How to Charge Paw Patrol Power Wheels




How to Charge Paw Patrol Power Wheels

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Surely you know that any electric or mechanical machine needs a charge to work. Today, the use of electrical components is going on rapidly in our daily life. The kids aren’t out of it either. Nowadays, many children like to ride the power wheel. This power wheel has a rechargeable battery. Although there are many power wheel options in the market, Paw Patrol is one of the best. Now how to charge Paw Patrol power wheels?

Power wheel charging is an important responsibility of parents. Because many of them do not know the correct method of charging the power wheel. In this article, we will tell you about the charging process of Paw Patrol power wheels. So keep reading till the end of the article.

How to Charge Paw Patrol Power Wheels

There are different ways to charge Paw Patrol power wheels. But here we will tell you about the easiest way to charge. This way you can charge your power wheel regularly without any issue. There are also some important steps and tips to keep in mind when it comes to charging the power wheel.

No worries! We will also share those with you in this article. So read carefully the steps and tips below to make your child’s ride even greater. If you want to know extra information, you can read How To Charge A Power Wheels Battery 6 Volt. Then dive into the details without any delay.

Step 1

You must first unplug the battery ports before charging the Paw Patrol Power Wheel battery. Now find out where the charging ports of the power wheel battery are. Normally, the charging ports of the power wheel battery are under the hood. So open the hood and access the charging ports.

If you want to charge directly without removing the battery, that is also possible. For this, you need to complete the charging process through an adapter. When you go to charge your Paw Patrol power wheel, you will notice an adapter port on the dashboard. To make it a little clearer, it’s on the left side of the steering wheel.

Step 2

All you have to do after completing the first step is attach the charger to the battery charging ports or the power jack. So do it properly. Now find any power source nearby. At this stage, you need to connect the charger to that power outlet. But remember, never use the wrong charger. Here, the wrong charger refers to the discrepancy of voltage, amperage, power with the battery. So follow the necessary instructions of the charger before charging the battery.

Step 3

Once the second step is complete you have nothing to do. You need to give the power wheel enough time to charge now. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. However, the charging time will vary based on the model. For example, the charging period for the 6V, 12V, or 24V Paw Patrol power wheel will never be the same.

On the other hand, the charging time may vary depending on the condition of the battery. For example, if your battery is completely new and has 12 volts, then it is ideal to charge for at least 15 to 18 hours. The same time will be applicable for 24 volt model vehicles. Of course, for the 6 volt model, that time will be a bit shorter. Approximately 8 to 10 hours of charging will suffice.

When the vehicle is fully charged, detach the charger from the battery. If you have unplugged the battery then reinstall it in the vehicle’s battery compartment. Note that there is no need to unplug the battery when charging through the direct power wheel adapter port.

Why the Right Charger is Necessary for Power Wheel Charging?

Power wheel users must know that they come with a rechargeable battery. Typically, those batteries are DC type. Now the life of these batteries depends on some factors. One of the important facts is the specific charging period. If you do not regularly charge the power wheel battery on time, you can never expect a large service from it.

Proper charging session prolongs battery life. So if you want your child’s power wheel to maintain its perfect condition, you must charge the battery a certain amount. To get more info, you can simply follow this guide How Long To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.

Apart from the above reasons, here is why the right charger is needed for the power wheel.

  • If the right power wheel is charged with a proper charger, it will help to process the chemicals. As a result, the battery will gain extra power.
  • How perfect your power wheel performance is will depend on the charge. For this, it is very important to charge the battery with the right volt charger.
  • If you charge your child’s power wheel with the wrong charger, it can affect the battery. When the battery is affected, its charging period will also be reduced.

So it became clear how safe a right charger could be for that power wheel.

Which Charger Will be Perfect for Paw Patrol Power Wheel?

So far you know the role of the right charger for the power wheel. Now the question may arise in your mind which charger would be perfect for the Paw Patrol power wheel. Well, a variety of power wheel battery chargers are available in the market. Of these, three chargers are the most commonly used. Such as:

  • 12v – 1 amp charger
  • 6v -1 amp charger
  • 6v – 350 mwah charger

The above three chargers will also allow your Paw Patrol power wheel to charge with the correct unit. It will serve the same power. Not only for the Paw Patrol power wheel but also all other power wheels. There is also another type of charger called a universal charger. You can use it if you want. However, if you use a charger or adapter that comes with the best vehicle. To get more detail. Learn about How To Charge A Power Wheels.


We hope that through this article you have found the right way to charge your Paw Patrol Power Wheel. If you follow the steps above, you will be able to charge properly. However, the right charger is a prerequisite for proper charging.

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