How to Replace Battery in Power Wheels




How to Replace Battery in Power Wheels

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Is your power wheel dead or doesn’t last long? Are you looking for how to replace battery in power wheels? Then we will say you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about a complete procedure to change the battery of the power wheel.

Faulty batteries can never be a feature of a standard power wheel. Because it spoils the kids’ riding fun which you as a parent surely don’t like. By upgrading a battery, you can re-present your child’s ride-on power wheel as a means of great enjoyment. So if you want to get a power wheel’s battery replacement guide, stick to the end of this article.

How to Replace Battery in Power Wheels

In terms of replacing battery in power wheels, you may feel a little confused. But to get rid of that confusion, we will give you some simple steps. By doing this, you will be able to easily apply the battery replacement formula. If you want to get additional info, you can learn about How To Modify A Power Wheels To Go Faster.

However, to replace the battery you need some tools such as a screwdriver, voltmeter, wire cutter, wire stripper, electric tape, fuse which you can collect from the local shop. Now, the steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Collect a New Battery

Before replacing the battery, you need to collect a battery that is compatible with the power wheel. There are many battery options available in the market for the power wheel. Generally, you can choose the drill battery or lawn battery option. Because they come with a DC-DC connection base. But it is best if you buy the battery from the official store.

On the other hand, buy according to the model of your vehicle. For this, look for the description, amp measurement of the existing battery. Because incorrect battery voltage is never ideal for a power wheel. You may be able to modify the battery with the help of a conversion kit. But that is a different matter. Here we are just replacing the battery. So we have nothing to do with old batteries.

Step 2: Choose a Working Space

In the second step, you have to select a working area. This is because some parts may need to be separated when replacing the battery from the power wheel. At that time, you have to unhook different screws. It is best to have an open space so that the screws of any parts are not random or lost. This space can be a garage or the roof of the house. However, make sure that the place is flat.

Step 3: Locate Your Battery

Now find out where your power wheel battery is. Typically, the battery location of the power wheel is under the hood or under the seat position. Now lock the battery location of your vehicle. Because if you can’t access the battery, you can’t start the main process in any way. If you can’t track the battery location of your power wheel, use the manual.

Step 4: Remove the Old Battery

Now, remove the power wheel’s existing battery. The battery will be attached with some wire connections and screws. So in the beginning, detach the wire harness. Then disconnect the nuts with a screwdriver. However, when disconnecting the wire harness, make sure that no connection is damaged. Of course, if you find an error in the old wire system, you can attach a new connector if you want to.

Step 5: Place the New Battery and Connection

After removing the old battery from the battery compartment of the power wheel, you need to replace the new one. Then it’s your turn to attach the connection to that battery. To attach a connection you need to understand the positive and negative connections. You will find some white or red and some black wire. Here, white or red wires indicate a positive sign, while black wires indicate a negative connection.

Now first include the negative connection. To do this, check the two terminals of the battery with a voltmeter. Then you can easily understand which a positive is and which a negative terminal is. Now just attach the black wires of the vehicle to the negative terminal of the battery. Repeat the same task for a positive connection. However, when attaching a positive connection, place a fuse between them.

Step 6: Secure the Connection and Clean Thoroughly

Next, reassemble the battery with all the screws. Wrap it with electric tape to secure the connection. Then from there, no spark will be created. Also, cut the length of the stripper evenly if any. Then clean all the dust. Because part of the extra wire or tape is unsafe for the vehicle.

Step 7: Run a Test Drive

Lastly, make sure your connection is correct. So, test the power wheel. Push the accelerator and notice if the rear wheel is turning well. If the rear wheel of the vehicle spins, it means you are on the right track. Even a few minutes ride with your child. If full power is produced from the engine then you can be sure.

If you can properly apply the above steps, you will be able to successfully complete the battery in your power wheel. If you want to get any other information in this regard, we are sharing with you How To Make Power Wheels Battery Last Longer. We hope you find this guide helpful.

How to Take Care of the Power Wheel’s Battery?

The most effective way to take care of a power wheel battery is to charge it properly. This means charging the battery moderately. Make sure that the battery is never overcharged. However, the battery life will continue to decrease.

As a result, your child will have fewer riding periods which will not be able to fulfill his pleasure. Therefore, we suggest you charge for a certain period depending on the capacity and voltage of the battery. Tips about How Long To Charge A Power Wheels Battery.


By replacing the power wheel battery, you can speed up your child’s favorite vehicle. Not only this, with the help of Power Wheel you can make it suitable for long period rides. We hope you find this article informative.

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