power wheels have the capacity to run the engine at 20 horsepower, and the battery is of minimum 15 kW. Such vehicles can be taken to anywhere a normal vehicle can go without any limitations.

When Can You Take Your Power Wheels Car On The Highway

If your vehicle is public road legal, that means it should have all the safety features required by the government to travel on the roads. However, highway laws and street road laws are different. The traffic flow might be more on the street roads, but people are travelling at high speed on highways. Therefore, you have to check the local requirements on the internet before travelling on the power wheels. Generally, it all depends on the state and country you are living in.

What Are The Power Wheels Car Rules in the United States Of America

The rules of each and every state in the USA about ATVs and UTVs are different. Each state has a little different set of rules. Big states like California do not allow power wheel cars and other ATVs on public roads. They only allow the use of power wheel cars on private property or any parking lot. While on the other hand, some states have some basic requirements, and they allow you to drive it on the roads after analyzing those requirements. These requirements include age limit, licence, weight etc.

We can take the example of Pennsylvania; in that state, all you have to do is be 16 years old and have a permit to drive the ATVs on the roads legally. Therefore, you can bypass the basic requirement of being 18 years old.

Safety Precautions To Take While Driving A Power Wheels Car 

There are multiple things to keep in mind while driving a road legal power wheels car. The first thing you have to keep in mind is the speed limit on the road or highway. Although it is different and it is according to the type of road. Still, it is recommended to never exceed the speed limit. You have to handle it just like any other vehicle that can reach 40 mph.

Following the traffic rules are also important. It does not matter what vehicle you are driving; you can always avoid multiple accidents by following the traffic rules. In addition to that, you should keep a check on the weight limit too. All these factors contribute equally to safety.

Usually, there is minimal charging difference also in the timings between 12-volt and 6-volt batteries, also much of the 12-volt power wheels battery that needs to charge and its suggestions mentioned above apply here.


For 18 hours, charge a fresh 6-volt battery of the power wheels (minimum).

keep the car charged after every use

Never charge for more than 30 hours.

It can only be charged once a month if you haven’t used it much and are willing to keep it for all the purposes.

Use the correct charger while charging your Power Wheels battery.

Using the incorrect type of power wheel chargers that could result in a fire or explosion, this can also result in many issues.

See your owner’s manual or the dealer for verification that can guide you to use the right type of the power wheel battery.

Know starting Charging, Are Power Wheels Street Legal

Before charging the Battery, make it a habit to check your charger along with your battery, also all the other connectors which might cause any serious issue later.

You do not charge with a defective or overly worn charger for your safety. Are Power Wheels Street Legal?

Trying to charge any already broken or otherwise already damaged or not working batter that is particularly risky; as these all type of batteries possess sulfuric acid, which, if it spread or can do severe harm.


The power wheels car is allowed on the streets and highways under special circumstances. You can cruise on your power wheel if you have all the legal documents, such as a licence. But one thing you have to keep in mind while driving on the roads is the state rules and regulations. If you are not following those rules and regulations, you might be fined. However, the primary concern is human safety; if you follow the government rules and laws, you will save yourself and the other people on the road. So, this was all from our side, now it’s your decision to see which power wheels car will be suitable for your state.

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