How to Check Power Wheels Battery




How to Check Power Wheels Battery

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Well, we hope that you will agree with us, these power wheels cars play an essential role in the development of children both mentally and physically. These power wheels are one of the most popular toys for kids of all ages. Sometimes, when your child is playing with their favorite ride-on car. They may encounter a situation where their power wheels are no longer working. In this situation, you have to guess that there is something wrong with the power wheels battery. You need to check it now.

Importance of the Power Wheels and its Battery Test

Power Wheels cars are an excellent source of unlimited fun and enjoyment for children. But if your kids’ power wheels car doesn’t work well. Then it has a detrimental effect on your child. When they can’t play with power wheels, they feel lonely. Even, their sensory-motor efficiency decreases. Their Mantle growth is also prohibited if they can’t play with their Power Wheels car just in time.

Then they may feel a lack of self-confidence. Besides, if they can’t enjoy the ride they may fail to feel the excitement, joy, and freedom. Since the power wheels are battery powered, the vehicle stops due to any problem with the battery. So you have to check the battery all the time to see if it is OK. Therefore, to ensure your child’s physical, mental, and other improvements, you must check the power wheel battery.

How to Check Power Wheels Battery

Testing the power wheel’s battery is not a difficult task. On the other hand, testing the batteries of power wheels is a technical task. There are some different reasons and conditions when you test the Power Wheels battery. Your battery test results may change. It is important to take some things very seriously before testing your Power Wheels battery. Below we discuss a few methods that can help you test your power wheel battery. Those who wish to go into more detail about the power wheel battery charging period can learn about How Long Does It Take To Charge A 12v Power Wheels Battery.

Remove surface charges

At first, if you want to test the power wheels car battery, you need to remove the surface charge first. Because it is essential to remove the surface charge. If you want to know more information about this topic, you can follow this guide How To Convert Power Wheels To 18v Milwaukee.

Note: To remove the surface charge at 77 ° F, you need to keep the battery in a warm room for 4 to 12 hours. Once the surface charge is removed, the battery charge must be measured with a hydrometer.

Load Test on Battery

If the battery charge is 75% or more, you need to check the load on the power wheel’s battery. You can apply a load equal to half of the cold-cranking amps rating for 15 seconds when you test the load. When half of the cold cranking amp is applied, now start the engine for 15 seconds. Turn off the ignition with a starter motor.

The voltage should not go below 9.6 when you do this test. If your battery has passed the load test, let the battery recharge as soon as possible to prevent sulfation. This process will restore a battery to its perfect state.

Note: You need to test this load to know the condition of your power wheels. If your battery load test volume is off 20% to 50%. However, this is a very important amount. Knowing whether your battery is good or bad can make a huge difference.

Test the Battery with a Power Probe

First, you need to remove the positive terminal cover of the battery. Then attach the power probe to the positive lead of the power probe at the positive terminal of your battery. Now, attach the negative lead of the power probe to the negative battery terminal.

You check the probe to read the voltage and check the power probe readings. If your battery is in good condition then the voltage should be between 12.4 to 12.7 volts. If you want to get additional information regarding the topic, you can simply go with How Long Does It Take For A Power Wheels Battery To Charge.

Why Does a Power Wheel Battery Die?

If you haven’t used or turned off a Power Wheels battery for a long time, that doesn’t mean it’s dead. When you consider storing your baby’s power wheels, you should keep them charged for a certain period of time. Moreover, even if you charge it well before occasional storage, the normal discharge rate decreases over time and drains the battery. When you use it for one year, it leads to the complete elimination of cells within the next trimester.

When a battery begins to drain completely and is prone to sulfation, it destroys it over time. Gradually its functional capacity also began to decline. Normally a power wheels battery lasts 3-4 years if it gets ideal maintenance even in a season when it is not being used. If you don’t properly maintain your Power Wheels battery, it won’t last long. Moreover, when charging the battery, you have to charge it according to many rules.

You need to make sure that the power wheel’s battery is not overcharged. At all times the battery must be charged up to a certain time. To maintain the life of the battery and keep it perfect, you need to take care of the battery by following all the rules. Any one of your small mistakes can damage your Power Wheels battery. So taking proper care of the power wheels battery is a very important task.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, we are discussing how to test a power wheels battery. However, keep in mind that a battery can only be recharged if it is not defective in the new condition. If the battery is defective in the new condition, you need to contact the manufacturer. The battery needs to be replaced with another new battery. We hope that through this article, you will be able to learn how to test a power wheel’s battery, and why it is damaged.

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