How To Make A Power Wheels Car Faster




How To Make A Power Wheels Car Faster

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Learn How To Make A Power Wheels Car Faster

Well, the topic- how to make a power wheels car faster is extensive. It can include a couple of ways to make the vehicle go faster. A power wheel that can barely manage 2mph (3.2kph) for a lengthy amount of time may not impress your child.

The good news is that you can increase the speed of your electric wheels. Most power wheels go at 2 to 3 mph and are powered by a 6-volt battery (3.2kph to 4.8kph). You can enhance the speed of your power wheel to 6 mph with a few simple changes (9.7kph).

In many cases, these adjustments are straightforward and affordable to implement. Many of these might well require a fundamental grasp of electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as a substantial financial investment. But, we’ll show you simple steps to make your power wheels go faster.

Change the Motor to Speed up Power Wheels Car

Changing the motor on your power wheels might be a great method to boost the speed and torque. If you increase the power and speed of your power wheel batteries, you risk burning the original motor that came with your power wheels. Power wheels can also be kept from burning out by changing the motor.

The following are the tools you’ll require:


To begin, you’ll need high-quality motors to drive the power wheels. Make sure the motor’s voltage corresponds to the power upgrade on your power wheels. For example, to run your 18-volt battery, you might require an 18-volt motor.

An 18-volt battery would work well with a Traxxas 5675 Titan 775 Motor 10-Turn 16.8 Volts. You can find the product on amazon. How to Convert Power Wheels to 18v Milwaukee.


To match your gears, you’ll need pinion gears with enough teeth. So, to determine the correct size, open your gearbox and count the number of teeth on your pinion gears. This Redcat Racing RCL-H012 Motor Pinion Gear (10T) from Amazon might be the ideal one for you if your gear has ten teeth.

Heat Sink

To dissipate heat, heat sinks increase the surface area of your gadget. When you use a heat sink in your setup, the chances of your motor overheating becomes less. Hence, if you decide to include one, I recommend the Hobbypark 2-Pack Aluminum Electric Motor Heat Sink from Amazon.

How to Change the Motor?

  • Remove the lug nuts.
  • To gain access to the gearbox, remove the wheels.
  • Disconnect the wires from the gearbox to remove it.
  • Those screws that keep the motor and gearbox together are going to have to be loosening up.
  • Tighten the pinion onto the shaft of the new motor.
  • Conduct a test to ensure that the cables are in proper connection. Also, ensure the wheels are turning in the same direction.
  • Heat sinks and wires can be attached to motherboards using zip ties.
  • It’s time to take your power wheels for a spin.

Change Battery with a Bigger Battery

Even with larger batteries, the maximum speed on power wheels is 6mph. But, here are the tools requirement for replacing battery. How to Install Power Wheels Battery.


First, you’ll need to replace your old battery with a larger one. The battery’s capacity is determined by your desired speed and the gear’s power. Generally, use 18- or 20-volt batteries. Adding higher voltage batteries may damage your gear.

Your battery should also include a fuse. A 30 or 40amp fuse should suffice. The battery fuse may blow out under stress, such as climbing a hill or running over difficult terrain. Amazon has 2 Pack 3.6Ah Ni-Mh PC18B Replacement for Porter Cable 18V Battery, or you can use an 18-volt drill or leaf blower battery.

They are cheap and last a long time. You may be interested in these Milwaukee 48-11-1852 M18 REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Ah Extended Capacity Batteries. They cost more but provide more power for longer.


You’ll need a ten or twelve gauge cable to connect your new battery to your power wheels. Stranded wire with an AWG rating is more flexible and less likely to break. BNTECHGO 12 Gauge Silicone Wire in black and red is available for a low price on Amazon.

Crimp Links

To connect the cable to the new battery and the power wheels battery terminal, you’ll need crimp connectors. Crimp the wire ends shut after inserting them into the crimp connectors.

Check out these Baomain Male Quick Disconnect Vinyl Insulated Spade Wire Connectors on Amazon if you’re not sure what to get. They’re inexpensive and suitable for wires with a diameter of 10 to 12 AWG.


Your crimper will let you cut wires, peel wire covers, and crimp wires to connectors. The crimper has padded handles to ease hand pressure.


If you’re extra cautious, consider an inline fuse. To avoid your new battery exploding. These are simple to add to your connection and can save you money on batteries. Amazon sells the MCIGICM 12 AWG Inline Fuse Holder with a 30 A blade fuse.

Steps to Change Battery in Power Wheels

  • The first step is to remove the old battery from your power wheels’ battery terminal.
  • Add male crimp connectors to both ends of each wire to create two custom cables.
  • The battery’s negative and positive terminals should have connection to the cables.
  • A positive-positive and a negative-negative connection to the battery terminal of your power wheels should be the other end of the two wires.
  • Make sure your battery is secure.
  • Try out your newer, more powerful power wheels.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s how you can speed up your power wheels faster. There’re more ways to do so. But, changing the motor and the battery are two effective ways to do so. Find out- How to Convert Power Wheels to 20v Dewalt.

Even if the battery is not being used, it should be charged once a month. This helps to maintain the battery’s ability to hold a charge. The most frequent replacements are 12V batteries, which can be recharged easily.

The battery should be charged for at least 14 hours after each use. The battery should never be entirely depleted while it is being used. The battery’s lifespan will be shortened if you let it go down to zero.

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