How to Convert a 12 Volt Power Wheels to 24 Volt




How to Convert a 12 Volt Power Wheels to 24 Volt

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Well, today we will discuss how to convert a 12 volt power wheels to 24 volt. You know that a Power Wheels toy car can bring joy to your child. They can enhance their driving experience with it. As they get older, they want more speed in their power wheels.

Then you could consider converting their 12-volt battery powered wheels into a 24-volt battery. Converting your child’s toy car to a 24 volt battery increases both the speed and power of the car. We will discuss in this article how to convert a 12 volt power wheels car into a 24 volt power wheels car. You can easily convert your child’s power wheels to a 24 volt battery by following these guidelines.

How to Convert a 12 Volt Power Wheels to 24 Volt

To convert a power wheels car from 12 volts to 24 volts you have to change a lot. Below are some of the things that power wheels need to change when converting batteries. So let’s start without delay. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How To Charge Paw Patrol Power Wheels.

Prepare your Workspace

The first thing you need to do before starting the conversion process is to get all the tools and equipment you need. Also, make sure there is a clean place to work. If you want to start the conversion process in the garage or basement, you can do so. We think this is the right place for you to work.

On the other hand, you need to check out a place and put everything you need together in one place. It is also important to make sure that all the parts and equipment are together before starting work. If you are interested to know more tips, you can go with How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger.

Connect the Batteries

There are two ways you can convert a 12V battery to a 24V battery. One is using a single 24V battery and the other is converting two 12V batteries together into a 24 volt battery. However, to replace the Power Wheels car battery, use two small jumper wires to connect the positive end of one battery to the negative end of the other. Make sure you’ve connected the cable correctly.

Secure the Batteries

When your cable is connected to the battery, it is now ready to be installed in the car. Batteries are usually stored in the hood or trunk of power wheels. Before installing the battery, check it carefully and make sure there is enough space to keep the battery safe. Also, make sure that the battery does not stick to any of the other wires. You can even easily connect the battery cable to the motor cable so that you can easily access it.

Connect the Batteries to the Motor

Now that the battery is installed in the car, it is time to connect the battery to the motor. Now you will notice a black and red wire coming from the car towards the battery area. You need to connect the motor using the circuit breaker you bought. Then connect the red/white wire of the breaker and the red/white jumper wire and the black wire in the black part.

Besides, you have to make sure that you combine the positives and the negatives correctly. If you do not connect the wires properly, your circuit board may burn out. Even the car will be damaged at once. So you must do the right thing while making its connection.

Ensure Everything is Secure

Finally, after connecting everything, you need to double-check that all the wiring connections are correct and that they are strong enough. No one can have his loose connection, or there could be an accident. You can also change the seat belt considering your child’s safety.

Because the battery speed increases the speed of the car, so the seat belt will be very necessary. If all of the car connections are OK, then the car is now ready for the ride. Your child can now go out for high-speed travel with it. If you want to know more information about this topic, you can follow this guide How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery With A Car Charger.

How to Do the Conversion

You will need tools like a screwdriver, pliers, and some duct tape to convert your child’s power wheels car. Moreover, to use the new wire in the car you need to buy 12g new wire. Turn the car around and start upgrading, removing the old ones and replacing them with new ones. First, remove the old wires and replace them with a new one.

Do not disrupt the wire when changing it, work slowly. Because if the cable connection is reversed, an accident can happen. You will need to replace the fuses when replacing the Power Wheels car battery. Normally you need a 20 amp fuse for a 24 volt battery. Replacing the fuses is very important, as these fuses balance the voltage. Once the fuses have been replaced, you can now convert the power wheels to a 24 volt battery.

Flip the car over and replace the 12-volt battery with a 24-volt battery. You will also need to replace the old gearbox on your power wheels. You need to buy a new gearbox fitted with a 24V battery and set it up in the car. If you do not change the gearbox, you can put it and the gears at risk of being shorted out. So of course you need to put a new gearbox on the power wheels car.


As you can see above, we have discussed how you can convert the battery of a power wheels car from 12 volts to 24 volts. Converting batteries is not a difficult task, you can do it yourself. You can do this very well by following the guidelines above. You will not need any expert for this small change. We hope that you find out how to change the power wheels battery.

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