How to Convert Power Wheels 6v to 12v




How to Convert Power Wheels 6v to 12v

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Many parents make the mistake of switching off a 6V battery for a 12V battery or adding a new 12V battery. Because when you convert from a 6V battery to a 12V battery, you have to change a lot with it. For example, the power wheels have a lot to change with the system wiring and gearbox. In this article, we will discuss how you can convert from a 6V power wheels battery to a 12V power wheels car.

You can replace a 6V power wheels car with a 12V battery without making any changes to the car’s 6V ride. It is possible to upgrade your child’s 6V ride-on car to a 12V ride-on to give it more speed and power. But before you start the upgrade process you need to gather the right tools and replacement parts for the process.

Why Would You Upgrade a 6V Battery?

It’s easy to upgrade from a 6-volt battery to a 12-volt battery. But you can’t upgrade the power wheels of a 6V battery to a 16V or 24-volt battery. If you want, you can combine two 8-volt batteries and convert them into 12-volt batteries and attach them to power wheels. Upgrading a 6-volt battery car can give your child more power to drive through wet grass or uneven terrain.

Even the Power Wheels car can go much faster than before, your kids can enjoy it. When you convert a 6V power wheel from a toy car to 12V is more affordable than buying a brand new toy car for your growing child. Upgrading the Power Wheels car battery will allow it to run longer. Your kids will be able to spend more time playing outside with it. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger.

If you are in the process of converting a Power Wheels car battery for the first time, you need to be patient. Because changing the battery is not a difficult task but it will take some time. Hopefully, if you change the power wheels car battery your kids will want to play with it more. Because it now adds extra speed, they will now have fun playing with it.

How to Convert Power Wheels 6v to 12v?

Check the Size and Brand of the Battery

Before changing the battery of a Power Wheels car, you need to consider its size. Roughly all power wheels have a sticker on the top of the car battery that indicates the size of the battery. But first, you need to measure the power wheels under the hood of the car, where the battery is located.

You need to measure the size of the hood and choose a battery that is compatible with that size. If you are buying a battery a few centimeters in size, you must cut the bottom of the hood a bit. Then you have to stick your battery well with it so that it does not fall off.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a battery is the brand of battery. No worries, most ride-on vehicles are color-coded for easy detection when replacing battery components. Before changing the battery, make sure that you check the color of the top of the battery to determine the color type of the battery.

For example, the top of the battery is given two colors, red and blue. If your battery is painted red, you will need to buy a red-coded battery. You must remember that a blue battery will not work on a battery car coded with red color. So it is very important to check the battery type. But it will be better for your car if you buy it from the manufacturer. Because it increases the chances of compatibility between ride-on vehicles.

Motor capacity

As you may know, a ride and car battery fuel the motor and powers the car. Many ride-on cars come with an 8-volt engine that can’t stand the power of your 12V battery. If you upgrade the motor power to 12 volts. Then the motors that can handle those volts start burning in 2-3 months. So it would be best if you buy a motor that can withstand the power of a 12V battery.

Change the Gearbox

It would be good to buy a new gearbox compatible with the motor as well as the battery for your child’s power wheels car. Your child’s 8V power wheels can run at a maximum speed of 3 MPH, but after the battery is 12V it can run at a maximum speed of 5MPH.

Moreover, the gearbox of the 8V battery cannot withstand the power of the 12V battery, so it may catch fire. So you must buy a new gearbox along with the battery and install it in the car. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How To Install Power Wheels Battery.

Change the Fuses

Did you know that power wheels car fuses ensure that there is no excess voltage transmitted in the circuit? However, the fuses of the 6V ride should not be placed in the car after the battery is converted. This is because the fuses of 6V power batteries cannot withstand the power of 12V batteries.

So you need to make sure to replace these fuses. Usually, you need to buy a 15 amp fuse for a 12-volt power wheels battery. These fuses will conduct current to your power wheel’s car and protect the circuit from excessive voltage. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge.


As you can see above, we have discussed how to convert a 6V power wheels car to a 12V battery. If you have read this article well, you can easily change the battery of your child’s ride-on car. Replacing this toy car battery is not a very difficult task, you can do it yourself. You do not have to hire an expert. We hope you find this article helpful.

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