How to Make Power Wheels Go Faster

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Power wheels are an ideal toy for your kids. You can give your child a toy car if he likes to drive. There are many types of power wheels available in the market, you can choose any one suitable for your child. But after a few weeks of your baby driving, the car slows down. Then they don’t want to play with it anymore. If you notice that your child’s power wheels have slowed down. Then you can consider doing it faster and again your child will be attracted to it.

In this article, we will learn how to make power wheels go faster. If you do not know how to make your child’s toy car faster then this article is for you. Read the whole article carefully and move forward to speed up your child’s car.

How to Make Power Wheels Go Faster

Before you start building Power Wheels cars fast, you need to know a few things. You must consider the safety of your child when you increase the speed of the Power Wheels. Because these power wheels are made with your child’s safety in mind. However, you can easily make it faster by making some changes to the car. So let’s find out how to make the car faster. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How Long Does It Take To Put Together A Power Wheels Jeep.

Check and Replacement the Battery

You must first check that the power wheel battery is OK. Many times if the battery is bad, the car does not go fast. If you want, you can replace the power wheel with a new battery that has a higher voltage. But when you buy a new battery, you need to make sure that its voltage is consistent with the power supply to the power wheel car.

If you have a Ni-Cad battery in your power wheels, you will need to replace it with a Li-Ion battery pack. If your car battery is 12 volts then the new battery should be 18 or 24 volts. The higher the car battery voltage, the faster your child’s toy car will run.

Change the Gearbox

You can also change the speed of the car by changing the gearbox of the car. This gearbox determines how fast the power wheel will move when you turn on the gear switch. Moreover, if you have a high voltage battery installed in the car, you must change the gearbox of the car. The gearbox, on the other hand, is a two-way switch that lets your child choose between high and low gear.

Moreover, you can choose different speeds to increase the speed with the help of a gearbox. You should check if the gearbox has 2/4 switches. If your gearbox has a gearbox with 2 selectable speeds, you will be able to change both the gearbox and the motor. If you are interested to know more tips, you can go with How To Charge Fisher Price Power Wheels Battery.

Change the Electronic Speed Control

If you have a new battery and gearbox installed in the car, you must install a new electronic speed control device. Do you know the function of this electronic speed control device? Power wheels are electronic speed control devices that control the speed of motors.

When you buy a new electronic speed controller you need to see if it has four or more channels. This is very important if you want to speed up the power wheels. More channels are needed to facilitate vehicle connection with electronic speed controllers.

Try to Use Crimp Connectors

When you use a high voltage battery in the car, you must change all the connectors in the car. But it is best if you use a crimp connector. Moreover, the crimp connector works very well to give more voltage to your child’s electric car. Even if you want to connect the crimping wires a quick way to connect them. Then you no longer have to worry about wire connections, because then their solder is stronger than the joints. Also, it distributes the pressure better with the wire.

Change the Motor

One of the most important steps to increase the speed of a power wheel is to change its motor. But you have to be careful when buying a motor. Because when you install a new battery in the car, you have to buy a new motor that is compatible with that battery. For example: if you have a 24-volt battery installed in the car. Then you need to install a 24 volt motor in that car. You can never use a motor of higher voltage than this.

Custom Fabrication

Do you know what Custom Fabrication is? If you don’t know, find out. Custom Fabrication is a process in which you cut your car into different parts and add something different to create a new body. The point is to give the car a new look. You need custom-made parts of your child’s car such as a custom motor mount or custom battery box, a custom motor controller mount, and custom wiring.

These small steps will also help speed up your child’s car as well as help your child control the car more effectively. So Custom Fabrication is a very important step for a Power Wheels car. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How To Charge Power Wheels Jeep.


Be sure to give your child’s power wheels a test drive after completing all of the above steps. It is very important to give the test drive, because if there is any problem in the car then you can catch it through the test drive. Now your child’s toy car is perfectly ready to play.

Now your kids will want to have more fun outside with it and also develop their motor skills. So make these simple changes and let your child enjoy a better ride with this increased speed. However, you must consider the safety of your child. After all, you need to make sure that your child enjoys a safe ride through it.