How to Make Power Wheels Jeep Faster




How to Make Power Wheels Jeep Faster

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Well, today we will learn How to Make Power Wheels Jeep Faster. In this article, we will discuss how you can easily make a power wheels Jeep very fast. Read the whole article carefully and speed up your child’s power wheels Jeep. Power wheels Jeep are a great toy for kids, with which they can have a lot of fun. They get driving experience through these toy Jeeps and are aware of traffic rules.

However, these Jeeps become slower after a few days of use, but the kids want to go faster. Then they don’t want to play with it anymore. You may be wondering how to speed up your child’s power wheels. Also, you can make it faster just by changing some things in the toy car. Even, you can make all these changes yourself.

How to Make Power Wheels Jeep Faster

Now that you know that power wheels can be made faster, the next question is how? The easiest way to make Power Wheels run faster is to upgrade some of them. Over time, the batteries become weak, or the tires run out, as we use the power wheels when we are kids. Then its speed decreases. So let’s find out how to increase the speed of this toy car. If you are interested to know more tips, you can go with How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge.

Replace the Battery

The first thing you need to change in your Jeep is the car battery. But before you change the battery, you need to check the features of the existing power wheel battery. You need to make sure that the battery you choose matches the current battery closely. Most power wheels on the market come with 6-volt or 12-volt batteries. If your car has a 12V battery then you may want to change it to an 18V or 24V battery.

Because the higher the battery voltage, the higher the speed can be achieved from your power wheels. But you also need to buy a new 30-amp fuse with the battery. Moreover, you need to add new wires to the power wheels car. Because if you add high voltage, the whole wire cannot take this voltage and as a result, it burns. To get extra info, follow How Do I Know If My Power Wheels Battery Is Charging.

Replace the Gearbox

Power Wheels cars come with plastic gears and these cars maintain speeds of 3mph-4mph. These plastic gears may wear out over time. Moreover, if you are using a high voltage battery then you must install a new gearbox in the car. Because the old gearbox can’t take the new high voltage battery pressure, so a new one is needed.

When you buy a gearbox, you have to buy one that is compatible with the voltage of the battery. Your child’s power wheels can be manually modified to improve vehicle speed and torque. Typically, the gearbox comes with pinion gears attached to the motor. These gearboxes are equipped with first, second, third, and final drive gears. Of course, you have to buy a new gearbox to increase the speed of the car.

Change the Electronic Speed Controller

Do you know what electronic speed controller is? If you don’t know, then find out. An electronic speed controller is a device that tells the battery how much power to send to the power wheels. Moreover, this device also controls the battery and the wheel. You will need an ESC knot when you install the electronic speed controller in the car.

This ESC kit will give your child a more realistic driving experience. The ESC knot is used to adjust the amount of power in the vehicle. You can make or buy an ESC knot yourself. When you’re done, secure with duct tape.

Change the Motor

The motor is the most important part of your child’s power wheels. If you want to speed up the car then you have to change its motor. However, when you buy a car motor, it must be compatible with the power wheels battery. For example, if you bought a 16V battery for your child’s car, then you must have an 18-volt battery.

If you add a 24 volt motor with an 18-volt battery, your car will catch fire. The speed controller and gearbox will also catch fire. So you have to keep this in mind to avoid accidents. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery Without The Charger.

Additional Tips to Make Power Wheels Jeep More Fastest

Below are some additional tips to make your child’s Power Wheels car faster:

  • Check if your child’s toy car tires need air. If necessary, re-flatten them using an air pump or compressor.
  • Make sure the toy car wheel axles and bearings are in good condition. This will help your Power Wheels car to stabilize on rough terrain.
  • Make sure the car is in good condition. If you think that any of the car wires need to be changed, Then do it.
  • But when connecting it, keep in mind which battery terminal is positive and which is negative. Moreover, you can find it by reading the hope instructions with the battery.
  • Many times the voltage drops in the car battery. That’s why you can buy a motor controller and install it in the car.
  • Make sure your car battery is in a safe range. If the battery gets too hot or too cold, your battery life will dramatically decrease.


After reading this guideline, now you know how to make a Power Wheels car even faster. We hope that with these strategies in mind you will feel more ready to change your child’s Power Wheels car. These processes above will help speed it up for kids who want to have more fun outside. You can easily complete this transformation task. A high-speed car will help your child to improve his motor skills, even they will enjoy their driving very much. We hope that you’ve found a good helper to speed up the power wheels.

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