Which Power Wheels Are The Fastest




Which Power Wheels Are The Fastest

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Which Power Wheels Are The Fastest

Which Power Wheels Are The Fastest? A 12V Power Wheel car can go up to 4-5 miles per hour. The greater voltage in 12V models allows for faster acceleration and power output, making it faster than a 6V Power Wheel car, which travels at roughly 1-3 MPH. However, if they use a different battery type or a lighter car, a 12V Power Wheel car isn’t always faster than a 6V.

Whenever there is a conversation about drivable electric toy cars, fisher price power wheels is a must to take the name; it’s one of the top brands that manufacture kids toy cars. Fisher-price Power Wheels cars are rechargeable and use electric batteries to power the motor. It provides a thrilling experience to the little champs, and there is no better substitute to encourage kids for outdoor activities. 

Kids like power wheels, but there are various concerns that a parent needs to go through while maintaining power wheels. Some of the trendy questions that everyone asks about these fisher price power wheels maintenance includes:

  1. What batteries are available to be used in fisher price power wheels 
  2. How long to charge 
  3. What are the safety measures to be taken while purchasing? 

If you are the one finding the answer to a similar question like these, this article is a must-read for you as there are multiple things explained regarding fisher price power wheels batteries.  

Power Wheels Batteries 

The fisher price power wheels are famous for making car models for kids of every age group. Any aged kids drive their cars. But for different models, there are different batteries too. For example, a smaller kid is lightweight, and the car is small, so there is a lighter battery requirement. But grown kids are considerably heavier, and their car models are also bigger, so you require a heavier and more powerful battery to move the car and provide enough speed. This battery concept is explained in detail below:

  1. Fisher-price power wheels 6V battery 

The fisher price power wheels six v battery is manufactured for small cars that are to be driven by kids younger than four years. These batteries provide the maximum speed of three miles per hour, so they stand among the safest powering batteries 

  1. Fisher-price power wheels 12v battery 

The second battery for fisher price models is the heavy 12V battery. It’s powerful and used in standard variants. A power wheel car can go at a top speed of four miles per hour using these batteries. They are popular due to the safe speed and limiter power that it provides to the electric motor.

  1. Fisher-price power wheels heavier 24V batteries 

The third battery that fisher price manufacturers are the heavy 24V battery. It’s the most powerful battery in their category that gives a top speed of six miles per hour. The 24v batteries are for kids who have learned enough driving skills and are eligible to drive fast on the streets. So these batteries are not recommended for amateur kids. 

How Long To Charge Power Wheels That are The Fastest

The fisher price power wheels have batteries for all the models. The specified batteries are recommended for different variants. After having a clear knowledge about these batteries, read out the following recommendations to know the optimum time to charge these batteries:

Before using the fisher price power wheels car for the first time, you should charge the batteries for at least 18 hours. However, during regular use, the optimum charging time is 15 hours. The first longer charge is that it helps the batteries identify how long to operate before requiring recharging.

Make sure that you only use the specified charger will all of the fisher price power wheels batteries. A specific volts charger comes will all the batteries. For example, only a 12v charger is to be used with 12v batteries, similar to other batteries. 

Never let your kids handle batteries, and keep this duly to yourself. 

Precautions To Be Taken 

Batteries are not to be played with, so certain precautions should be taken while dealing with batteries. 

  1. Always place the batteries upward while charging, although you don’t need to take out the batteries as a charging socket is provided in the car. 
  2. Never modify the electric wires as they can cause a fire if the wires are not properly attached. 
  3. Don’t charge the batteries for more than 30 hours as it could damage the battery health.
  4. Always consult the authorised dealer in case of battery heating and don’t allow kids to use the car during such circumstances. 
  5. Always read the safety instructions provided with the car and check for any wars on charger wires and batteries before charging the batteries.

How Long To Charge A 12V battery 

The second question that arises in anyone’s mind relates to the charging time of these batteries. As power wheels batteries are rechargeable, one should have a clear idea of managing the charging time. It’s very simple if you follow the recommendations that are stated below:

After the purchase, make sure that you charge the new power wheels battery for at least 18 hours before letting your kids roll the wheels. An optimum charge before the first ride will prepare the batteries to operate longer before it requires another charge.

After every use, wait for a while, connect the charger socket to the electric car, and charge it for at least 14 hours. Make sure to let the car charge uninterruptedly to keep the battery healthy at maximum. It will let the batteries run for longer. Failing to do so will wear off the batteries soon after the purchase.

The company uses specific chargers for different batteries. Like a 12v charger is made for 12v batteries. So, make sure to use the specific charger for the batteries you are using in the car. Using the wrong charger will damage the batteries and even cause a fire if a heavier charger is charging a low volt battery. 


No doubt, power wheels are the most amazing entertainment for kids nowadays. So after reading out all the necessary things about the fisher price power wheels batteries, you must be sure how long to charge them. I just ensured that it doesn’t get overcharged and never let kids plug or unplug the wires.

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