How Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go




How Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go

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How Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go

How Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go? Power wheels are an amazing kid playing machine. They are the most popular electric car manufacturing company known for their superior quality and durable toy car manufacturing. Power wheels have the best variety in terms of the car’s size, battery power, and motor that runs the wheels. The following article will let you know all the details about power wheels car batteries and how fast power Wheels go on different batteries.

What Is Power Wheels

If you have kids, especially boys, then power wheels must be a familiar term for you. They are among the leading companies that manufacture kids’ electric toy cars. The company deals in diverse car models and sizes to make these toys available for all kids. 

Power Wheels cars are built in a kid-sized shape that provides an excellent and joyful riding experience. Kids like these cars very much, and that’s the reason why power wheels are so famous. 

How Old Must Kids Be To Drive Power Wheels

These electric toy cars are made for all your kids. A variety of size options make it suitable for kids of different age groups. The power wheels cars are available for kids older than three years. However, you can make it usable for younger kids by using the remote control and operating the car yourself. 

The small and light battery-powered models are made for three to four-year-old kids, and heavy batteries are used in bigger models to make it fast and thrilling for kids in the age group of seven to eight years. 

These electric car models are spacious, so kids older than eight can also enjoy driving one of these as long as their weight isn’t affecting the speed and plastic material of these cars. How Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go?

Overall, power wheels are a dream and desire of every kid, and the company keeps it in mind while designing its models. All of the kids can enjoy riding these cars evenly. All of you have to make sure is purchasing a durable and spacious model so that the child fits into it as he grows older. 

Speed Of Power Wheels Cars 

Power wheel cars are for kids, and the safety factor is especially considered while powering these cars. The company uses optimum batteries to keep the speed under control. In addition, there are no common batteries for all the models. 

Power wheel cars have different batteries depending upon the size of the car. The batteries are the key to controlling the top speed of electric cars, so it varies for cars made for the user’s specific age groups. 

Considering the speed, these toy cars run between 2.5 MPH to 6MPH depending upon the battery volts. Cars designed for younger kids can reach the top speed of only 2.5 miles per hour. It keeps a safe speed while your little angel is enjoying the ride. 

Manufacturers set the top speed of as fast as 6 miles per hour for older kids who are mature enough to handle these cars. It’s enough to ensure a thrilling drive experience while keeping the safety factor into consideration. 

It all depends on how heavy the battery is used in these cars; the battery ranges between 6V and 24V. The higher the volts, the faster is the car’s top speed. 

Improving The Speed Of Your Battery that Fast Does A 12v Power Wheel Go

A simple battery update from a 12v to a 24v for increased speed may appear straightforward, but it’s critical to match the new battery to your Power Wheels manufacturer components. Because a factory 12v Power Wheels has no clutch, the extra ‘punch’ of a larger battery may soon burn out your 12v engine and strip your gears. Because the stock pedal system is only an on/off switch, it will not handle the additional amperage draw.

To regulate the battery power to the motor, you’ll need to install a modified electronic power wheels speed controller (ESC). A variable-speed pedal would reduce the jerky stop-start motion worsened by the higher power in the factory settings.

How Fast Does A 12V Car Goes and A 12v Power Wheel Go

Parents are cautious about the speed while they are purchasing one of these power wheels cars. For example, you must be wondering how fast a 12V car can go and whether it’s safe for the kids. Well, reading out the following detail will help you determine if:

  1. So starting with a 6V battery, it can power the electric motor to run as fast as 2.5 miles per hour. It’s ideal for younger kids aged between one to four years. 
  2. Then comes the 12V battery, which powers the motor to run at a top speed of 4 miles per hour. This battery is considered optimum for all age groups as 4 miles isn’t unsafe for younger kids and is enough to make older kids enjoy a speedy ride. 
  3. The 24V battery gives the car a top speed of 6 miles per hour. It’s only recommended when the kid knows how to drive the toy electric car rightly. Else, he will bump it into poles, and people and the hit will be hurting. 


Power wheels are undoubtedly exceptional toy cars presently. They are great to let your kid enjoy his childhood and remember these exciting moments too. So, after reading about all the battery details and their top speeds, you must be clear about which model to buy for your kid. You can always replace the batteries with the more powerful ones once your child becomes used to driving these cars and grows older. So start with the lighter once and ensure safety first.

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