How to Replace Power Wheels Motor




How to Replace Power Wheels Motor

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Most of the time, the motor needs to be upgraded due to the power wheel’s battery modification. Also, if you upgrade your power wheel’s tire traction, it’s still important to replace the motor. For those who are looking for how to replace power wheels motor, this article is for them. Because this article will help them to know about an easy way to replace the motor.

Upgrading the power wheel’s motor increases the speed of the vehicle. There are some kids who love adventurous rides. Therefore, good traction base tires and speed mast. So to get better speed performance, replacing the motor is a very important factor. If you want to get the answer on how to replace power wheels motor, keep reading this article.

How to Replace Power Wheels Motor

To replace the power wheel’s motor, some tools are essential. They are as follow:

  • A screwdriver
  • A new motor
  • A heat sinks
  • Wires
  • Electrical tape
  • Push nuts

It is best if you have the tools to disassemble the motor and its accompanying parts. Wire and tape will be used for emergencies. Because sometimes there may be a wire shortage. To secure the connection again, the elelctrical tape is essential. Now you should have a motor for the power wheel that is compatible with the vehicle.

Before starting the motor replacement process, be sure to disconnect from all electrical connections. Another important part is disconnecting the battery. Although it is optional. But to maintain the safety of the battery and protect it from any damage, it is wise to disconnect the battery. If you want to get additional tips on motor upgrades, we will suggest you follow the best power wheels motor upgrade.

Motor Installation

By following a few simple steps, you will be able to install the motor of your power wheel. So let’s go into detail without further ado.

Step 1

To replace the motor, you must first create the access. Normally, the position of the motor of the power wheel is underneath. So start by unhooking the necessary screws or nuts. That’s why we recommend you use push nuts.

Besides, creating direct motor access can be difficult. More importantly, the power wheel’s motor is connected to the gearbox. As a result, disconnect the gearbox connection. So, remove the wheel of the vehicle. Then you can easily get access to the motor. When removing the gearbox, use the utmost care.

Step 2

Now open the motor box with the help of a screwdriver. Then take out the old motor and get ready to attach the new motor. The motor has a metal head that you can remove with a screwdriver. When removing the motor, make sure that the gearbox is not damaged in any way.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. If so, you need to add a new wire connector. It’s a matter of time and some critique. You need to remember to complete the task as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 3

Before replacing the gearbox, you need to add a flat metal to the head of your new motor. This flat head is very useful which will help the motor to rotate comfortably. Now replace the old motor with the new motor. Before closing the gearbox, you need to make sure that everything is in place.

Step 4

At this stage, all you have to do is connect the motor. Due to the color-coding in the wiring system, it is very easy to add the motor connected to the power wheel. Although most motor connections come with basic connectors and some loose wires. But if you want you can set some fancy connectors which you can get in any of your local power wheel shops.

Now connect the blue wire with the blue wire and the black wire with the black wire. Here blue wire indicates positive and black wire indicates negative connection. Strip these wires together so that a connection is built between them. At that time, insulate all visible wires with electrical tape. But never keep the wire or connection exposed. Because at any time they can come in contact with water which is very dangerous for children.

Step 5

Now attach the heat sinks to the motor. They will prevent your power wheel motor from overheating. Although heat sinks are not a compulsory thing, they are effective in extending motor life. It will take a few minutes to connect the heat sink to the top part of the motor. When installing it, make sure it is well secured and will be able to keep the motor cool.

Step 6

After replacing the new motor, now is the time to restore the vehicle. If you have detached the battery, reset it. Then test the gear and see if it works properly. If the power wheel moves in both front and rear directions after you push the accelerator, your connection is correct.

To ensure a little better, you run a test drive with your child. If you can properly maintain and apply the above steps, you will be able to properly install your motor connection. If you want to get any other extra info about the power wheel, you can check out How To Install Power Wheels Battery. With this, you will be able to get some unique info about the power wheel battery.

How Long to Upgrade the Power Wheel Motor is Ideal?

30 to 60 minutes is enough to replace the power wheel’s motor. However, this period may vary depending on some factors. Such as the power wheel’s criticality, functionality, accessibility, and so on. Because not all power wheels have the same operation and function. To get more tips regarding the power wheel, you can learn about How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger.


By updating the motor, it is possible to speed up the performance of any power wheel. Good power wheels will be able to give kids good riding pleasure. If you are looking to replace a power wheel motor for the first time, we hope you find this article helpful.

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