How to Convert a 12v Power Wheels to 24v

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The toy car has a lot to change when you change the battery of the power wheels. You need to know this before you start the conversion process. Well,  in this article we will discuss how to convert a 12v power wheels to 24v. So let’s get started without delay.

If your kid loves speed and he wants to go faster with his Power Wheels car. Then you can convert your child’s power wheels car from a 12V battery to 24 volt battery to make it more powerful and dynamic.

Why Would You Upgrade a 12V Battery?

It is very easy to convert a Power Wheels car from a 12V battery to a 16V or 24V battery. When you convert from a 12V battery to a 24 volt battery, you can make 24V batteries with two 12V batteries if you want. It is powered by a Power Wheels car upgraded to a 24 volt battery. Then with this car, your kids can enjoy their journey in any difficult terrain or on wet grass.

Moreover, with the battery upgrade, it became very dynamic. Your kids will be able to travel faster with it. Moreover, converting from a 12V battery to a 24 volt battery is not a difficult task and it is very affordable to buy a new car. Your power wheels depend on the battery life of the car depending on how long it will last. If this is the first time you have changed the battery, you need to be patient. Everything is a matter of time.

How to Convert a 12v Power Wheels to 24v

Below we will discuss how to convert a power wheel’s battery and what else the car needs to change. Let’s find out without delay. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How Long Does It Take To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.

Check Size of the Battery

You need to consider the size of the battery before replacing the Power Wheels car battery. Typically, power wheels have a sticker with the car battery that indicates the size of the battery. The position of the battery under the hood of the power wheels car, Try to measure the battery space there.

Also, make sure that the size of the new battery you buy is compatible with your child’s power wheels. If all goes well you can buy new batteries now. You can follow this guide to get an idea of ​​how to replace the battery How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge.

Check the Brand

The power wheels are color-coded to identify the brand of the car battery. You have to look at the color to know which brand of battery it is. Make sure you check the color of the top of the battery to determine the color type of battery you need before converting. For example, Power Wells batteries come in two colors, green and red.

If your battery is painted red then you need to buy a red battery. This is because red batteries do not work on vehicles that come in green. But first, make sure that you have a replacement battery from a specific brand manufacturer for your child’s toy car. If you buy a battery from a manufacturer, it increases the chances of compatibility in your car.

Motor Capacity

As you may know, the battery of a power wheels car fuels the motor and powers the toy. Generally, you have to look at the capacity of the motor when you convert from 12V to 24 volts. Because most power wheels come with a 12-volt engine, which cannot withstand the power of a 24-volt battery.

When you upgrade the motor power of the power wheels to 24 volts, the 12-volt motors start burning within 2-3 months. So it would be best to buy a 24-volt motor to replace the 12-volt engine for your power wheels.

Change the Fuses

It is also important to replace the fuses in the power wheel wheels. This is because these fuses ensure that there is no excess voltage transmitted in the circuit. So these fuses need to be replaced as the batteries change. For a 24 volt battery, you need to buy a 20 amp fuse. So make sure you change the fuses along with the battery.

Change the Gearbox

With the gearbox, you control your power wheels. When you convert from a 12V battery to a 24 volt battery. Then you must buy a new gearbox compatible with a 24-volt battery and motor. Usually, a 12V power wheels car runs at 5MPH. But after converting it to a 24 volt battery, it can go up to 6MPH. There is a new gearbox called speed controller board, it will give you control of the whole car.

Once the new gearbox is installed in the car, you need to make sure that it is working properly. It is very important to change the gearbox. Because the gearbox of a 12V battery car cannot take the pressure of a 24V battery. If not, do not change the gearbox. Then your child’s power wheels can burn out the entire circuit of the car and cause an accident. So you must change it for the safety of your child and safe riding.

Change the Seat Belts

It is always important to change the seat belt of the car for the safety of your child. When the car is converted from a 12V battery to a 24 battery, its speed will also increase. So you need to change the seat belt of your child’s power Bethel car considering the safety of your child. If you are interested to know more tips, you can go with How Long To Charge 6 Volt Power Wheels Battery.


Above we have discussed how to convert a 12-volt battery power wheels car into a 24-volt battery. As we have said before, converting a power wheels battery is a very simple task. You don’t need a skilled person to do this, you can do it yourself. Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to convert your child’s Power Wheels car battery.