How Fast Does A 24V Power Wheel Go




How Fast Does A 24V Power Wheel Go

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How Fast Does A 24V Power Wheel Go

How Fast Does A 24V Power Wheel Go? Kids have a special affection towards electric toys these days, and among the most popular electric toys lies the power wheels. They are a great source of entertainment for boys especially. Power wheels are rideable electric cars that bring an exciting experience into a kid’s life. 

Many parents opt to purchase these toy cars, but before buying, there are a series of questions that arise in one’s mind. The most important one is the speed. As power wheels are rideable toy cars, you must ensure a kid’s safety before allowing him to drive one of these. 

If you know about battery-powered power wheels, you know that different batteries have different top speeds that you can get from the electric motor. In this article, we will explain different battery volts and tell you how fast a 24V power wheel goes specifically. 

An Intro To Power Wheels

Whenever there is a discussion on drivable electric toy cars, power wheels are a must-to-take name. They are among the top brands that are manufacturing electric toy cars presently. Power wheels make cars for kids of every age group as their models come in various sizes. 

Overall, these cars are the perfect package to motivate kids to play and develop driving skills. Kids love to drive one of these, which is why these toy cars are so much popular.

What Is The Age Limit To Use Power Wheels

It make cars for kids of every age group so that all your kids can enjoy them equally. Power Wheels cars vary in terms of battery power, speed, and size. The starting age to use power wheels cars is 3 Years if the kids want to operate it themselves. However, these cars also come with remote control, so you can also operate them. This way, kids younger than three years can also enjoy riding in one of the power wheels. 

As stated before, the size and power various with the age group, and the maximum age limit to use power wheels is eight years. However, if your child is lucky enough to be slim and lightweight, they will enjoy it for a couple of more years. 

It is tend to have heavy motor cars that go faster for older kids to provide an excellent experience. It’s recommended to choose the right-sized power wheels for your kid that could last and be usable for a longer period. 

Who Can Drive Power Wheels

Power wheel cars are kid-sized, so only kids can drive them. But there are different models for various age groups. Power wheel cars vary from small to medium and large size models so that all of your kids can enjoy this exciting ride equally. 

The minimum recommended age group to drive these cars is three years, but you have the choice to have remote control and operate the car by yourself. It will let your kids younger than three years sit and enjoy riding these electric cars. 

In addition to the starting range models, heavier and more spacious models are made for kids aged between seven to eight years. 

The car’s batteries play an equal role in parallel to the size of these models to determine which one is suitable for what aged kids. Smaller cars use light batteries, whereas bigger cars use more powerful batteries. 

Power Wheels Cars Speed and Fast Does A 24V Power Wheel Go

As stated earlier, power wheels use specific batteries for cars to be used by children in different age groups. In this way, the company ensures the safety of young kids by keeping a light battery that won’t make the car go faster than necessary. 

Different models of power wheels run at speeds between 2.5 miles per hour to as fast as six miles per hour. The 2.5 MPH variant is suitable for kids aged between one to four years. The low-speed won’t do any damage while bumping into things.

As older kids like faster-running cars with a thrilling driving experience, power wheels use heavy batteries that let them reach the top speed of six miles per hour. It keeps both safety and enjoyability into consideration. 

How Fast Can These Cars Go With 24V Batteries and A 24V Power Wheel Go

  1. A 6V battery is the starting range that is used in small cars. These batteries are not powerful but enough to make the car move decently with the kid’s load. A power wheel car can go as fast as 2.5 miles per hour with a 6V battery. 
  2. For kids older than four years, there are medium-sized car models that use a bigger battery having 12V power. It moves the motor to run the car at a top speed of four miles per hour. These batteries are considered to be decent enough to let your kids enjoy while maintaining a limited speed. 
  3. On the third comes the most powerful manufactured batteries. They are 24V batteries that are the heaviest in their category. It powers the car to go at six miles per hour. These batteries are used in bigger cars and are only recommended once your kids learn effective driving skills. 


There is no doubt that power wheels are an amazing invention to let your kids be the driver of their cars. It lets them learn how to drive during their childhood days. But keeping everything under your observation will ensure your child’s safety. 

By reading this short article, you must be clear about the battery’s powers and how fast the car goes on different batteries. So must decide how much power you are willing to allow under your child’s foot. 

A plus factor for these power wheels is that their batteries are replicable. So you can always replace the batteries with heavier ones your kids learn to drive and are ready to handle a more speedy car.  

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