How To Charge Power Wheels By Fisher Price




How To Charge Power Wheels By Fisher Price

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When it comes to power wheel batteries, the Fisher Price battery is one of them. They are equally compatible with 8V, 12V, or 24V power wheels. In terms of quality, this battery is ideal for power wheels. So how to charge power wheels by Fisher Price?

Charging a fixed amount of time is essential for each power wheel. Fisher Price base power wheel is no exception. However, that charging period will vary according to the model of the power wheel. If your power wheel belongs to the Fisher Price brand, then follow this article carefully.

How To Charge Power Wheels By Fisher Price

Learning how to charge power wheels by Fisher Price is very essential. As a conscious parent, you need to have a thorough understanding of your child’s power wheel charging process. Otherwise, the power wheel will not provide your child with a long-lasting riding performance. For this reason, we are going to highlight the Fisher Price power wheel charging method simply. By the way, here we will show the charging method for the 12 volt Fisher Price Power Wheel Battery.

Step 1

Feature Price You must first select a charger to charge the battery. It is best to use a charger that comes with a power wheel. If for some reason that charger is missing or disabled, we recommend that you use a smart charger. When choosing a smart charger, adjust its voltage, power, and chemistry to match the battery.

The wrong charger can never be ideal for any battery. Be it any power wheel or any other electric device. Because the wrong charger will supply the wrong power to the battery. This will cause adverse reactions in the battery. Even the battery of your child’s favorite vehicle can be destroyed. As a parent, you probably don’t want that.

Step 2

Once the charger is collected, find out where the charging ports of the power wheel battery are. Because the charging ports or jacks are the place to connect the charger. Depending on the power wheel model, the location of the charging jack may vary.

In the case of the Fisher Price Power Wheel, the charging ports are either behind the hood or on the dashboard. Now, check which part of your vehicle has those charging ports. Once you have found those charging ports, connect the charger there.

Step 3

After connecting the charger to the charging port you need to find a secure power source. The reason for finding a safe power source is so that children do not come in contact with any charger or electricity. It is also safe for the baby. So charging locations should always be free of high traffic.

When you later connect the charger to the source, you do not have much work to do. Now, you need to wait until the battery is fully charged. However, never charge overnight. This causes the battery to overcharge. Overcharging is not good for any battery. You can monitor frequently to avoid any accidents.

Once the battery charge is complete, disconnect the charger from the power source. Similarly, remove the charger point from the power wheel’s charging ports or jack. Now your child’s vehicle is ready for riding. Without a full charge, never allow your child a power wheel ride. If you want to get more information. You can learn about the How To Charge A Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery.

How Long Does Fisher Price Power Wheel Need to Charge?

Well, it depends on which model of power wheel you are using. This is because each powered wheel has a separate charging period. If you use a 6 volt power wheel, 8 to 10 hours is enough. On the other hand, if you own a 12 volt power wheel, 12 to 14 hours of charging is ideal. Similarly, a similar period will apply for charging a 24 volt power wheel.

Typically, power wheel batteries are DC type. So never use an AC voltage source to charge them. This can lead to any kind of accident like a burst or explosion. However, power wheel batteries are capable of withstanding adverse conditions. Even then, due to caution, any major problem can be avoided. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How Long to Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery.

Find If Your Kids’ Power Wheel Battery is Charging or Not

Finding your kids’ power wheel is charging or not is not a very difficult task. In this case, a smart charger may be best for you. This is because the charger that comes with the power wheel model may not have that capability. But the smart charger is able to inform you about the charging condition. Because the charger has a light indicator.

If the battery indicator is glowing or displays red light, your battery is charging. When that light indicator stops flickering or shows a green light, the battery is fully charged. One of the best benefits of taking out a smart charger is that it will keep your battery free from overcharging. This will keep your power battery safe which will ensure long-term ride performance.

What is the Correct Time to Replace the Charger

The answer to this question is difficult to say. But when you feel that your battery is not charging properly or you are not getting the expected ride session after charging the amount, you should replace the old one with a new charger. Usually, when the charger stops working, there is a shortfall in the charging period. In this regard, replace the charger quickly. Otherwise, it may affect the battery.

You can take the help of any popular eCommerce site to get a new replacement battery. Moreover, you can collect from Power Wheel brand authentic dealers. But never buy a power wheel battery from a third party. Because they will never be able to deliver the original product to you. Learn about How To Change Power Wheels Battery.


We hope you find the right way to charge Fisher Price Power Wheel through this article. If so, follow the instructions in this guide. When charging the battery, make sure that it is never overcharged.

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