How to Make Power Wheels Car Go Faster

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Power wheels are something special toy that every kid loves to play with them. Especially when kids develop their driving skills, these toy cars need to be fastened. By following some technical steps, you will be able to speed up your child’s power wheel. So the important question is how to make power wheels car go faster?

As a result of modern industrialization, the number of playgrounds for children is declining. So not all children get the benefit of playing field. As a result, children’s interest in electric toy items is being created on a large scale. Among them, ride-on cars are one of them. Because these are rechargeable and can run on both indoor and outdoor grounds.

In the beginning, some kids may not be able to drive the power wheels. But later, the kids became experts at managing their vehicles. Then maybe they want to make their vehicle a little faster. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways that might help you get your child’s power wheel faster.

How to Make Power Wheels Car Go Faster

When it comes to how to make power wheels car go faster, there are some simple and efficient ways. If you want to know the ways, follow the following part of the article.

Battery Adjustment

You can simply make your power wheel faster by simply adjusting a new or secondary battery. As the vehicle is powered by the same battery for a long time, its power may be slightly reduced. Generally, replacing the new battery every 1 year is a good option. Additionally, by adding an extra battery, you can speed up your child’s vehicle. For this, you need to adjust the battery according to the model of the power wheel. To know more details, go with How Fast Are Power Wheels.

Here, the power wheel model refers to a different voltage measurement. Currently, 8, 12 and 24 volt power wheels are especially suitable for children. However, with battery modification, you can make power wheels up to 100 volts. But they are not ideal for children. You do not need to be a skilled expert to modify or adjust the battery. It is enough to have some electric wire and connection-related knowledge.

Add an Electric Speed Controller

By adding an electric speed controller, you can simply make your child’s power wheel faster. An electric speed controller allows your kids to control their ride-on car smoothly. Some power wheels tend to be only one speed centric. Resulting in. It is not possible to drive a car above that specified speed. An electric speed controller will solve that problem. Because it will give a separate facility to control the speed of the vehicle. This will allow the children to increase or decrease the speed as they wish.

Basically, an electric speed controller is a device that will notify the battery about the amount of power being delivered to the vehicle. You can buy it yourself or at the store. But we will advise you to buy. By doing this you will get a specific ESC kit for the power wheel model. It may not be perfect for you when you go to make it.

Moreover, making an ESC kit can cause some variations in voltage which is not good for the power wheel at all. But if you buy from the store you will get a perfect ESC knob. Because they are tested by modern and standard instruments. This is usually attached to the dashboard. When the ESC kit is attached, cover it with duct tape. By doing this, no part of it will be exposed.

How to Modify Power Wheels Battery

Follow the simple tips below to modify the battery:

  • To begin with, find out where the battery compartment is. Because the position of the battery may be different according to the model. However, in most cases, the battery is located at the rear of the vehicle.
  • If you want to replace the battery, remove the original battery. On the other hand, you can combine a secondary battery with an existing battery.
  • To adjust the battery, connect the two cables attached to the power wheel to the two cables in the battery. Here, one indicates the cable positive and the other the negative terminal. So you have to understand which is positive and which is the negative terminal.
  • Usually, white or red wire indicates positive, and black indicates its negative terminal. Now make the connection between the two terminals.
  • Wrap electric tape to secure this connection. That’s it, now your battery adjustment is done.


How Fast Can a 6 Volt Power Wheel Go?

The 6 volt power wheel is suitable for very young children. Especially for those who are 1 to 3 years old, this power wheel is the best. Because their speed is much less. This allows children to have a safe driving experience. Typically, these power wheels can go 2 to 3 miles per hour. This speed is very minimum according to an initial driving state. Tips about How Long To Charge 6 Volt Power Wheels Battery.

How Fast Can a 12 Volt Power Wheel Go?

12 volt power shots are the best option for kids ages 3 to 6. Their design and build structure are very attractive. As a result, kids like to spend their busy time with them. A 12 volt power wheel can run at a maximum speed of 4 km/h. There is also the benefit of increasing or decreasing this speed.

However, this speed depends on the battery quality of the vehicle and the motor. Because not all battery amps have the same level. So it is normal that the speed of the vehicle will vary. Learn about best power wheels for 7 year old.


As you can see that making power wheels car go faster is not a very difficult task. With a battery modification, you can achieve that milestone easily. On the other hand, it is possible to speed up the power wheel car by adjusting the speed controller kit. I hope this article is useful for you.